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Kaohsiung, Taiwan Explosion, Fire: 5 Dead, 200+ People Taken to Hospital After Gas Blast (Photos, Video)

An underground gas explosion has left at least 200 people injured in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Thursday, according to preliminary reports. The Associated Press reported that...

  • Japanese soldiers on a reconnaissance team come ashore at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii during amphibious landing practice on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. The amphibious landing exercises, which are relatively new to Japan’s military, come as Tokyo tries to boost its ability to defend small islands it controls but China claims as its own. (AP Photo/Audrey McAvoy)

    Japanese Army Practicings Amphibious Landing in Hawaii

    KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii—Japan has been practicing storming beaches with the U.S. and other countries in Hawaii this month. The amphibious landing exercises, which are relatively... Read more

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    Helen Grace Garbo Gonzalez in Paolo Bediones Video? No, Woman Insists It’s Not Her (+Pictures)

    Helen Grace Garbo Gonzalez has responded to allegations that she’s the woman in the recently surfaced Paolo Bediones sex video. Helen said via a Facebook... Read more

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    China Roces: FHM Model Denies Being the Woman in Paolo Bediones Video

    China Roces, the FHM model has denied being the woman in the newly leaked Paolo Bediones video, which allegedly shows the anchor and the woman... Read more

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    Paolo Bediones Video Scandal: Pilipinas News Anchor Responds as He Resumes Newscast

    Paolo Bediones has responded to the scandal that erupted after a video that allegedly shows him having sex with an unidentified woman hit the Internet... Read more

  • Watch as this 6-year-old girl in Kolkata, India pulls off an impressive tightrope walking act. (AOL Screenshot)

    Amazing Tightrope Act by 6-Year-Old Girl (Video)

    Watch as this 6-year-old girl in Kolkata, India pulls off an impressive tightrope walking act. It’s hard to believe her age! She worked without a... Read more

  • Philippine military personnel unload body bags containing bodies of colleagues killed in a clash with members of the Abu Sayyaf group, to be loaded to a waiting helicopter (R) at a military base in Patikul town, Sulu province, in southern island of Mindanao on May 25, 2013. (AFP/Getty Images)

    Abu Sayyaf Extremists Attack Philippines Civilians, Kill 21

    MANILA, Philippines—Abu Sayyaf gunmen attacked Filipino civilians traveling to celebrate the end of Ramadan with their families on Monday, killing 21, including at least six... Read more

  • FILE - In this July 22, 2014 file photo, a pro-Russian rebel touches the MH17 wreckage at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine. Japan's top government spokesman said Monday, July 28 that the country is stepping up sanctions against Russia over the unrest in Ukraine. The sanctions include the freezing of assets held in Japan by individuals and groups supporting the separation of Crimea from Ukraine, as well as a ban on Crimean imports, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said. The move follows the July 17 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File)

    Japan Increasing Sanctions Against Russia

    TOKYO—Japan’s top government spokesman said Monday that the country is stepping up sanctions against Russia over the unrest in Ukraine. The sanctions include the freezing... Read more

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    China Roces Photos: Instagram, Twitter Pictures of Girl Allegedly in the Paolo Bediones Video

    China Roces, a model and actress, is allegedly the woman in the Paolo Bediones sex video that leaked online recently. UPDATE: Roces has denied being... Read more

  • This NOAA satellite image taken Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 02:00 PM EDT shows Tropical Storm Hernan south of the Baja Peninsula. This storm will continue to strengthen as it moves further away from land into the central Pacific. Monsoonal flow over the southwestern United States produces widespread rain showers and thunderstorms. High pressure over the Intermountain West brings mostly sunny skies. (AP PHOTO/Weather Underground)

    Hurricane Hernan Forms in Pacific Off Mexico

    MEXICO CITY—The storm Hernan strengthened into a category 1 hurricane far off Mexico’s western coast Sunday as it headed out into the Pacific Ocean and... Read more

  • Paolo Bediones in a recent photo. The woman allegedly in his sex tape is not in the photo. (Twitter)

    Paolo Bediones Video Scandal 2014: TV5 Says Rescue5 Anchor Not Fired; Woman in Video Not Ex-Girlfriend

    Paolo Bediones will not be fired after a video that allegedly shows the anchor and an unidentified woman–not his former girlfriend Abby Cruz–having sex. The... Read more

  • The Wenzhou river in eastern China turned bloody red earlier this week. Researchers are still investigating the cause. (AOL Screenshot)

    Chinese River Turns Bloody Red Overnight (Video)

    Residents in eastern China woke up earlier this week to find the river that runs through their city had turned blood red.  “The other night folks smelled something... Read more

  • Typhoon Matmo

    Typhoon Matmo Kills 13, Leaves Thousands in Need in China (+Video)

    BEIJING—A typhoon has killed 13 people in China and left thousands in need of basic living supplies, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Sunday. Typhoon... Read more

  • People watch a TV news program showing the missile launch conducted by North Korea, at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, June 26, 2014. North Korea fired three short-range projectiles Thursday into the waters off its east coast, a South Korean defense official said. The move was most likely a routine test-firing, but the official said it could also be meant to stoke tensions with Seoul. The writing on the screen reads "The missiles were launched to alert and express its internal solidarity." (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

    North Korea Fires Short-Range Missile Into Sea

    SEOUL, South Korea—South Korea’s Defense Ministry says North Korea has fired a short-range ballistic missile into waters off its east coast. The launch is the... Read more

  • An emergency worker removes a seat cushion at the site of the TransAsia Airways flight GE222 crash on the outlying Taiwan island of Penghu, Friday, July 25, 2014. Stormy weather on the trailing edge of Typhoon Matmo was the likely cause of the plane crash that killed more than 40 people, the airline said Thursday. (AP Photo/Wally Santana)

    Taiwan Plane Survivor Crawls Out, Phones Dad

    XIXI, Taiwan—The 10 survivors of Taiwan’s worst air disaster in more than a decade include a 34-year-old woman who called her father after scrambling from the wreckage and seeking help... Read more

  • McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong have taken chicken nuggets and chicken filet burgers off the menu after a U.S.-owned supplier in mainland China was accused of selling expired meat, July 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

    McDonald’s Stops Selling McNuggets in Hong Kong After Meat Scare

    HONG KONG—McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong have taken chicken nuggets and chicken filet burgers off the menu after a U.S.-owned supplier in mainland China was... Read more

  • A relative of a passenger onboard the TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 that crashed on the Taiwanese island of Penghu, cries at a funeral parlor in Penghu, Taiwan, Thursday, July 24, 2014. The plane attempting to land in stormy weather crashed on the island late Wednesday, killing dozens of people and wrecking houses and cars on the ground. (AP Photo)

    Taiwan Searches Plane Crash Wreckage for Explanation

    XIXI, Taiwan—Firefighters uncovered ID cards and body fragments as they picked through wreckage Thursday for evidence to identify the victims of a plane crash that... Read more