• Examples Of Traffic Growth Hacks (And How You Can Emulate Them)

    Examples Of Traffic Growth Hacks (And How You Can Emulate Them)

    Real talk: growth hacking is market babble.

    We have all heard it referenced, and we have all nodded our heads in agreement when the guy you run into at Online Marketing Conference goes into his spiel about his incredible talent with it. We all have wished we had the secret growth hacking formula so we, …

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  • How to keep Twitter alive

    How to keep Twitter alive

    Twitter is in the woods. The company’s latest quarterly results, leaked ahead of schedule by a little known data miner called Selerity hours before the market’s closing bell, were, to put in mildly, terrible. Twitter registered lower than expected figures, investors jittered, and its stock price went down by a whopping 25% in one day. …

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  • Blogger Outreach Code Of Ethics

    Blogger Outreach Code Of Ethics

    I will never forget the first time I was approached by a PR rep asking for a blog post about their product.

    At the time, I was not working for my own website but as the primary blogger for another person’s brand. We were primarily news focused, but we did have a section for various …

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  • Instagram Marketing: How to Create Awesome Videos for Instagram

    Instagram Marketing: How to Create Awesome Videos for Instagram

    Instagram has previously been a platform based almost entirely around images. But videos are becoming an increasingly important part of interaction on the network, and it is now one of the most viewed forms of content there. Marketers are taking advantage of this fact by creating their own high quality video clips to improve their …

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  • Twitter as a Viable Marketing Platform

    Twitter can produce excellent results

    As with any other business strategy or marketing idea there is a tremendous amount of information available on the World Wide Web which any person could research in order to find new and fresh ideas that will help them to optimize their marketing efficiency. The same is true for those …

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  • Top 5 Benefits of Using YouTube For Business

    Top 5 Benefits of Using YouTube For Business

    A business has to include different secrets that can transform it into a successful one in a short period. The online field, for instance, can turn into a great way to have the success that any business would want. Think about the different webpages that millions of people visit daily, one of which being YouTube

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  • New Trend: Twitter Interviews (How to Hold Them)

    New Trend: Twitter Interviews (How to Hold Them)

    Twitter interviews are kind of the latest big thing. Stemming from the ever popular Twitter chats, a Twitterview is an opportunity to have a discussion with an expert on a public platform where others can take part in the conversation.

    This makes it a much richer, more active environment than traditional interviews, and can …

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  • Why 2015 Will See More Diversity in Social Media Marketing Platforms

    As we enter the new year, those who keep an eye on the trends in marketing are all speculating as to what some of the biggest changes we will see in general internet marketing strategies will be in 2015. One thing nobody would argue with is that the use of social media platforms as a …

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  • Benefits of Buying Twitter Followers

    Social media has been developing at an alarming rate and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. There are multiple platforms that each serve their own unique purpose with one common traits. They help people express themselves and be heard which was previously not available during previous years. Twitter is one of …

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  • Alfred Adjani: lessons learnt

    Alfred Adjani: lessons learnt

    An innovative and out-of-the-box thinking young graduate recently landed the job of his life by taking a new, or some might say old approach to job hunting. Job hunting has certainly evolved over the years. His approach teaches us all something about shying away from convention.

     After applying for over 300 jobs after graduating from …

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  • The Era of Niche Micro-Celebrities and How to Connect to Them

    The Era of Niche Micro-Celebrities and How to Connect to Them

    The Internet (and the social media boom) gave us an absolutely unique and amazing phenomenon: The emergence of micro-celebrities. It’s that era of “every little guy can get heard” that we didn’t dare to dream about just a few years ago.

    Moreover, it has given small business owners an opportunity to get a …

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  • Forget about Brazil, Colombia is the place for start-ups

    Forget about Brazil, Colombia is the place for start-ups

    In a previous blog post, I talked about the twitter revolution making waves in the South American continent. Such a revolution wouldn’t have been possible in the absence of a conducive environment, meant to foster a culture of cutting edge innovation – for Brazil to have the largest number of twitter users outside the …

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  • How To Use Twitter Creatively

    How To Use Twitter Creatively

    Here are just a few ways in which you can get more creative with Twitter.

    Run a Tweetchat

    What is better than connecting with another human being through Twitter? Connecting with a bunch of them. You can run a full Twitter chat, effectively turning your feed into a live chatroom where the tweets are archived.…

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  • Exploring Pinterest for Establishing Business/ your Brand!!

    Countless number of people are blogging nowadays to share their valuable content, hobbies, interests, tastes and values but not many of them are aware how to connect and reach to the global digital community, magnetize audience to drive traffic, discover strategies for conversion, and create that everlasting impact which inspires people to buy their …

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  • Facebook Versus Twitter: What Do You Prefer?

    Facebook Versus Twitter: What Do You Prefer?

    Do you enjoy Facebook? Do you enjoy Twitter? Of course you do! They are the primary means of procrastination and biggest blows to productivity the world has ever seen. But they both have many applications, including professional, and that has brought up a polarizing question: which is better?

    The truth is, it is more a …

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  • Facebook Versus Google Plus

    There are plenty of debates about social networking programs. But none are quite so polarizing as those between Facebook and Google Plus users. Unlike other sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, people are far less likely to both have and frequently use both Facebook and Google Plus. They tend to prefer one of the …

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  • A Look Into Social Media Ad Targeting

    The other day I was looking at vacuum cleaners. My old one has served me well in the last five years, but the cheap appliance just can’t handle the volume of grime that gathers in my child and pet filled home any longer. Amazon was my port of call, as I began to compare different …

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  • Has Facebook Finally Lost its Swagger?

    Has Facebook Finally Lost its Swagger?

    Tech observers have been prematurely announcing the death of Facebook for years. Back in 2005, the social network was a hyper-exclusive platform for just a handful of elite schools. Today, the service has 1.2 billion monthly users, including your mother and great-aunt (who are now much more assiduous users than you ever were). Mark Zuckerberg’s …

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  • Social Media in Ukraine’s #Euromaidan Protests

    Social Media in Ukraine’s #Euromaidan Protests

    Only several hundred of the most ardent protestors remain in Kiev’s Independence Square, known as Euromaidan to protestors. The holiday season has sapped much of their support as many protestors hailing from Western Ukraine returned home but a sense of futility has also set in. A €15 billion aid deal from Russian president Vladimir Putin …

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  • Hyatt Times Square Opens for the Holidays and New Year

    Tall, vertical, on a narrow slice of 43rd Street in the heart of Times Square, a new Hyatt Hotel opened softly earlier this month. This Sunday, December 22, it will rollout T-45 Diner next to the ground floor lobby.

    In late January, the Hyatt Times Square New York will open its rooftop bar and lounge, …

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