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Painter Spotlight: Cornelia Hernes and ‘The Tapestry of Life’

“The Tapestry of Life,” 2012, by Cornelia Hernes, 70 by 41 inches. Oil on linen. (Courtesy of Cornelia Hernes)
“The Tapestry of Life,” 2012, by Cornelia Hernes, 70 by 41 inches. Oil on linen. (Courtesy of Cornelia Hernes)

Norwegian-born painter Cornelia Hernes spent much of her youth living on three different continents: Europe, Africa, and North America. She studied psychology at university of...

  • In September, Tony Abbott returned two antique statues to India in the presence of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. (Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images)

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  • “Joyfully Climbing Heaven's Ladder” by Wang Jing and “Unmovable Faith" by Li Ben (Courtesy of NTD Television)

    Winners Announced for 2014 NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition

    NEW YORK—The judges of the NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition don’t grade on a curve. As outstanding as the finalists’ works are, Tuesday night’s... Read more

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    What Happened to the Blockbuster Art Exhibition?

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  • “When I Was Young,” 2014, by Stephen Bauman, 45 inches by 55 inches, oil on canvas. (Courtesy of Stephen Bauman)

    Painter Spotlight: Stephen Bauman, the Continuous Search for Art

    When Stephen Bauman was young, he used to sneak into his brother’s room to rustle through the notebooks of the grafitti he was making. “I... Read more

  • “In Between Two Worlds,” 2013, by Michiel Schrijver. Acrylic on canvas. (Courtesy of Michiel Schrijver)

    Painter Spotlight: Michiel Schrijver, a Different World

    Dutch painter Michiel Schrijver (born 1957) received his art training at the Camberwell College of Arts in London. “Art school is great, as it allows... Read more

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    Frida Kahlo’s Garden to Be Reimagined in New York

    NEW YORK—Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s native garden and studio will be reimagined at the New York Botanical Garden in the spring. The garden will use... Read more

  • "Yvonne" by Sandra Kuck. (Courtesy of Sandra Kuck)

    NTD Television Figure Painting Competition to Exhibit Early December

    NEW YORK—For the first time, the NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition, which got its start as a platform for artists of Chinese descent, has... Read more

  • The Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014 photo shows the signature "A. Hitler" on a picture titled  “The Old City Hall” that - as the auction house said - was painted by Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, Germany. The 100-year-old watercolor of Munich’s city hall is expected to fetch at least 50,000 euros (US$ 60,000) at auction this weekend, not so much for its artistic value as for the signature in the bottom left corner.  (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

    Hitler’s Art: Painting by Future Fuehrer for Sale

    BERLIN—A 100-year-old watercolor of Munich’s old city hall is expected to fetch at least 50,000 euros ($60,000) at auction this weekend, not so much for... Read more

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    Cornell Professor Unlocks Mysteries of Paintings

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  • “Blue Dress,” 2012, by Carlo Russo. Oil on canvas. (Courtesy of Carlo Russo)

    Painter Spotlight: Carlo Russo, ‘Calm and Peace in a Chaotic World’

    Though Carlo Russo (born 1976) had been fond of drawing and painting since his early childhood, the idea of ever making a living out of... Read more

  • Left: "Jeune fille se defendant contre l’amour," 1880, by William Bouguereau. Oil on canvas. University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Right: "Jeune fille se defendant contre l’amour" (drawing), by William Bouguereau, 13 9/16 x 9 1/4 in Black Chalk and White Gouache on Paper. Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA. (Courtesy of Art Renewal Center)

    William Bouguereau Exhibition to Open in Florida’s Flagler Museum, January

    The Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Fla. will be holding an exhibition titled Bouguereau’s Fancies: Allegorical and Mythological Works by the French Master which will... Read more

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    10 Masterpieces From the Scottish National Gallery Come to NYC

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  • “La Grande Aile (The Grand Wing),” by Marina Dieul. Oil on linen. (Courtesy of Marina Dieul)

    Painter Spotlight: Marina Dieul

    French-born painter Marina Dieul remembers spending more time painting and drawing than playing with other children. Her family encouraged her and she enrolled at l’Ecole... Read more

  • Sotheby's provided these photos of Vincent van Gogh's "Still Life, Vase With Daisies and Poppies" (L) and Alberto Giacometti's "Chariot." Both pieces will be offered at Sotheby's impressionist and modern art auction on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 in New York. (AP Photo/Sotheby's)

    Rare Van Gogh, Giacometti Offered at New York City Art Auction

    NEW YORK—New York City’s big-ticket auctions of impressionist and modern art get underway Tuesday night. Among the blue chip offerings is a still life by... Read more

  • A selection from “Morning Roses,” 2014, by Adrian Gottlieb, Oil on canvas. (Courtesy of Adrian Gottlieb)

    Painter Spotlight: Adrian Gottlieb, a Poet With Paint

    Adrian Gottlieb is considered to be one of the best living portrait painters in the world. A true poet with paint, he manages to imbue... Read more

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    Fashion, Music, and Charity Night by MaxMara and San Francisco Symphony

    On the evening of Oct. 30, the showroom of MaxMara in San Francisco was filled not only with high fashion, but also with live classical... Read more