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An Architect’s Radical New Theory About Stonehenge

An illustration of Stonehenge. (Kameshkova)
An illustration of Stonehenge. (Kameshkova)

English landscape architect Sarah Ewbank says the prehistoric Stonehenge megaliths may once have served as supports for a wooden, two-storey roundhouse—a venue for feasting, speakers, and...

  • (Elena Volkova/iStock)

    Faster-Than-Light Communication: A Theory

    Albert Einstein’s General and Special Relativity theories state that nothing may travel faster than light. This seems to imply that we can never send information... Read more

  • The so-called "Hottel Memo." (Public Domain)

    Declassified FBI Memo: Flying Saucers Found With 9 Aliens Inside?

    The FBI opened “The Vault“—a library of documents released to the public through the Freedom of Information Act—in 2011. In the following two years, a... Read more

  • The ancient Babylonian tablet that helped Mathieu Ossendrijver learn how Babylonian astronomers tracked Jupiter. (Courtesy of Mathieu Ossendrijver) An illustration of Jupiter. (Alexaldo/iStock)

    Advanced Science Found on 2,300-Year-Old Babylonian Tablets

    Babylonian cuneiform tablets from 350 to 50 B.C. show sophisticated calculations used to locate Jupiter. “The idea of computing a body’s displacement as an area... Read more

  • A declassified CIA document. (Public Domain) Background: (Glenneroo/iStock)

    CIA Compiles Its Real-Life ‘X-Files,’ Including UFO Sighting by German Mayor

    The CIA rode “The X-Files” trend and published lists of its top declassified UFO documents last week. The lists, titled “Top 5 CIA Documents Mulder... Read more

  • (At-lantica/iStock)

    Hearing Ghost Voices: Scientific Studies

    When it comes to the phenomenon of purportedly hearing ghost voices, some studies have shown there’s a small chance there’s really something supernatural to it... Read more

  • A basalt artifact found in Jackson County, Ga. (Courtesy of Indigenous Peoples Research Foundation)

    Jackson County Artifact Adds Mystery to Area’s History

    History is slow to share its secrets, but did recently for a rural Jackson County man while clearing an area of his property. As a... Read more

  • (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times)

    A Statistician’s Approach to Coincidences: What Are the Odds? (Part 1)

    Unlikeliness characterizes coincidences. A common kind of coincidence, for example, is one in which you think of a friend and that friend calls you. Your... Read more

  • Oak Island, Nova Scotia, in August 1931. (Richard McCully/Public Domain) Artifacts found on or around Oak Island with possible connections to the ancient Roman Empire. (Courtesy of J. Hutton Pulitzer/InvestigatingHistory.org)

    Exclusive: New Evidence Ancient Romans May Have Made It to Oak Island, Canada

    What appears to be an ancient Roman sword has been found off the East Coast of Canada, and it is just one of several indications... Read more

  • An illustration of officers (Grynold/iStock) Background: An illustration of a brain scan (Windcatcher/iStock)

    We Can—and Should—Scan the Brains of Police Officers for Racist Attitudes

    Can functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans and other technology currently being tested on U.S. troops by the military be used to screen police... Read more

  • (Markus Schieder/iStock)

    The Mysterious Link Between Autism and Extraordinary Abilities

    This young man was born blind, due to a congenital condition called septo-optic dysplasia. He had serious cognitive disabilities as a child, and severe symptoms... Read more

  • A printout of a radio signal from space detected on Aug. 15, 1977. It became known as the "Wow!" signal after astronomer Jerry Ehman wrote that exclamation next to it, expressing his shock at the unusual find. (Ohio State University Radio Observatory and the North American AstroPhysical Observatory)

    Mysterious ‘Wow!’ Signal From Space Deciphered, Says Astronomer

    For almost 40 years, astronomers have wondered whether an anomalous 72-second radio signal from space may have been an attempt by extraterrestrials to contact us... Read more

  • (Robert Torres)

    Is Communication From the Future Already Here?

    Did you know that there was a study conducted to see if someone from the future was here in our present time? Astrophysicists Robert Nemiroff... Read more

  • Dream-Discoveries

    Three Discoveries Made in Dreams: Google, Legendary Sword, WWII Gun

    Google In 1996, a 22-year-old graduate student at Stanford, Larry Page, had a dream in which he had downloaded the entire Web and examined the... Read more

  • (tolokonov/iStock)

    What Does It Mean to Think and Could a Machine Ever Do It?

    The idea of a thinking machine is an amazing one. It would be like humans creating artificial life, only more impressive because we would be... Read more

  • (AGS Andrew/iStock)

    The Ability to Control Dreams May Help Us Unravel the Mystery of Consciousness

    We spend around six years of our lives dreaming—that’s 2,190 days or 52,560 hours. Although we can be aware of the perceptions and emotions we... Read more

  • A conceptual illustration of the Earth's core. (Johannes Gerhardus Swanepoel/iStock) Background: Glacier (Leieng/iStock)

    A Vast Ocean Inside the Earth: The Deep Unknown

    Scientific theories are often repeated and summarized so often that we forget they are merely “theories,” and not facts. When you think of “the center... Read more

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