• Starting a Diet

    Starting a Diet

    In the second blog of my weight loss series, I would like to present a perspective on “the right time” to start a diet.  We usually set goals for ourselves, such as cutting down after the New Year, dieting for a friend’s party or wedding, and of course wanting to lose weight to be able …

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  • Whistleblower Contact’s Attorney: Andrew Wakefield “Hijacked The Story”

    Whistleblower Contact’s Attorney: Andrew Wakefield “Hijacked The Story”

    In a videotaped lecture given to the group “Moms in Charge,” de-licensed British doctor Andrew Wakefield defended his outing of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower scientist William Thompson. While silently backing off from the previously dispelled claim… that the disclosure was with Thompson’s permission, Wakefield suggested the outing was in cooperation with

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  • Weight Loss Blog

    Weight Loss Blog

    This is the first of a series of blogs on weight loss and my first thought on an effective approach to “dieting” is that we as a society need to drop what I call, the “diet attitude.”  By this I mean never over-focusing on calorie content of food and quick weight loss.  Unfortunately, the “diet …

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  • Salon Founder Slams Retraction of “Deadly Immunity”

    Salon Founder Slams Retraction of “Deadly Immunity”

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has an article up on his personal website that gives fascinating insight into the retraction of his piece “Deadly Immunity” by Salon.com, including a letter from the site’s founder. In his letter to Kennedy last month, Salon.com founder and former editor-in-chief David Talbot condemned Salon’s retraction of Kennedy’s 2005 article on …

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  • Have You Noticed How Urban Birds No Longer Fear Man?

    I have been a bird watcher for many years and name among my sightings rare green and tricolored herons, Mississippi kites, yellow crown herons, great horned owls and more. Last year I saw some newborn eaglets in a huge eagle’s nest.


    But I don’t have to travel too far to see another interesting bird …

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  • A Healthy Complexion

    A Healthy Complexion

    When we think about maintaining healthy complexion, most of us have been taught to treat the outside, lavishing it with moisturizing creams.  This can go for men as well as women.  While not disputing the benefits of working on our outer shell so to speak, it is also important to understand how what goes on …

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  • JAMA Study Implicates Early MMR Vaccine in Causing Autism

    JAMA Study Implicates Early MMR Vaccine in Causing Autism

    Author’s Note: The hyperlink to the study goes to an archived webpage because the full text version is no longer available on the JAMA website.

    A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that is widely touted to argue against the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine’s association with autism actually …

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  • Coffee


    Millions of people drink coffee as a daily ritual for that extra boost to jumpstart their day. Many of us know the obvious that for some people coffee can make them irritable, cause heartburn, and lead to sleep problems while for others they feel alert and at their best drinking coffee.  I have come across …

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  • Are US Farms as Bad as Animal Activists Say?

     By now, anyone who has a TV or computer has seen appalling scenes of farm cruelty against chickens, turkeys, calves, cows and pigs. Are conditions as bad as the activists say or do they have an “agenda” which is to make people go vegetarian?


    Sadly, US commercial farms are as bad as they say …

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  • Reflections on Angelina Jolie Pitt’s Health Choices

    Reflections on Angelina Jolie Pitt’s Health Choices

    Before your read on, please be forewarned that what follows is longer than my usual posts…hoping that you’ll read on nevertheless, and find it interesting and helpful.

    This past March, Angelina Jolie Pitt wrote in The New York Times about her health choices. Here’s the link to her piece: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/24/opinion/angelina-jolie-pitt-diary-of-a-surgery.html.

    First, a little background…

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  • Food and Mood

    Food and Mood

    Food and mood starts with our physical reactions to what we eat.  Eating processed foods often leaves us feeling depleted while a meal or snack of whole foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts or seeds is nourishing and energizing.  These are basic physiological reactions to food.   Beyond these physiological reactions, foods can impact …

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  • Clueless National Institute on Drug Abuse Leader Should Step Down

    The year was 2010. The place–New Orleans where the American Psychiatric Association was holding its annual meeting. In a special presentation for the press, Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shared breathlessly that her institute was working on a “vaccine” for drug addiction.

     As a reporter who covers addiction/alcoholism and …

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  • Healing With Food

    Healing With Food

    I am writing this blog in dedication Anne Marie Colbin, Ph.D. who was a pioneer in health education and recently passed away.  I met Anne Marie in her certification course in food therapy at the Natural Gourmet Institute that focused on the healing properties of food.  For most of us we eat food based on …

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  • Mind Nutrition: Patience, Vitamin For The Mind–Are You Getting Your Daily Recommended Dose?

    Mind Nutrition: Patience, Vitamin For The Mind–Are You Getting Your Daily Recommended Dose?

    In my last entry, I discussed needing to change what we feed the mind on a regular basis–mind malnutrition or stuff that makes us mentally unhealthy. Besides reading a good book to improve one’s mental diet and overall development as a person, there are a few mental nutrients that we can’t do without to grow …

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  • The Cruel Egg Industry Gets Crueler


    Since eggs don’t require an animal to die, like milk or dairy products, how can they be cruel? It is a question many ask today, especially if they have never visited an egg operation in which as many as 30,000 laying hens are crowded together in one barn.


    Despite the “spin” about agriculture …

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease that causes painful swelling, typically in our joints and connective tissue.  As an auto-immune disease, rather than attacking viruses or bacteria, the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues, leading to inflammation in the body.  Over time bones may erode and joints become deformed, leading to considerable pain.  Certain …

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  • Welcome to my blog: what you’ll find here, and a call for requests

    Welcome to my blog: what you’ll find here, and a call for requests

    Hi Everyone,

    Greetings from cyberspace!

    I’m delighted to be blogging here for The Epoch Times.

    What follows is a bit about me and my inclinations, and an overview of what you can expect to find here in days to come.

    I’m a medical doctor by training. Thus, all topics health-related fall under my blogging …

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  • CA SB277 Bill Co-Sponsor Called Senior CDC Scientist a “Fraud”

    CA SB277 Bill Co-Sponsor Called Senior CDC Scientist a “Fraud”

    In a tweet sent to over 3,000 followers, California State Senator and vaccine exemption elimination bill co-sponsor Dr. Richard Pan called senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist-turned-whistleblower Dr. William Thompson “another Wakefield fraud.” Pan’s calling Thompson a “Wakefield fraud” was a reference to de-licensed British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who publicized Thompson’s …

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  • You Got Here. How Do You Get To The Next Level?

    You Got Here. How Do You Get To The Next Level?

    One of the most frustrating marketing truths is this: the same thing can work for a long time. But, if you are looking to jump to the next level, then a new technique is necessary. It doesn’t take much – a form of repetition with variation – but that tiny distinction (as small as it …

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  • Best Colonic Center for Colon Hydrotherapy

    Have you considered colon irrigation? In recent decades, there has been a return to natural health and wellness. The dangers of toxins and benefits of ridding the body of toxins have been well documented in research. Colonic hydrotherapy helps to remove impacted waste and toxins from the body for better health and wellness. For best …

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