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Performing Arts

Theater Review: ‘Oklahoma!’

(L–R) Colte Julian plays Curly and Allison Sill appears as Laurey in Paramount Theatre's production of "Oklahoma!" (Liz Lauren)
(L–R) Colte Julian plays Curly and Allison Sill appears as Laurey in Paramount Theatre's production of "Oklahoma!" (Liz Lauren)

AURORA, Ill.—Every once in a while a show gets reinterpreted in a way that adds needed clarity or perhaps restores needed clarity. In the hands...

  • Conductor Milen Nachev and the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York on Oct. 5, 2013. (Dai Bing/Epoch Times)

    Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Expands Tour in New England

    A year after the Great Depression hit, entrepreneur John J. Flynn’s brainchild theater opened in Burlington, Vt. The area had been relatively sheltered from the... Read more

  • Betty Jones (Brenda Meaney) is furious at her husband for the attentions he’s paid to a neighbor in “The New Morality.” (Richard Termine)

    Theater Review: ‘The New Morality’

    NEW YORK—Life aboard an elegant houseboat on the Thames River in 1911? What elements tempted artistic director Jonathan Bank of the Mint Theater Company to... Read more

  • (L–R) Michael Joseph Mitchell plays investigative reporter Hillel Levin explaining his theory of the assassination of President Kennedy. Mark Ulrich plays Zechariah Shelton, a retired FBI agent , who helps lead the audience through the information. Martin Yurek and Ryan Kitley play all the other characters in “Assassination Theater.” (Michael Brosilow)

    Theater Review: ‘Assassination Theater’

    CHICAGO—The problem with not looking at the cold hard facts when a crime is committed is that you’re allowing the criminals to come back and... Read more

  • A scene from Antigone by Sophokles, directed by Ivo van Hove with Juliette Binoche, in a new translation by Anne Carson, at the BAM Harvey Theater on September 24, 2015.

    Theater Review: ‘Antigone’

    NEW YORK—Stark, severe, uncompromising, dark—these are the qualities imbued by director Ivo van Hove into his production of “Antigone,” translated by Anne Carson in a... Read more

  • Sonya Yoncheva as Desdemona and Aleksandrs Antonenko in the title role of Verdi's "Otello". (Ken Howard/ Metropolitan Opera)

    Met Season Starts With Verdi’s Tragic Opera ‘Otello’

    The Metropolitan Opera began its fall season with a new production of “Otello,” directed by Bartlett Sher with Latvian tenor Aleksandrs Antonenko in the title... Read more

  • Soprano Haolan Geng of the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York on Oct. 5, 2013. (Dai Bing/Epoch Times)

    A New Sound at Carnegie Hall

    NEW YORK—With two performances on Oct. 10, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra will bring a new sound to Carnegie Hall. Fast gaining worldwide recognition, Shen Yun’s... Read more

  • Jacqueline Williams as Aunt Ester, a woman of 285 years, and Alfred Wilson as Solly Two Kings in August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean.”  (Michael Brosilow)

    Theater Review: ‘Gem of the Ocean’

    CHICAGO—A magnanimous character looms over us in August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean.” Her heart is big enough, her strength great enough, for the audience... Read more

  • (L–R) Jim Fletcher, Brian Mendes, Gary Wilmes, and Troy Vazquez on a nearly bare set that captures the emptiness of their characters’ souls. (Gerry Goodstein)

    Theater Review: ‘Isolde’

    NEW YORK—Things that are supposedly “perfect” on the surface, be it apples, diamonds, or people’s lives, often fall apart under scrutiny and pressure. This point... Read more

  • DVD Oratorio Review: Marion Cotillard Reaches for Heaven

    Joan of Arc (1412-1431), the peasant girl who led the French army against the British during the 100 Years War, has been the subject of... Read more

  • Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performing at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 5, 2013. (Dai Bing/Epoch Times)

    Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Composer Gao Yuan on Ancient Music and Inspiration

    The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has a busy October ahead with an 11-city tour starting at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall on Oct. 3. Even as the... Read more

  • In this photo taken Sept. 4, 2015, audience members stand as the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra plays "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Joyce Marshall/Star-Telegram via AP)

    Some Question Orchestras Playing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’

    FORT WORTH, Texas—On the evening of Sept. 11, 2001, the musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra launched their concert with a piece that many... Read more

  • Roland Hayes in the year 1954 and 1936. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Roland Hayes: The Greatest Opera Singer Who Never Appeared in an Opera

    The book “Roland Hayes: The Legacy of an American Tenor” by Christopher A. Brooks and Robert Sims begins with a remarkable scene. In 1926, the... Read more

  • 2_DeVita_iliad_w-cellist

    Collaborative Cellist Alicia Storin: The Classics Offer Us a Foundation

    Practitioners involved with the classical arts respond to why they think the texts, forms, and methods of the classics are worth keeping and why they... Read more

  • Members of the Chineke! Professional orchestra with Chi-chi Nwanoku third from the right. (Eric Richmond)

    Chineke! Aims to Broaden Your Mind About Classical Music

    The Chineke! Foundation “could deepen and enrich classical music in the United Kingdom for generations,” said the illustrious British conductor Sir Simon Rattle. The project... Read more

  • Thuli Dumakude and Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa perform in "Africa My Beautiful." (Donnell Culver)

    Theater Review: ‘Africa My Beautiful’

    NEW YORK—When two vibrant women take stage at off-Broadway’s intimate Playroom Theater, one senses we’re in for an intriguing and unique evening in the theater... Read more

  • Nino Sukhishvili, executive producer for the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet is interviewed by the Epoch Times in New York, on Aug. 30, 2015. (Petr Svab/Epoch Times)

    Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet to Dazzle US Again

    NEW YORK—Elegant and soft-spoken, Nino Sukhishvili’s beautiful face was glowing as she described the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet, during a two-day visit to New York... Read more

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