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4 Must Attend Eco Events in America 2013

Green tech conferences 2013


To preserve our world, our way of life for the future, we must remember: The environment is everything that isn’t me. 

—Albert Einstein

Even as our society and way of life become more complicated, the dangers to our planet become more apparent, leaving those of us with a mind towards leaving a healthy home behind for our children on the hook for making the best of a troubling situation. From simple recycling, to backing businesses that keep the Earth in mind, each of us has a part to play if we hope to make a positive difference. Technology sets us free, and likewise restrains us into responsible action. The four conferences below provide a window into how green our rapidly changing world can be. 

Save the Earth, educate yourself, and make new friends all at the same time at any or all of these four eco events across America.

1. Green Festival

2013 Green Festival

This year’s Green Festival promises to showcase more than 150 green business, with talks and workshops from some of the sharpest minds behind the world’s Earth-friendly products taking place all the while. The businesses represented at the Green Festival range from single person operations offering natural herbs and medicinal aids, to large corporations that specialize in using renewable resources to construct their products, making this an ideal stage for green professionals of all varieties.

Aiming to celebrate everything that falls under the banners of green and sustainable, the Green Festival gives everyone with an interest in the business surrounding the act of being eco-friendly the opportunity to learn, network, and grow, both personally and professionally!

When and Where: If you want to check out a Green Festival this year, pay a visit to New York City from April 19-21, 2013. If you’ll be in the Big Apple for any length of time, check out the events calendar at for other fun and exciting happenings around the city!

2. SOLAR 2013

Solar 2013

The new energy economy is upon us, and one of the leading and most promising technologies powering our move away from the burning of fossil fuels is that powered by the sun! Focusing solely on the solar industry and the role that it continues to play in shaping how we approach powering our ever-growing societies, SOLAR 2013 is a one-stop show, offering a full five day look at everything you need to know in order to take part, and take advantage, of what the future holds in store.

When and Where: Pay a visit to Baltimore, Maryland from April 16-20, 2013 in order to take part in everything offered at the SOLAR 2013 conference.

3. Sustainable Brands Conference

No business can hope to succeed without taking into account their own form of sustainability, and the Sustainable Brands Conference is the place to be to learn about what it will take to make sure that your business is both eco-friendly, and future-proof! You’ll hear from well-educated and brand-conscious speakers and take part in workshops that offer real-life tools to take your brand to the next level, even while making your professional endeavors more in line with the planet you live on.

When and Where: The beautiful Southern California city of San Diego will provide the sandy backdrop for the Sustainable Brands Conference from June 3-6, 2013.

4. Emerge Green Leadership Workshop

Leadership 2013

An event like no other where green themes are concerned, the Emerge Green Leadership Workshop is a two day conference that will bring together people from widely varying walks of life, each of whom has an interest in helping to create and maintain a truly sustainable society, in both business and personal life. In order to achieve this, forward-thinking leaders will be needed, and you can position yourself as one of them by taking part in this workshop.

The proceedings themselves will offset educational tracks with simple enjoyments like yoga and meditation, driving home the idea that we are all one with each other, and with our planet. The overall experience promises to be a unique one, unlike anything offered anywhere in the world, making it a must-see if you’re serious about being a force in the positive changes to come as we move towards a more eco-friendly way of being.

When and Where: This year’s Emerge Green Leadership Workshop is set to be held in Sausalito, California, on October 5-6, 2013, nestled snugly amid the greenery on the Pacific coast.

Please let us hear about other events, initiatives and workshops you might know of that will further promote a sustainable future for our world. 

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