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Are Plants Conscious, Intelligent?


From the 1960s up to today, some scientists have made astounding claims about the high level of intelligence and sensory capabilities possessed by plants. Their...

  • Does it show the earth breathing? (Screenshot: Facebook / Brian Nuttall)

    This Eerie Video Appears To Show the Earth ‘Breathing’

    A video that’s currently going viral on Facebook shows the Earth apparently “breathing.” The footage was shot by Brian Nuttall from Apple River, Novia Scotia,... Read more

  • five-year-old-savant

    5-Year-Old ‘Savant’ Being Studied for Telepathic Abilities

    A “telepathic” little boy is being studied by scientists after his mom recorded him apparently exercising his abilities. The home videos recorded by Nyx Sanguino... Read more

  • Eye (Petr Novák/Wikimedia Commons) Floaters (Wikimedia Commons)

    The Eye Floater Phenomenon: Between Science and Spirituality

    In the mid-1990s, I met a man named Nestor living in the solitude of the hilly Emmental region of Switzerland. Nestor has a unique and... Read more

  • Mysterious ancient tracks dissect the landscape in the Phrygian Valley of Turkey. What is the truth about who made these tracks, and how? (Alexander Koltypin/ Dopotopa.com)

    Controversial Claim by Geologist: Mysterious Tracks in Turkey Left by Civilization Millions of Years Ago

    In what is sure to cause controversy, a researcher has claimed that the mysterious and ancient ruts which crisscross the Phrygian Valley of Turkey were... Read more

  • Michael Worden, a Port Jervis police sergeant and paranormal investigator in Macclesfield Cemetery, U.K on May 17, 2015. (Renee Lane Worden)

    Port Jervis Sergeant Brings Credibility to Ghost Hunting

    Michael Worden is a paranormal investigator and a sergeant at the Port Jervis Police Department. He has published two books, “Ghost Detective” and “The Murder... Read more

  • Enceladus (NASA/JPL/USGS)

    Saturn’s Moon Enceladus to Be Examined by Spacecraft Cassini for Signs of Life

    An ocean covers Saturn’s moon Enceladus. It’s covered by a frozen shell, but where this shell is cracked, liquid shoots high into space. On Oct... Read more

  • A sculpture of the meeting of Jacques Cartier and Donnacona. (Public Domain)

    Lost Kingdom of Saguenay: Did 16th Century Canadian Natives Hoax Frenchmen?

    Legends of the Kingdom of Saguenay, a lost city supposedly ruled by blonde men rich with gold and jewels, were part of the reason France made... Read more

  • (MHLRS/iStock)

    Bond Between Humans and Animals Manifests in Mysterious Ways

    The strange but true story of what happened in my house after my cat’s death is one of many that point to a deep bond... Read more

  • Left: Kaolin ceramic vessel with ceramic stopper, 4 inches by 1.5 inches. Right: The ceramic stopper. (Courtesy of Jon Haskell)

    Ground Hog Excavates Mysterious Artifact in Pennsylvania: Ancient Grenade?

    An artifact recovered from a hilltop site overlooking the Delaware River in Eastern Pennsylvania, along with other artifacts recovered during a 10-year investigation reveals there... Read more

  • Dr. Jim Tucker in his office at the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia on Feb. 5, 2015. (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times)

    Video Interview With Dr. Jim Tucker, Reincarnation Researcher at the University of Virginia

    Dr. Jim Tucker works at the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) as a reincarnation researcher. He has a database of about 2,000... Read more

  • Some are heralding the discovery of an ancient Buddha statue on Mars as proof the Red Planet once hosted an advanced civilization. (AOL Screenshot)

    ‘Buddha Statue’ on Mars Fuels Theories of Advanced Ancient Civilization (Video)

    A few days ago, NASA confirmed the probable existence of ancient lakes on Mars, suggesting the planet was once capable of supporting life. Some are... Read more

  • Loyd Auerbach (Courtesy of Loyd Auerbach)

    Using Psychics in the Courtroom: Parapsychology Consultant Discusses

    The occult has its place in American courtrooms—and police stations, and even business strategies. Lawyers sometimes use psychics to select favorable juries, for example. Or... Read more

  • A 1570 map showing the island "Brasil," one of many variations on the name "Hy-Brasil," a legendary island off the west coast of Ireland. (Public Domain)

    Hy-Brasil: Truth Behind the Legendary Phantom Island of Ireland?

    Hy-Brasil was an island that appeared on ancient maps as early as 1325 A.D. and into the 1800s. On most maps, it was located roughly... Read more

  • Right: Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov on Mamontova Gora. Left: Bacillus F, bacteria that could be key to an "elixir of life." (Courtesy of Anatoli Brouchkov)

    Russian Scientists Make Progress on Secret of Eternal Life

    From The Siberian Times: Scientists have decoded the DNA of a bacteria found thriving in ancient permafrost, and are now seeking to understand the genes... Read more

  • Sculptor Auguste Rodin's "Thinker" (Wesley VanDinter/iStock)

    Why Study Coincidences?—Part 2

    I study coincidences because they are fascinating. I study them because I’ve discovered they are useful in ways most people never considered. Once you become... Read more

  • Coincidences may help bring people what they need when they need it, and seem to play a major role in many people's careers. (Alexdans/iStock)

    Why Study Coincidences?—Part 1

    When I ask myself why I’ve embarked on a mission to establish Coincidence Studies, the simplest answer is that coincidences are fascinating. They jolt us... Read more

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