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  • Chairman Of China Resources Group Conglomerate Investigated for Corruption

    BEIJING—China’s ruling Communist Party says the chairman of a massive state-owned conglomerate is being investigated on suspicion of corruption, nine months after the government audited... Read more

  • Two Chinese workers prepare to remove scaffolding at a construction site in Beijing on April 15, 2014. Chinese economic data came in roughly as expected in the first quarter of 2014. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

    Chinese Economic Growth, at 7.4 Percent, Comes in as Expected

    The Chinese economy grew at a rate of 7.4 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period last year, according to... Read more

  • Commercial and residential real estate in Shanghai, Aug. 2, 2013. The boom in Chinese real estate is ending, leaving some investors furious.(PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

    Price Drops in China Housing See Investor Fury

    “Refund our houses!” screamed protesters at the Tenhong Land sales office in Hangzhou, China, before smashing up house models, holding banners, and yelling at staff... Read more

  • A guard stands in front of an electronic board at the entrance of a bank in Beijing, April 23, 2013. (WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

    ‘Red Capitalism’ Author on China Managing the Coming Defaults

    Fraser Howie is the co-author of three books on the Chinese financial system, including “Red Capitalism,” named a Book of the Year 2011 by The... Read more

  • A man walks past an ATM machine at the entrance of a bank in Beijing, Jan 25. 
(WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Fraser Howie Explains China’s Debt Crisis

    Epoch Times: Mr. Howie, please tell us a bit of background about your book “Red Capitalism.” Fraser Howie: Myself and Carl Walter [co-author], we had... Read more

  • Taiwan's Parliament Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (front C) and legislators from the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) party shout slogans in front of Parliament in Taipei on April 6, 2014. Wang announced not to review the China-Taiwan trade pack before an oversight bill passes. (Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)

    Taiwan Politician Promises Pause on China Trade Deal

    Wang Jin-pyng, the speaker of the Taiwanese Legislative Yuan, on April 6 appeared before students who have been occupying it for the last three weeks,... Read more

  • The Honorable Andrew Li Kwon-nang (C) gave a speech at the opening ceremony of De Lege Lata (The Law As It Is) on March 13, 2014, urging Hong Kong people to come forward to defend freedom. (Hong Kong University)

    Hong Kong Police Commissioner’s ‘Breakthrough’ Announcement Fizzles

    HONG KONG—Hong Kong’s police commissioner announced a “breakthrough” in the investigation of the attack on former newspaper editor Kevin Lau Chun-to, in a press conference... Read more

  • Walt Disney Company CEO and Chairman Bob Iger at the 25th annual Producers Guild of America Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 19. Disney recently signed a partnership agreement with China's state-run Shanghai Media Group. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

    Hollywood Trades Censorship for Chinese Market

    China is trying to coax U.S. filmmakers and film studios into its brand of a new Hollywood. In exchange for massive investment and promises of... Read more

  • (AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s Hacker Black Market Turns Sights on Smartphones

    China’s black marketplace for wares used by cybercriminals is stocking its digital shelves with devices used to hack mobile phones. The shift is tied to... Read more

  • Chinese procuratorial staff in northwestern China's Qinghai Province take training classes in "Internet propaganda and guidance of public opinion," on May 28, 2013. China is hosting professionalized training for “online public opinion management specialists” this month in Beijing. (Screenshot/ Times)

    Orwell Meets McKinsey & Co. in China’s Internet Control

    China already has a reported two million online opinion monitors, but it seems that was not enough. Certificates are now being dispensed for those who... Read more

  • Discarded medical pills strewn over a garbage dump in a suburb of Beijing, China, on March 2, 2011. The FDA is often blocked from investigating Chinese pharmaceutical factories. (GOU YIGE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Pharma Supply Scrutiny in India and China Could Tip Scales

    In a move to ensure the quality and safety of imported food and drugs, the FDA is increasing its presence in India. For India, it... Read more

  • U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno (L) meets with China's Chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army Fang Huifeng, at Bayi Building in Beijing on Feb. 21. China plans to increase military spending in 2014, following a two-decade trend. (LINTAO ZHANG/AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s Increased Military Budget Comes With a Touch of Hostility

    The Chinese Communist Party plans to increase its defense budget to $132 billion in 2014, according to a recent announcement. The budget marks a 12.2... Read more

  • Immigration consultant Larry Wang, center, speaks to the Chinese investors before a press conference in Beijing, China Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Chinese millionaires on Tuesday made a plea to the Canadian government to ditch its plans to end its backlogged investor immigrant program and eliminate thousands of applications from Chinese nationals. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

    Chinese Plead for Canada to Let Them Immigrate

    BEIJING (AP) — Chinese millionaires on Tuesday pleaded for the Canadian government not to throw away the immigration applications of thousands of Chinese nationals as part of its plans... Read more

  • Alleged sex workers and their clients are detained by Chinese police after a raid on an entertainment center in Dongguan, in southern China's Guangdong province on Feb. 9, 2014. The crackdown is not expected to last long. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s Sex Industry ‘Too Big to Fail’

    China has launched a high-profile campaign against prostitution recently, with loud editorials in the state-run press and round-ups of hundreds of prostitutes who are humiliated... Read more

  • Toys made in China on a shelf in a K-Mart store in San Leandro, Calif. (file photo). (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

    US Retailers Reliant on Chinese Manufacturing, but Quality Control Required

    NEW YORK—Almost every toy at the American International Toy Fair is at least partly made in China, from mini luxury car models to Halloween glow... Read more

  • An investor scratches his head while watching the electronic board at a stock exchange hall in Shenyang, China on Feb. 19, 2013. Financial analysts are concerned about China's growing credit bubble. (ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

    China’s Financial Instability a Top Concern for Global CEOs

    China’s financial instability took the number five spot in the list of issues the world’s business leaders are watching closest. For business leaders in Asia,... Read more

  • Commercial and residential property in Pudong, Shanghai, on August 2, 2013. Lower trading volumes indicate trouble may be ahead for real estate in China. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

    China Appears on Verge of Dangerous Real Estate Decline

    Real estate is one of the most important sectors of the Chinese economy, and for years has one way or another driven much of the... Read more

  • The world headquarters of Medtronic in Minneapolis. The company, one of the world's largest medical device company, was among three medical companies allegedly attacked by Chinese hackers in early 2013. (Courtesy Medtronic, Inc.)

    China Alleged to Have Hacked Three Medical Device Companies

    Three of the leading medical device companies may have fallen victim to cyberattacks in the first half of 2013, and the attacks may have lasted... Read more

  • Evan Medeiros, a top White House security official on Asia, speaks at a conference in Washington in 2011. Recently he expressed concern about a range of security issues related to China. (Screenshot/C-Span)

    White House Official Calls for a More Predictable China

    WASHINGTON—A top security official at the Obama White House said that the oft-fretted about question of strategic “trust” is not such a big deal when... Read more

  • To Push China on Media Freedom, US Should Try WTO

    A range of ideas have been floated about how to correct the current imbalance between media freedom in China and the United States: American journalists... Read more