US Jobless Rate Falls to 7-year Low; Fed Move Still Unclear

In this Aug. 24, 2015 photo, workers paint the Julien Dubuque Bridge along U.S. 20 in Dubuque, Iowa. The U.S. government issues the August jobs report on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. (Dave Kettering/Telegraph Herald via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT
In this Aug. 24, 2015 photo, workers paint the Julien Dubuque Bridge along U.S. 20 in Dubuque, Iowa. The U.S. government issues the August jobs report on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. (Dave Kettering/Telegraph Herald via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

WASHINGTON— The U.S. unemployment rate fell to a seven-year low in August as employers added a modest 173,000 jobs, a key piece of evidence for...

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    China Blames Fed for Stock Market Rout

    When times are good, there is no reason to point fingers. When times are bad, there is still no reason to point fingers, but usually... Read more

  • William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in a Nov. 7, 2014 file photo. (Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images)

    NY Fed’s Dudley Currently Less Inclined to Hike in September

    WASHINGTON—The head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank said Wednesday, Aug. 26, that he’s less inclined to support a Fed rate hike in September... Read more

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    Canadian Government’s Mortgage Rules Have Helped Contain Housing Risks

    OTTAWA—Rising home prices have increased household debt levels, but steps taken by regulators to tighten mortgage lending rules have helped manage the associated risks, according... Read more


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    Global Market Plunge Intensifies on Fears Over China

    TOKYO—World stock markets plunged and Wall Street was due to suffer heavy losses on Monday after China’s main index sank 8.5 percent amid fears over... Read more

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    Making Sense of China’s Currency Move

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    Yes, It’s a Slow Summer in the US But China Is Roiling

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    The IMF’s China Power Play

    It seems China cannot catch a break. After the stock market crash and currency “liberalization,” it is the International Monetary Fund that is slowing down China’s... Read more

  • foreign currencA man stands in front of a A foreign currency exchange booth in Hong Kong on August 13, 2015. China cut the reference rate for its currency for the third straight day on August 13, authorities said, after their surprise devaluation of the yuan this week unsettled global financial markets. AFP PHOTO / Philippe Lopez (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)y exchange booth in Hong Kong on August 13,

    Despite $4 Trillion in Reserves, China Is Strapped for Dollars

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    Canada’s Housing Market Will Slow ‘Modestly’ in 2016, Says RBC

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    Steady US Job Gains Likely Foretell a New Era: Higher Rates

    WASHINGTON — A new era of higher rates on home and car loans, steeper borrowing costs for businesses and the government — maybe even a... Read more

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