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Sad and Sarcastic Comments Led to Mass Arrests in China

Chinese security stand in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Aug. 30, 2015. (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)
Chinese security stand in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Aug. 30, 2015. (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)

On Aug. 31, the Chinese Communist Party’s official broadcaster, China Central Television, announced that the regime had arrested and punished 197 citizens and blocked 165 online...

  • A man who is suspected as a CCP agent, has been recognized participating in the July 26 City-forum program recording site. During the recording of the City-Forum program, the man shouted loudly against host Tse Chi-fung.  (Epoch Times)

    Beijing Uses Cultural Revolution-Style Tactics in University of Hong Kong Controversy

    HONG KONG—The same tactics of propaganda and public criticism that were used in China’s Cultural Revolution are being brought out again to try to interfere... Read more

  • Drawing of police officers stepping on a prisoner's back, pulling his hair, and shocking his neck with an electric baton (Screenshot via Xinhua News Agency).

    Recent Drawings of Torture in China Cause Stir—But They’re Not the First

    Alarming drawings of police torture in Chinese prisons—including images of police dumping boiling water on a prisoner and electrically shocking him as he hangs from the... Read more

  • General view of the Italian Upper House of Parliament on April 22, 2015. (Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)

    Italy’s Parliamentarians Make New Move Against Organ Trafficking in China

    Italy’s parliament recently took another step forward in its efforts to halt organ trafficking in China. On July 31, eight members of parliament from the... Read more

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein gives a speech on March 2, 2015 at the opening day of the UN Human Rights council session at the United Nations offices in Geneva. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

    Rights Groups Petition United Nations to Take Action to End Organ Harvesting in China

    During the 29th Human Rights Council session in Geneva, on June 15, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein pledged to... Read more

  • Falun Gong practitioners march in a parade in Washington calling for an end to the persecution that is now entering its 16 year inside China on July 16, 2015. (Edward Dye/Epoch Times)

    From Persecutor to Persecuted: Retired Chinese Policewoman Sends Criminal Complaint Against Former Dictator

    When Cui Huifang spotted an elderly labor camp inmate perform slow-moving qigong exercises, she immediately flew into a rage and punched the septuagenarian with such... Read more

  • Ai Weiwei Travels To Germany

    Ai Weiwei Gets 6-month UK Visa After Official Reversal

    The British Home Secretary on Friday ordered officials to issue the six-month visa that prominent Chinese artist Ai Weiwei applied for but was earlier denied... Read more

  • (CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Ai Weiwei’s UK Visa Means He’ll Be Gone When Xi Jinping Arrives

    In October, Communist Party chief Xi Jinping will visit the United Kingdom as the first Chinese leader to make an official trip in 10 years... Read more

  • CCP supported group Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA) set information booths next to Falun Gong’s and use their own banners, loudspeakers and flyers to castigate and mock Falun Gong. In the photo, the HKYCA members in green are holding slanderous flyers at Mong Kok on April 16, 2015. (Epoch Times)

    Hong Kong Court Rules Falun Gong Practitioners Wrongly Accused

    HONG KONG—A recent Hong Kong court case ruled that Falun Gong practitioners were falsely accused of damaging property of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association... Read more

  • Two policeman leads police dogs guarding in front of the Great Hall of the People before the closing ceremony of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on Mar. 13, 2015 in Beijing, China. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

    Chinese Police Arrest 44 Who Attempted to Sue Former Regime Leader

    Chinese communist authorities have arrested several dozen Chinese who attempted to lodge legal complaints against the former Party leader Jiang Zemin, according to an overseas... Read more

  • China Brazen Activist

    Profile: Meet China Rights Activist Wu Gan the ‘Butcher’

    BEIJING—Bearded, bald and burly ex-soldier Wu Gan calls himself The Ultra Vulgar Butcher. He poses for online portraits brandishing knives in both hands that he... Read more

  • Brent Rathgeber

    Anniversary of Falun Gong Persecution Sees Wave of Lawsuits Against Main Persecutor

    More than 103,000 people in China and around the world have filed criminal complaints against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for his lead role in... Read more

  • 20150723-AM3A2516

    Congressional Hearing: Attacks on Freedom of Belief Escalate in China

    WASHINGTON—Freedom of religion has always been restricted in communist China, but in recent months, state control and interference have never been worse since the Cultural... Read more


    Chinese State Media Slanders Prominent Rights Lawyer

    Gesticulating to unseen persons in a courtroom, Chinese rights lawyer Wang Yu said: “You’re all a bunch of hoodlums.” “Clerk, put my words on the... Read more

  • Chinese Democracy

    Wei Jingsheng, Father of Chinese Democracy Movement, Supports Campaign to Prosecute Former Party Chief

    Several Chinese lawyers, scholars, and dissidents have recently announced their support for a campaign by Chinese citizens to bring former Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin... Read more

  • Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei walks near a playground outside a shopping mall in Beijing on March 24. (Andy Wong/AP Photo)

    Ai Weiwei, Chinese Artist and Critic, Gets Back His Passport

    BEIJING—Ai Weiwei has gotten back his passport four years after it was confiscated by Chinese authorities and is expected to attend a London exhibition this... Read more

  • 10 Hong Kong Falun Gong practitioners gather in front of the post office in Central before mailing their indictments and criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin to the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on July 16. (EpochTimes)

    Hong Kong Falun Gong Practitioners Sue Former Chinese Dictator

    HONG KONG—At least 14 Falun Gong practitioners from Hong Kong have joined the wave of lawsuits against former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin that... Read more

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