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Filial Piety Touches Heaven: Stories of Virtuous Daughters-in-law

Apart from the filial piety of children, filial daughters-in-law are also respected by heaven, earth, and man. (Epoch Times}
Apart from the filial piety of children, filial daughters-in-law are also respected by heaven, earth, and man. (Epoch Times}

It has been said, “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues.” As the essence of Chinese culture, filial piety maintains the relationships between...

  • Du Wanli and two cuts made using maple leaves. (People's Daily)

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    Did the Chinese Invent Golf?

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  • The goddess Nü Wa creates human beings. She also imparted wisdom to them and paved the way for them to develop human culture so that they could continue to improve their lives. (SM Yang/Epoch Times)

    Chinese New Year’s ‘Human Day’ Celebrates ‘Birthday’ of Humankind

    Birthdays are special occasions that hold a great deal of meaning for many people. Often a time of celebration, a birthday also offers a chance... Read more

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    4 Reasons Why Chinese Is Easier Than You Think

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    Valentine’s Day: Lasting Love and Devotion in Ancient China

    Thoughts and anticipation turn to romantic love for many people this time of year as Valentine’s Day approaches. It is a time to celebrate love... Read more

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    Gods of the Chinese New Year

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    Celebrities Born in the Year of the Monkey

    According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in the Year of the Monkey are usually good-looking, clever and smart, and have a charming personality. They... Read more

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    Celebrating the Year of the Monkey: Chinese New Year 2016

    We are now shifting from the Year of the Goat to the Year of the Monkey. While the Year of the Goat (2015) is a... Read more

  • The Chinese New Year occurs on Monday, Feb. 8, this year, marking the start of the Year of the Monkey, a symbol of creativity and inspiration. The Chinese characters say “Golden Monkey brings a Happy New Year!” (SM Yang/Epoch Times)

    Chinese New Year 2016: Year of the Monkey

    Feb. 8, 2016, marks the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, a symbol of creativity and inspiration in the... Read more

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    How About a Nice Game of Go?

    You wouldn’t think that a strategy game would be created to improve moral character, but according to Chinese legends, that is how Weiqi, more commonly... Read more

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    4 Common Misconceptions About Confucius

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  • Empress-Dowager Mingde of the Han Dynasty instructs the young princes in the Confucian classics in this scene from the “Album of Virtuous Empresses in Successive Dynasties,” by Qing Dynasty court painter Jiao Bingzhen. (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

    Family Literacy: Lifelong Learning Across Generations

    When parents and children enjoy being together while learning and improving skills, it creates the perfect conditions for strengthening family relationships and enhancing lifelong learning... Read more

  • January being Mentoring Month is a good opportunity to explore how a mentor can help you improve in your work life, school life, or personal life in the coming year. Consider that not only someone you can directly meet with in person can serve as your mentor, but also historical figures from the past. (Lisa F. Young/Fotolia)

    Mentoring Month: Insights From Historical Figures in Ancient China

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    Fortify Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 5 Chinese Legends

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    A New Year Ignites New Beginnings

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  • People who received kindness pay honour to their benefactor. “To have virtuous citizens who are kind to their neighbours, this is precious treasure for a country,” an ancient Chinese saying goes. (Zhiching Chen/Epoch Times)

    The Spirit of Giving and Charity in Ancient China

    As we prepare for and take part in holiday festivities this time of year, celebration and merriment may come with increased demands that can add... Read more

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