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Piano Accompanist Raymond Beegle: The Classics Are Our Hope

Raymond Beegle at the piano in his home in New York City on May 19, 2016. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)
Raymond Beegle at the piano in his home in New York City on May 19, 2016. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

Practitioners involved with the classical arts respond to why they think the texts, forms, and methods of the classics are worth keeping and why they...

  • Matthew Kelly stars as an aging baker in “Toast.” (Oliver King)

    Theater Review: ‘Toast’

    NEW YORK—One of the songs in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance” is “A Policeman’s Lot is Not a Happy One.” In the U.S. debut... Read more

  • Leona Samish (Melissa Errico) meets the man of her dreams, Renato Di Rossi (Richard Troxell)---at least she thinks, in "Do I Hear a Waltz?" (Joan Marcus)

    Theater Review: ‘Do I Hear A Waltz?’

    NEW YORK—Being in a relationship can be difficult enough, but when one person wants something special and lasting and the other just wants a romantic... Read more

  • Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's curtain call at The Kennedy Center Opera House on Feb. 21, 2016. (Lisa Fan/Epoch Times)

    Shen Yun Completes Successful 2016 World Tour

    Over five months after Shen Yun Performing Arts set out on its 10th annual world tour with an opening performance on Dec. 22 in Houston,... Read more

  • Sarah Charles Lewis as Winnie Foster in “Tuck Everlasting,” now on Broadway. (Joan Marcus)

    Theater Review: ‘Tuck Everlasting’

    NEW YORK—How long you live is not nearly as important as how you live. It’s a lesson bewitchingly presented in the delightful family musical “Tuck... Read more

  • In this April 26, 2016 photo, actress Sophie Okonedo, who is starring in the Broadway revival of "The Crucible," poses for a portrait in New York. Okonedo was nominated for a Tony Award for her role in the production. (Photo by Scott Gries/Invision/AP)

    Sophie Okonedo Puts Body, Soul, and Sweater Into ‘Crucible’

    NEW YORK—It was the last day of 2015 and Sophie Okonedo was getting ready to go out and have fun at a New Year’s Eve... Read more

  • Blanche DuBois (Gillian Anderson) finds herself in a coarser world than she can deal with in “Streetcar Named Desire.” (Teddy Wolff)

    Theater Review: ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

    NEW YORK—One of the great qualities of the plays by Tennessee Williams is his suffusing the text with atmosphere. In the case of his “A... Read more

  • Preminger New Album Plus CD Release Gigs

    Three to See in May: Barb Jungr, Noah Preminger, and Leslie Pintchik

    Three artists with outstanding new recordings will perform in New York clubs this May. Barb Jungr Barb Jungr is a British cabaret singer, but a... Read more

  • (L-R) Elizabeth DeShong as Calbo and Leah Crocetto as Anna in the COC’s production of "Maometto II, 2016. (Michael Cooper)

    Finding Inspiration in Opera

    TORONTO—Opera is larger than life, combining words and music to produce drama that may be at once foreign and intimately connected to us.  That is... Read more

  • (L-R) Bruce Sledge as Paolo Erisso, Leah Crocetto as Anna and Elizabeth DeShong as Calbo in the COC’s production of “Maometto II, 2016.” (Michael Cooper)

    Canadian Opera Company Revives ‘Maometto II’

    TORONTO—Most people familiar with Rossini are familiar with his comedies, such as his greatest hit “The Barber of Seville,” known for its effervescent, upbeat spirit... Read more

  • (L–R)  Hiro (Satomi Blair) wants to save her sister (Sasha Diamond) from a wedding she considers ill-advised.  (Jody Christopherson)

    Theater Review: ‘Kentucky’

    NEW YORK—Leah Nanako Winkler’s “Kentucky,” now showing at Ensemble Studio Theatre, starts out lightly. A trio of girl singers, Merissa Czyz, Samantha Sembler, and Shannon... Read more

  • Fully Committed Lyceum Theatre Jessie Tyler Ferguson FULLY COMMITTED - PRODUCTION CREDITS Person Placeholder Becky Mode Playwright Jason Moore Jason Moore Director Derek McLane Derek McLane Scenic Design Person Placeholder Sarah Laux Costume Design Person Placeholder Ben Stanton Lighting Design Jill Du Boff Jill BC Du Boff Sound Design Person Placeholder Polk & Co. General Press Representative Person Placeholder Matt Polk Press Representative Person Placeholder Tom D'Ambrosio Press Representative Person Placeholder Jeffrey Fauver Press Representative Barbara Whitman Barbara Whitman Producer Patrick Catullo Patrick Catullo Producer

    Theater Review: ‘Fully Committed’

    NEW YORK—As the Broadway revival of the one-person show “Fully Committed” makes clear, it’s the tiny cogs in a machine that keep everything turning. Or,... Read more

  • Claude and Denise Dagenais reflected on the importance of spirituality in one’s life after seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts at Place des Arts on May 1, 2016. (Donyu Teng/Epoch Times)

    ‘It was an elevation,’ Says Executive About Spirituality in Shen Yun

    MONTREAL, Canada—Shen Yun Performing Arts wrapped up its three-show run at Place des Arts on May 1, but not without enhancing a spiritual awareness among... Read more

  • Waltraud Meier as Klytämnestra and Nina Stemme in the title role of Richard Strauss's Elektra. Photo by Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera.

    The Met Ends Its Season With a Powerful ‘Elektra’

    NEW YORK—Richard Strauss’s opera “Elektra” was the last work staged by Patrice Chéreau. The director died shortly after the opening at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in... Read more

  • Henry V (Alex Hassell) with the Archbishop of Canterbury (Jim Hooper) in the last in the cycle of king plays at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, “Henry V.” (Stephanie Berger)

    Theater Review: ‘Henry V’

    NEW YORK—Responsibility reveals the measure of the man. Such is the basic lesson presented in William Shakespeare’s “Henry V.” The Brooklyn Academy of Music presents... Read more

  • Joann Pham and Michel Parise attended Shen Yun Performing Arts at Montreal's Place des Arts on April 30, 2016. Donna He/Epoch Times)

    Thoughts On Shen Yun’s Message of ‘Peace, Compassion, Tolerance’

    MONTREAL, Canada—Joann Pham was lucky enough to be visiting Montreal from the U.S. when Shen Yun Performing Arts came to town, so she took in... Read more

  • 2-20160428-EVE-Mississauga-xinxin+teng-2+musicians

    Musicians Feel ‘Very Inspired’ and ‘Very Emotional’ After Seeing Shen Yun

    MISSISSAUGA, Canada—Musicians Grant Slater and Sunshine Parry drove over an hour and a half from Barrie to catch the final performance of Shen Yun Performing... Read more

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