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Wizards: Did They Exist?


Myths and folklore from all over the world inform us of people with supernatural abilities who walked among us. Whether their abilities are attributed to...

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    How Open Are You to Coincidences? (Quiz)

    Some personality variables determined by psychiatrist Dr. Bernard Beitman to relate to the experience of coincidences in one’s life include, “intuition, being self-referential (thinking what... Read more

  • An artist’s concept of Comet Siding Spring (2013 A1) and Mars. (NASA)

    Aliens Caused Nuclear War on Mars, Says Physicist

    A plasma physicist has made claims that life on Mars was destroyed in a nuclear war. Dr. John Brandenburg, who got his degree at UC... Read more

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    Buried in Time: The Great Wall of Texas Could Change History

    Oopart (out of place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show... Read more

  • Left: Dr. Lloyd W. Rudy. (Screenshot/ Background: A file photo of a patient in a hospital. (Edwin Verin/Hemera/Thinkstock)

    Prominent Surgeon: Evidence Soul May Leave Body in Near-Death Experience

    Dutch near-death-experience (NDE) researchers have compiled more than 70 cases of people who’ve purportedly left their bodies and observed scenes they could not have perceived... Read more

  • Cover of 1909 Pearson's Magazine featuring the story of the Unlucky Mummy (British Museum ref AE 22542). (Wikimedia Commons) Background: RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912. (F.G.O. Stuart via Wikimedia Commons)

    The ‘Unlucky Mummy’ Said to Have Sunk the Titanic

    Strange occurrences have been said to eddy around an ancient Egyptian artifact, known as the “Unlucky Mummy,” since it was taken from Egypt to Europe... Read more

  • Left: Carl Edon Right: Nazi airman Heinrich Richter. (The Weekly World News)

    Nazi Airman Reincarnated as English Railway Worker? Stunning Coincidences Suggest So

    Since the age of 3, Carl Edon had spoken of a previous life as a Nazi airman. His parents didn’t believe he was truly remembering... Read more

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    Psychic Cat Predicts Deaths? (+Video)

    The story of Oscar the “psychic” cat first emerged in 2007, but Oscar has continued to fascinate the staff at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation... Read more

  • Right: Dr. William Tiller (Courtesy of Dr. William Tiller) Background: Concept image of consciousness (Shutterstock*)

    Physicist Says Human Intention Physically Exists, Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine

    Dr. William Tiller had a successful and prestigious career in the world of conventional science. He was chair of Stanford’s material science and engineering department... Read more

  • Left: Head of the Nazi S.S. Heinrich Himmler. (German Federal Archive via Wikimedia Commons) Right: A depiction of the legendary creature, the Yeti. (Wanida.W/Wikimedia Commons)

    Nazis Thought Yeti Could Be Progenitor of Aryan Race: History of Yeti Legends

    As icy temperatures blast much of the northern hemisphere and winter approaches with chilling speed, a mysterious creature from the Himalayas reminds us that the... Read more

  • This 1,300-year-old structure in Siberia could be a fortress, a summer palace, a monastery, or even an astronomical observatory. (

    Who Built This Unusual 1,300-Year-Old Siberian Palace… and Why?

    Experts are still divided over a mysterious 1,300-year-old fortress-like structure located on an island in the middle of a Siberian lake. From The Siberian Times: With its... Read more

  • Tienke Klein. (Screenshot/YouTube)

    The Profound Near-Death Experience of a Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor (+Video)

    Tienke Klein’s health remained poor after she was released from a Nazi concentration camp. After a long recovery from the trauma she’d endured, she finally... Read more

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    What Is the DNA of Your Mind?

    Your DNA determines everything about you: eye color, height, body shape, skin type, etc. But it does not determine one thing about you—your mind. At... Read more

  • (Screenshot/E1/YouTube)

    A Mysterious Flash in the Sky Over Russia: Authorities ‘Refused to Comment’

    The Siberian Times reports that regional media have been unable to identify the cause of a huge flash in the night sky seen from Chelyabinsk... Read more

  • A UFO was captured over Victoria, Australia, on Google Earth, according to bloggers. (Google Street View)

    UFO Sightings 2014: Google Earth Captures ‘UFO’ Over Victoria, Australia

    A UFO was captured over Victoria, Australia, on Google Earth, according to bloggers. UFO Sightings Daily pointed out the alleged UFO near Victoria above the... Read more

  • Holy Grail

    Do Spirit Pond Inscriptions Show That the Holy Grail Was Taken to North America?

    Forensic geologist, Scott Wolter, has put forward a radical new theory concerning a set of three inscribed stones found near Spirit Pond in Phippsburg, Maine,... Read more

  • Users have reported seeing a UFO in northern Holland on Google Earth. (Google Maps screenshot)

    UFO Sightings: Reports of ‘UFO’ Over Holland Town, Spotted via Google Earth

    Users have reported seeing a UFO in northern Holland on Google Earth. Images of the alleged UFO were posted on UFOSightingsDaily, a blog. They were... Read more

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