• The Role of Nutrition in Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

    This week’s blog focuses on the role of nutrition in overcoming alcohol addiction. Studies also have found that alcohol decreases absorption of vitamins and minerals, and decreases appetite, limiting the nutrients that can be obtained from food. A whole foods diet can help to replace lost nutrients. Choose mostly organic fruits and vegetables, consuming at …

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  • Life After Robin Williams

    I didn’t want to blog about Robin’s death by apparent suicide until I could grieve some on my own. He was one of my favorite actors and comedians. So many could identify with or look up to him as he struggled to overcome his challenges, despite fame and fortune!  And, many of them are left …

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  • New Research Identifies 4 Plants that Battle Prostate Cancer

    This summer’s annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago created significant buzz in the medical community about 4 plants that may help patients battling prostate cancer. Researchers announced the results that tested 4 different ‘food pills’ vs. placebo in prostate cancer patients and tracked the Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA levels. The …

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  • 42 shot, 5 dead in Chicago last weekend but gun zealots say “carrying” is reducing crime





    Open and concealed “carrying” lowers crime because the bad guys know they better not try anything. It is pretty much a gun zealot catechism ever since John Lott’s More Guns Less Crime, published in 1998. Lott lost credibility when he was unable to produce data or records showing a survey he cited in the …

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  • 3 Ways to Use Fall Sunflowers

    Sunflowers are in full bloom right about now in most of the United States.  If you are lucky enough to grow them or live by someone like me who grows them, they are tall beautiful plants that add a great early fall contrast to your yard.  However, there are many additional ways you can use …

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  • What does High Hydrostatic Pressure do to My Juice?

    Freshly squeezed juices have become increasingly popular with Americans.  Americans have been drinking more and more fresh juice as a way to improve their health and daily nutrition.  While the trend is growing quickly, one of the biggest barriers to wide mainstream adoption is also what makes juice great.  The short shelf life makes traditional …

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  • The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle in Mental Health

    This week’s blog is the first of a series on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in mental health. We tend to underestimate the power of food/lifestyle over our emotions and when depressed or anxious often resort to medication as the first line of defense. In many instances, food/lifestyle changes can address these emotional states …

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  • Victim of Chicago Killer, John Gacy, Becomes Author and Survivor Activist




    About 45 people gathered on a hot August night at a Chicago LBGT community center  to hear a chapter in Chicago history that is often forgotten–how John Gacy prowled the streets of Chicago’s northside from 1972 through 1978, picking up young men and murdering at least 33 of them. Gacy, one of the …

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  • Do you sink to the level of your training or rise to the occasion?


    EM Technique Interview with Daniel Giel founder of DGM
    How do you learn to move well? 
    How do you exercise well? 
    What are the basic common denominators in the journey of exercise and movement training? 
    EM Technique’s interview with Daniel evolves around the process of teaching exercise movement as well as an intimate portrait of

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  • Should People Watch the Animals They Eat Slaughtered?



    In Omaha, Nebraska, there is a proposal on the table for people buying meat to choose an animal and watch it being slaughtered.  But many are saying this encourages insensitivity and lack of empathy for suffering, whether human or animal. Many anthropologists say there is a strong cultural link between barbaric treatment of animals …

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  • Michael Brown and Ferguson Bear Strange Fruit


    “Face down in the street….in the ghetto…and a momma cried.” Those words from the eerily familiar song made famous by Elvis Presley bring to mind the images of Michael Brown’s body lying for hours in the middle of a narrow slice of asphalt in America’s heartland, an easy seven hour road trip east of Lebanon, …

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  • The Aging Brain: Ways to Boost Brain Power

    Many of us, starting in mid-life and accelerating in our sixties and beyond, are stunned at the extent to which we are forgetful. We lose our keys, cannot always retrieve words, especially names or find what we heard a moment ago evaporate into thin air. While many people quietly accept their fate, there are ways …

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  • Juicing the Pain Away

    Salsa Juice

    “Take Two and Call Me in the Morning” is the classic doctor line given to patients who call complaining of vague (but real to them) aches and pains.  In 2014, the updated phrase should be ‘Juice this and Call Me in the Morning’.

    Many of us experience chronic pain which may or may not have …

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  • A Holistic View of Weight Control

    Many of us have struggled with dieting and losing unwanted pounds. Sometimes we are able to lose weight, but only to regain it back over time.  Taking a more holistic view of weight control increases our chances of success in the long run.

    The basics of a holistic approach focuses not only on a healthy …

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  • Author of New Book Discusses Shame and Codependency



    Codependents often have trouble being open, honest and assertive with intimate partners says Darlene Lancer, an author and marriage and family therapist. In trying to manage, control and manipulate others, often by “people pleasing” or giving advice, codependents can “turn themselves into pretzels,” says Lancer.  Now, in her latest book, Conquering Shame and Codependency:

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  • 3 Quick Hits To Improve Your Work Outs and Health


    Some of us are seeking better health and wellbeing via diet and exercise. Often the numerous workout protocols and dietary options can be confusing. We can easily get into a rut or wind up spending a lot of money on equipment, trainers or memberships. I learned my lessons taking my son to a few …

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  • Anti-Cancer Diet: Healing Properties of Foods and What to Avoid

    Consuming nutrient-rich food is vital to preventing and fighting cancer.  We want to support our immune system so that cancer does not take hold in our body.  An anti-cancer diet can help to boost our immunity and many foods have cancer-inhibiting properties.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in anti-oxidants and support the immune system.  …

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  • Many Asking if Cage-free Eggs Are More Humane After Deathly Fire


    by Merritt Clifton

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana––A predawn fire on July 28, 2014 killed 65,000 hens at an Egg Innovations barn in Kosciusko County, Indiana, reviving attention to a two-year-old National Fire Protection Association proposal to require sprinkler systems in farm animal housing.

    “Flames were showing. Probably shooting in the air about 20 feet,” Atwood …

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  • What’s it take to be healthy?

    EM Interview with Abdi Assadi Part 2.


    Continuing the conversation in the second part of my interview with Abdi Assadi an acupuncturist of 29 years and Author.
    Join us as we muse about the what it takes to be and maintain a healthy life.

    Abdi Assadi, M.S., Lic. Ac.

    Through my lens…
    Emory M

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  • How to Naturally Shrink Your Stomach and Trim Tummy Fat

    Sometimes in order to lose weight we need to contract space. Contracting space can mean feeling satisfied with less.  To make yourself “YogaFit,” you must learn to eat less and be satisfied with less. With food LESS TRULY IS MORE.

    One of the best example’s of this is s reducing the desires of  …

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