• TGS 2014: Rumours For The Tokyo Games Show

    An in-development screenshot taken from the Last Guardian

    With exactly one month to go before the 2014 Tokyo Games Show opens its doors to the public, the hype train is plowing full steam ahead while rumours abound. Sony – who thus far appear to be winning the global console war – have claimed a strategic advantage over its US competitor by allowing Microsoft …

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns

    Social media ROI continues to generate a lot of interest among marketers, because without ROI it can be difficult to report the success or failure of social media campaign. A recent survey conducted by Oracle indicates that only 10% of the surveyed businesses can actually tell if their social media campaigns resulted in increased revenue. …

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  • The Era of Niche Micro-Celebrities and How to Connect to Them


    The Internet (and the social media boom) gave us an absolutely unique and amazing phenomenon: The emergence of micro-celebrities. It’s that era of “every little guy can get heard” that we didn’t dare to dream about just a few years ago.

    Moreover, it has given small business owners an opportunity to get a …

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  • Forget about Brazil, Colombia is the place for start-ups

    Ruta N - The Next Silicon Valley? via Flickr (c) Santiago Londoño Uribe

    In a previous blog post, I talked about the twitter revolution making waves in the South American continent. Such a revolution wouldn’t have been possible in the absence of a conducive environment, meant to foster a culture of cutting edge innovation – for Brazil to have the largest number of twitter users outside the …

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  • How social media is doubling the enthusiasm of football freaks?

    FIFA World Cup 2014 is a massive event, even larger than the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Social media also has World Cup fever and this year’s international soccer tournament is breaking records on multiple social media platforms. With increasing popularity of social media, the FIFA World Cup is reaching people in greater numbers than …

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  • Latin America: from Continent to hashtag

    This year, the  World Cup games in Brazil have turned into a blessing in disguise for social media outlets. With Twitter reporting 12.2 million tweets during the opening match between Brazil and Croatia and Facebook indicating 459 million interactions between 141 million users during the first week of the World Cup, the event stands to …

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  • How To Use Twitter Creatively


    Here are just a few ways in which you can get more creative with Twitter.

    Run a Tweetchat

    What is better than connecting with another human being through Twitter? Connecting with a bunch of them. You can run a full Twitter chat, effectively turning your feed into a live chatroom where the tweets are archived.…

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  • Innovation rhymes with Budapest. In search of the 2.0 Rubik Cube

    Some rights reseved via Aldo Cavini Benedetti's Flickr

    This year’s edition of the Liberty Science Gala marked the 40th anniversary of the Rubik cube, the game changing Hungarian invention that has excited the minds of generations with its simple 4X4 pattern and its gazillion possible twists. On May 8th, even the Empire State Building took part in the celebration, by being lit …

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  • Guyanese Govt. Minister Can Be Investigated for Crimes Against Humanity – Says Torture Investigator.

    Geneva, Switzerland - In light of observed incidences of torture being repeatedly applied to citizens in Guyana by members of that country’s Police Force, the influential Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) is urging tortured victims or their representatives in Guyana to submit their cases to that body for review and possible future referral …

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  • Tired of Sending The Same Lame Gifts To Clients?

    fruit basket

    By Deborah Asseraf

    So you’ve got your drill down, on your client’s birthdays (or their kid’s birthday depending on how savvy you are) you ship off a basket of fruit, bottle of wine or a table book. A gift so bland that whether you were sending it to someone you’ve met yesterday or your cousin …

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  • Someone or Something Else is Definitely Reading All of Your Email Messages

    For the average email user, reading and sending an email seems to be nothing more than a simplified secured process of clicking a few hyperlinks to read a message, or hitting up some words via a keyboard, along with a click to send one.

    In their view, a sent message will go directly and securely …

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  • China’s Dangerous Cyber Army Has a Firm Grip on Guyana, The Rest of The Caribbean

    Cyber Security

    The Caricom related nations of Guyana and Jamaica are probably the Caribbean’s leading benefactors of Chinese investments, and arguably the region’s principal users of mostly counterfeit technology out of Beijing.

    But few would realize that their respective relations with China is mostly a by-product of something more sinister and dangerous that even mere common sense …

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  • How Playing Sports Can Help Grow Your Business


    Recently, I attended a networking event that decided to get cute with introductions. They asked guests to say their names, what they do and a fun fact about themselves. I was total stumped. Working 16 hours a day leaves few hours left for more than chores, eating and sleeping. Panicked, when my turn came around …

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  • Thursday Travel to Design: Paper Lanterns


    Originating in China and Japan, paper lanterns are often associated with celebration. They are usually made out of thin, brightly colored paper and bamboo or a collapsable metal frame, with a bulb or a candle placed inside, resulting in a beautiful glow!

    During the Chinese New Year, thousands of paper lanterns are lit to welcome …

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  • OO-Tray Restaurant: Unconventional But Delicious

    OO-TRAY Restaurant in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. The name derives from a French word, spelled phonetically, that means different. Myriam Moran copyright 2014

    “The food we serve is different. It’s all about having fun,” Yoel Sanchez said. He was born in Matanzas, Cuba. His family moved to Miami, Florida in 1991, then to the Keys in 1998, where Yoel attended high school. He worked in restaurants to earn money. Yoel’s father is in the stone crab and lobster …

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  • Lawsuit: Acts of God Foreseeable

    Lawsuit: Acts of God Forseeable

    In what promises to be a landmark court case, Farmers Insurance Co. has filed a class action lawsuit against some 200 communities in the Chicago Area. Farmers at the heart of its argument is claiming that local governments know or should have known the rise in global temperatures would result in heavier rains. Local governments, …

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  • Top 5 Sought-after Movies on Social Media

    The relationship between Hollywood, Technology and Social Media has gradually strengthened in the past few years. The film industry is pacing fast towards the digital age by adopting social media as the primary weapon to cast a magical spell on the massive crowd of movie lovers across the globe. Before the advent of social media, …

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  • French authorities drag their feet in historic telecoms deal

    Arnaud Montebourg pointing the way  (c) via Flickr

    The battle for French telecoms giant SFR is over, but is the war just beginning? In what is now the biggest junk bond sale on record, totalling €8 billion (£6.6 billion), the multinational Altice successfully fended up a counter offer for SFR from rival company Bouygues Telecom. SFR will be merged with the French cable …

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  • Exploring Pinterest for Establishing Business/ your Brand!!

    Countless number of people are blogging nowadays to share their valuable content, hobbies, interests, tastes and values but not many of them are aware how to connect and reach to the global digital community, magnetize audience to drive traffic, discover strategies for conversion, and create that everlasting impact which inspires people to buy their …

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  • UNITAID: How traveling by plane might just save a child’s life

    Globalization doesn’t seem to have a lot of allies these days. Largely blamed for the near-collapse of the world economy, it’s easy to understand why the word is anathema for some. But what if the forces underpinning globalization could be put to good use and fund the global fight against disease? What if the mantra …

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