• My 100-Mile Journey Turned into a 110-Mile Success

    My 100-Mile Journey Turned into a 110-Mile Success

    My seven days are up. I took on a challenge a week ago to cover 100 miles on my bike. I had never done anything like this before.  The most I had ever cycled in a day on a bike was 25 miles and that was a one-time deal. I did participate in The Buffalo …

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  • Luxury Vacations In Europe – When Is The Best Time To Go?


    Luxury vacations in Europe are a great way to take your mind off of things. Forget Disney World, forget Hawaii, forget the United States in general. A luxury vacation in Europe – there’s nothing like it. And, if you’re going to Europe in style, and you’re spending a small fortune anyway, why rent a car …

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  • Be on your guard Ireland! From an Influx of seasonal counterfeit clothes and scam websites

    As the start of Irish debs season draws near the European consumer centre has made a statement urging all to be cautious when ordering high-end clothing online. Often these rogue retailers use credentials that are registered in European nations to add to the perceived legitimacy of their site, but in many cases the businesses were …

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  • Ecological Advancements in Dubai

    Dubai is primarily thought of as a financial and business hub for both the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf region at large, given its incredibly rapid development and attractiveness for investors outside the region. These advances have brought Dubai fame primarily for its innovative buildings and extravagant man-made islands. However, in recent years, …

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  • Preparing Professional Musicians at Fermatta Music Academy


    Music schools that focus on preparing students for a professional musical career are more relevant than ever in today’s ever evolving music industry. Those that focus solely on traditional, formal musical training are having to play catch up. Or as Jan Carlo DeFan, lead guitarist of Elan and Chairman of the Board of Directors of …

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  • Replacing Risky Payday Loans with Mr. Amazing Loans


    The economic crisis made it difficult for people to obtain home equity loans and lines of credit, and many people are looking for ways to pay large and unexpected financial strains such as an emergency or past-due bills.

    Some people resort to payday loans to pay for immediate expenses, but this quick fix can quickly …

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  • How Can Europe Lagging Energy Sector Rebound?


    The European energy sector finds itself in something of a perfect storm. Thanks to sustainable alternatives like solar, wind and hydroelectric, the wholesale price of electricity has fallen. Consumers are turning away from traditional energy sources or otherwise using less. With governments and the European Union passing stricter regulations on existing nuclear power plants, costs …

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  • Healthcare Mergers Explode In the First Half of 2014, With Trend to Continue Strong 


    After a slow year in 2013, healthcare mergers and acquisitions are going gangbusters in 2014. As healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies try to keep pace in a competitive sector by restraining costs and providing innovative care, deal-making is poised to continue unabated throughout 2014. 

    Thus far in 2014, the growth in the value of healthcare …

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  • Is Hormone Therapy in Your Future?


    As we age we endure many visual changes and others that occur internally. These changes start occurring from the moment we are born and continue as our life progresses. Many people find it hard to adapt to changes. The easiest way to accept change and make the necessary lifestyle choices necessary, is to become familiar …

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  • Will Rogers Is Still Relevant

    The accomplished Will Rogers was a movie, star, political commentator, pilot, and skilled  Polo Champion too. Image: Will Rogers Museum

    Talk about your over-achiever. Will Rogers was an acclaimed pilot, polo player, trick roper, cowboy, vaudevillian, and Broadway star. Born in 1879 on what was termed ” Indian territory” in Oologah, Oklahoma, he was a real cowboy who roped and rode the range of his family’s spread the Dog Iron Ranch. It was here he …

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  • Vintage Style Home Décor Rising in Popularity


    We have all heard the term ‘old world charm’ and indeed it appears this charm is exerting its influence on Americans now more greatly than ever before. Interest in vintage style home décor ideas are emerging across the United States. While vintage clothing, retro style dressing has always been popular, the popularity of vintage home …

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  • Protecting Your Skin With Proper Skin Care


    It’s easy to lose track of summer skin care while you are enjoying yourself outside. Protecting your face during the summer months is important to remember because of the increased risk of the damaging UV rays and exposure to your skin. UV rays are also more powerful during this time of the year. There are …

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  • Using New Technology to Solve Business’ Identity Interrogation Problem


    Identity fraud can cost a company thousands of dollars. Unauthorized use of customer accounts and personal information not only affects your customers, it hurts your business, brand and finances. Banks, health insurance companies, cable providers and many other businesses routinely become pawns in the schemes of criminals to unlawfully gain access to information, benefits, and …

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  • Sealing Your Criminal Records VS Expungement In Texas


    Are you worried that someone is going to see your criminal record and be prejudiced against you as a person because of it? Did you know there’s a way to hide that criminal record from the prying eyes of John Q. Public or John Q. Employer? No one should have to go through life with …

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  • E-Learning Is Becoming More Popular With Small Businesses


    E-learning is fast becoming more viable, accessible from platforms like Asapy and affordable to small businesses. An initial investment in e-learning tapers off over time. For example, a three-year employee training program will typically recoup itself after the first year.

    Whatever the size of your company, e-learning is more cost-effective, easier, and more efficient than …

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  • Instead of the 100-Foot Journey– I Took on the 100-Mile Journey

    100-Mile Cycling Journey

    In our world we have the phrase “Go big or go home”.  I have taken this to heart when it comes to celebrating my birthdays. Birthdays are always a milestone. The older we get it seems the more we dread them. That is why, many years ago, for my 30th birthday, in fact, I decided …

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  • Healthcare Internet Marketing Tips


    Omabacare may require most US citizens to have health insurance or face IRS penalties, but many people are refusing to pay the outrageous premiums that insurers are asking. People are being much more involved in their own health care now, and they are researching various doctors and procedures. In many cases, it is much less …

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  • Why Printing Business Owners Should Take Advantage of PrintingDeals.org?


    There are many reasons why business owners should take advantage of coupon websites. For one thing, it is going to help them to get coupons out to their regular customers in their area. But, it is also going to help them gain a completely new customer base, because people who may not have otherwise seen …

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  • Beautiful Architecture from around the World

    The world, both ancient and modern, offers many thrilling examples of beautiful architecture. From imposing structures formed completely of stone to modern skyscrapers made of steel and glass, tourists and residents in numerous cities around the world have a variety of awe-inspiring monuments and buildings that pique curiosity, rouse the imagination and create a love …

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  • The Cosmic ‘Free Lunch’: Stephen Hawking v. David Birnbaum


    University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking views the existence/emergence of our universe as fundamentally a ‘free lunch.’ This means that, according to Hawking, there is no need for God or for a divine spark – or indeed, for any unseen dynamic to have created the universe. Citing the physics of dark matter, he notes that …

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