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    Feeding the Field on Earth Day

    What happens when you feel strongly about something? HeartMath researchers repeatedly have identified mental and physical changes that study participants undergo as they experience positive and... Read more

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    Homemade Natural Shampoo: Simple Yet Effective

    I so wanted to be on the wash-your-hair-with-baking-soda train. I really, really did. I gave it my honest-to-goodness best effort. The results were wonderful at... Read more

  • Many women report that the tea, made by the Bell Lifestyles company, relieves symptoms of urinary incontinence within days, for others the tea takes months to work. Continue with this slideshow to learn what  Heather Gunn, clinical nutritionist (LDN) and clinical herbalist at the Maryland University of Integrative Medicine, says about the herbs in the tea.

    A Good Herbal Tea for Incontinence

    NEW YORK—Marie, a woman in her early 70s, duly took the pills her doctor gave her, hoping they would give her an uninterrupted sleep. They... Read more

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    Gluten-Free Living 101

    Are you ready to cut out gluten once and for all?  Although the task can seem daunting at first, it’s really quite manageable by making... Read more

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    Does Diet Influence Seasonal Allergies?

    The sneezing, coughing and red, itchy eyes characteristic of seasonal allergies impair the day-to-day activities and quality of life of many people in the U.S.,... Read more

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    Aromatherapy Can Help Reduce Anxiety

     Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to support physical health and well-being. Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds of flowers and plants in... Read more

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    Five Health Benefits of Giving to Others

    Want to improve your health almost instantly? Then try giving up your seat on the bus, help out at the local food pantry, or lend... Read more

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    Shampoo Ingredients You Want to Avoid

    Most of us have a favorite shampoo. We’ve shopped around and found one that smells right and leaves our hair soft, full, tamed, shiny, and... Read more

  • When used properly, with the correct dosage and combinations, natural remedies can have profound healing effects. (blyjak/

    Natural Healing and Entrepreneurship

    NEW YORK—When fitness buff and Brooklyn-based real estate broker Jude Berquin discovered that he had water in his knee, he was told that would have... Read more

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    Massage for Injuries and Chronic Pain

    Massage has been used for millennia to relieve pain and help heal injuries but has not played a large role in conventional medical treatments. The... Read more

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    Mugwort for Chronically Light Sleepers

    There are a number of herbs referred to as nervines (calming to the nervous system) and therefore listed as being effective for sleep disorders. While... Read more

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    Herbal Teas for Colds and Headaches

    Ginger Lemon With Optional Licorice A tea that’s good to make at the first feeling of scratchiness in your throat is a combination of fresh... Read more

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    5 Health Benefits of Giving to Others

    Want to improve your health almost instantly? Then try giving up your seat on the bus, help out at the local food pantry or lend... Read more

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    Can Gin-Soaked Raisins Relieve Arthritis? (Video)

    Home remedies have their hits and misses, but could an old raisin recipe help relief arthritis inflammation? Milk As Arthritis Treatment? Drinking Up To 7... Read more

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    20 Ways to Survive Pollen Season (Without Locking Yourself Indoors)

    Hello, spring. Hello birds, bees, and blossoms … and sneezes, sniffles and crazy-making itchy eyes. The various types of pollen that make the plant world... Read more

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    Cancer Cure? Lotion Draws Out Tumor Without Bleeding (Photos)

    Linda came across a strange, sweet-smelling black salve said to cure cancer. An acquaintance had obtained it from an elderly woman whose family had placed... Read more

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    Foods That Fight Headaches (Video)

    Headache Relief: Treat Those Pangs With These 5 At-Home Remedies You’re sitting at your desk, in your home, or running errands, and all of a... Read more

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    Can Licorice and Coconut Oil Prevent Cavities?

    I love that so much dental research in recent years has concentrated on less evasive, more preventative dental care. Since the early years of pulling... Read more

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    Breaking Bad Body Habits Online

    This article was originally published on Read the complete  here Up until recently, I used Pinterest the same way most women do: to collect... Read more

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    The Power of Scent

    This article was originally published on read the complete  here There is a lot to be said for the healing power of flowers; not... Read more

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