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Valerian for Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Drug Withdrawal, and ADHD

(Miroslav Hlavko/Shutterstock)
(Miroslav Hlavko/Shutterstock)

For many, a busy mind makes sleep elusive. Once the lights go out, fears of the future, regrets of the past, and everything else in...

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    Toxic Detergents vs Soap Nuts a Laundry Soap You Can Eat

    How we do our laundry, clean our homes and bathe ourselves has changed more in the last 70 years than it has in the previous... Read more

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    Lime Juice Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives Each Year

    While billions of dollars are poured into research and development for pharmaceutical drugs, the humble lime has been proven to mitigate and even cure diseases... Read more

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    Best Halloween Treat? Enjoying Allergy-Free Fun

    Every year around Halloween there is lots of hype about costumes, parties, candy, and haunted houses. But kids with allergies and asthma sometimes fear that... Read more

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    The 7 Healthiest Uses for Lavender Oil

    Today, lavender is the most used essential oil in the world. Ancient texts tell us that lavender essential oil has been used for medicinal and religious purposes... Read more

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    Migraine Relief: 5 Natural Ways to Ease the Pain

    Have you ever had a migraine headache? If you have, you know how painful one can be, and if you haven’t, chances are someone you know... Read more

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    DIY Remedies for Bug Bites, Stings and Scratches (Infographic)

    Even the most vigilant families can fall prey to any number of summertime ailments, whether that’s overexposure to the sun, getting bit by mosquitoes or... Read more

  • (antoniodiaz/shutterstock)

    Foods That Fight Depression Better Than Medication!

    If you want to improve your mood, lower feelings of stress, reduce cravings and addictions then one of the best ways to see these benefits... Read more

  • (Levi Saunders/Unsplash)

    4 Things That Could Heal Childhood ADHD/ADD

    By Ash Stevens, Healing the Body A problem stays a problem until it’s fixed. ADHD is no exception. So, while pills and special interventions are... Read more

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    Drinking Peppermint Tea Boosts Memory

    Next time you head into an important meeting or you are giving a speech, you might consider drinking a cup of peppermint tea. Why, you may ask?... Read more

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    Clary Sage for a Calm Mind and Hormonal Balance

    For centuries, hops has been the primary herb in beermaking, thanks to a 1516 German beer law that restricted the official ingredient list to hops,... Read more

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    9 Most Effective Foods That Fight Inflammation

    Many people confuse inflammation with infection. Though infection and inflammation can happen at the same time, they are completely different. Infection is just one of... Read more

  • (antoniodiaz/Shutterstock)

    Got Heartburn? Reach For This Instead Of Antacids

    When we feel that warm burn in our esophagus and that sour twinge in our stomach, we describe it as “heartburn” or “acid reflux.” Commercials for... Read more

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    Mullein, the Magical Plant That Sets Bones and Alleviates Coughs

    Mullein is a common roadside weed that really stands out in a crowd. The large leaves feel like thick wool flannel. In its second year,... Read more

  • (tarapong srichaiyos/shutterstock)

    Groundbreaking Study Finds Turmeric Extract Superior to Prozac for Depression

    A new study published in the journal “Phytotherapy Research” has confirmed for the first time in a randomized, controlled clinical trial that the primary polyphenol in... Read more

  • (13Smile/Shutterstock)

    Comfrey: A Healing Plant With a Misguided Reputation

    Comfrey is an herb with a long reputation for healing wounds and mending broken bones. For centuries, comfrey was considered a safe medicine, and in... Read more

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    5 Essential Oils That Help Fight Infections

    By Max Joseph, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Essential oils are routinely used in Aromatherapy for their pleasant, sweet scent. However, they have much more to offer. Essential... Read more

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