• Beautiful Architecture from around the World

    The world, both ancient and modern, offers many thrilling examples of beautiful architecture. From imposing structures formed completely of stone to modern skyscrapers made of steel and glass, tourists and residents in numerous cities around the world have a variety of awe-inspiring monuments and buildings that pique curiosity, rouse the imagination and create a love …

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  • The Cosmic ‘Free Lunch’: Stephen Hawking v. David Birnbaum


    University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking views the existence/emergence of our universe as fundamentally a ‘free lunch.’ This means that, according to Hawking, there is no need for God or for a divine spark – or indeed, for any unseen dynamic to have created the universe. Citing the physics of dark matter, he notes that …

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  • 5 Essentials for First Apartment Kitchen Set Up for Healthy Eating

    The key to heathy eating is investing in kitchen essentials that make cooking at home easy and enjoyable (photo by LivligaHome).

    My daughter, like so many young adults at this time of year, is moving into her first apartment. This is a big deal. First apartments are one of the big rites of passage we have. It is exciting and scary at the same time. As a mom who cares about healthy eating I, of course, …

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  • No Cook Meal—Healthy Gazpacho

    No Cook Meal--Healthy Gazpacho

    When it is hot outside it is nice to think of cool meals, especially those that require no cooking. An easy meal for a refreshing lunch or dinner is a no cook gazpacho. It is super easy to make and can be made from fresh ingredients or can incorporate canned ingredients, depending on the time …

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  • Overcome Crippling Student Loan Debt


    The education offered in the United States may be envied by many, but is it really worth the price? The United States is currently in $1.2 trillion of outstanding student loan debt. Approximately 40,000,000 Americans owe about $30,000 each in student loans. Education should be strengthening our economy,not weakening it. Senator Elizabeth Warren led …

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  • Create Works of Art by Having Your Photos Printed on Canvas


    If you love to take photos, chances are that you love to display your photos, especially the really great ones. There are several options available as to how to display photos. For many years, the most common way to do this was to frame them. Then, people began using mats as a way to enhance …

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  • It’s Time to Talk about Sex


    Parenting is difficult enough, but it becomes even more difficult when children get to the age where they start asking questions about sex. Most parents are terrified of talking about sex with their children, and they aren’t ready when the time comes. You may be surprised to learn that it is actually never too early …

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  • Choosing the Best Boat Lift


    Anyone who owns a boat will tell you that if you want to protect your investment, you will store it out of the water during the winter months. If you store your boat at the lake, you will notice just after the first year that there is algae around the edges, and that it is …

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  • Breaking Your Child of the Thumb Sucking Habit


    Most children will suck their thumb, but usually they stop doing this after they are toddlers. Babies naturally suck on things as it is soothing, and their thumbs are no exception. In fact, many will suck their thumbs while they are still in the womb. Unfortunately, for some children, it becomes a habit that is …

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  • Smart Products You may Not Know Exist


    Did you know that you can use your smart phone with your home devices to make your life a lot easier? Apple just introduced its HomeKit, which allows iPhone and iPad users to use a central location and language for all of their smart home devices. This technology will be available this fall. Some examples …

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  • Helping Elderly Loved Ones Move into an Assisted Living Facility

    Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps

    The choice to move elderly loved ones into assisted living facilities is a tough one. Not only is it tough on them, because at this stage of their life moving is a really big deal, but also tough for you, because you may feel guilty about not bringing them into your own home. There are …

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  • Top 6 Reasons why Your Business Should be Using Cloud


    When it first came onto the scene, a lot of people were nervous about using cloud services, because they felt that there wasn’t enough security. Well, nearly 20 years since its inception, cloud has grown by leaps and bounds, and more and more businesses are using cloud for their networking needs. Now, cloud is often …

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  • Transform Your Health with the Right Nutrition


    The key to eating right is knowing what you are putting into your body. In 1993 the Nutrition Facts Label was created. Since then, The FDA feels that there have been too many changes in health education to keep things the same. They have proposed an updated version of the Nutrition Facts Label that will …

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  • Choosing the Best CMS for Your Website


    When you are building a website, there are many things you are going to need to keep in mind. Obviously, it is best to hire a team to build your website. If this isn’t affordable, installing a CMS is the next best thing. Today’s CMS software makes it easy to build any type of website, …

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  • Setting Up Tradeshow Displays that Attract Attention


    One of the best ways to promote any business is by attending tradeshows. Many entrepreneurs are able to get their businesses off the ground by doing this. But, in order to be successful at tradeshows, one must be able to draw in plenty of potential new customers, as well as existing customers. To do this, …

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  • Choosing the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids


    In order to keep their kids busy during the summer months, they often send them to summer camp. There are many different kinds of summer camps, and not all camps are right for all kids. Choosing the right one can be challenging. Not only does the camp need to offer activities your kids are interested …

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  • Tips for Planning Your Estate


    While it is not something that any of us like to think about, death is an inevitable part of life, and we need to be prepared for it. Not only do we need to be psychologically prepared, we also need to be financially prepared. After-death expenses, such as funerals and other costs, can add up …

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  • Are You Entitled to a PPI Refund?


    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a great benefit to have in case of accidents, illness or loss of employment. When we enter into agreements with financial institutions or vendors, we must provide proof of substantial income. They need proof that you are able to meet the terms of your agreement. Yet no one can predict …

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  • Spit Roasted Turkey on the Grill

    There is Nothing More Beautiful than a Turkey Breast Spit Roasting on the Grill

     Turkey is one of those foods we tend to think of for holidays only.  It is part of our traditions and is wrapped up in powerful memories. With all the wonderful health benefits of eating turkey we are seeing a confluence of more availability and more recipes that include turkey meat.

    A particularly appealing health …

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  • Creative Ways to Recycle & Repurpose Plastic Bottles


    Society has been campaigning earnestly for everyone to participate in the “Go Green” movement. Legislation has also played a part by enforcing citizens to take care of the environment.

    Saving Our Earth One Bottle at a Time

    Plastic bottles are made by mass production. There are over 35 billion plastic bottles discarded every year. It …

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