• Experience the tea scents of The Silk Road with Demeter Fragrance Library

    A few of Demeter's tea scents

    Most of us would love to travel and explore the famed Silk Road, but many of us just can’t. What if we could be brought the fragrances of long-ago caravan journeys to our dressing table? Demeter Fragrance Library to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. Demeter makes several tea …

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  • The Perfume Factory lets you create sensual scents from Grand Bahama Island

    One of The Perfume Factory's house fragrances

    Often, it’s the sensual things that we remember about our travels, even more than the experiences we engage in. The senses may help us remember for the rest of our lives. For centuries, the Bahamas have been a source for perfume ingredients created and sold all over the world. Their fruits and flowers add lushness …

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  • The Best Beaches to Visit in Galveston: The Inside Scoop

    When planning your next trip to Galveston, get the inside scoop on the city’s best beaches before you arrive. Plan to stay near the best expanses of shoreline. Check out these beaches and the array of hotels nearby including the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Galveston West-Seawall.…

    Spread out Your Towel on East

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  • Wine Legends of the Mosel – Old and New

    Mosel harvest

    “Hail! O Mosella, to thee, great parent of fruits and of peoples!“

    It was Ausonius, the Roman poet who lived at 310–395 BC, who provided us our most resilient reminder of the Mosel wine region of Germany. The steep hillsides overlooking the Mosel River, they render wines as unique as the flowers they mimic, the …

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  • Tips When Traveling or Emigrating

    When traveling to a different country or moving for good, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. Traveling around your own country is a different story, since you don’t have to worry about carrying your passport and other travel documents with you, you’re perfectly eligible to work, study or stay in your own …

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  • How to Stay in Santa Fe without Breaking Your Budget

    Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is a wonderful city to visit. One of the oldest cities in America, it combines history, a unique architectural and design style, and a thriving art community, not to mention a diverse collection of tasty eateries. However, staying in Santa Fe can get expensive if you’re not careful. …

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  • A Guide to Unusual Places to Visit in Jamaica New York


    Jamaica, New York is only 15 miles from Manhattan and part of Queens, one of the largest of the 5 boroughs of New York. Jamaica, close to John F. Kennedy Airport and the New York Subway is popular for business travel and Long Island visitors. Finding hotels in Jamaica near attractions is easy. Additionally, if …

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  • USSR travel art auctioned at Christie’s

    Max Litvak & Robert Fedor - The New Travel Land, Ussr Soviet Russia - Lithograph in colours, c.1930 condition B+/A-; not backed - 40 x 25 in. (102 x 64 cm.) - Courtesy Christie's London

    Yesterday I got wind of a wonderful sale of period travel art at world famous auction house Christie’s. Not many realize how travel advertising over the decades has captivated people, and especially nostalgic are the Stalin era travel posters commissioned for Russian Intourist (which still exists) from as far back as 1929. Yes, you read …

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  • The Epitome of Hungarian Cuisine: Hungaricum

    The real item, traditional Hungarian goulash soup

    Experiencing true Hungarian cuisine in the villages and hamlets across most of Europe is not as easy as one might think. In fact, real Hungarian is a rarity on a scale right up there with Croatian in its sparseness. Maybe this is a gastronomy fact a little eatery we just dined at can change though?…

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  • Two Girls, 10 Days, and Some Crete Celebrity

    Diana & Roxy shopping on Crete

    Last month two colleagues of ours ventured to Crete for an end of summer holiday. What was intended as a beach getaway for friends though, ended up as publicity trip too. For Ruxandra Mindruta and Diana Abu-Zuaiter, suntan oil and toes in the sand turned to mini-Greek stardom. Before I relate their tale, I am …

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  • 6 of the Best Beachside Bars in St. Petersburg Beach


    From spring breakers to people wanting to relax and grab a nice drink, St. Pete Beach has a beachside bar for everyone. A surefire way to find the one for you is to cruise the aptly named “Miracle Mile,” which takes you along the coast and offers a variety of watering holes. In case you …

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  • Catching the Breeze: A Selection of Sailing Trips for 2014

    Lord Nelson

    At long last Spring is here north of the Equator, and for the seafarer at heart the sea breezes bring remembrances of good times, adventure, even romance. If landlubber vacationing has become old hat, or if the siren’s call has set your compass seaward, here’s a selection of sailing vacations adventures to set sail for. …

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  • Top 5 islands that glows like millions of stars

    “…it is not the property of fire alone to give light; …small drops of the water, struck off by the motion of the oars in rowing, seem sparkling and luminous.”

                Francis Bacon, 1605

    What if I tell you that your body can glow in the ocean? At first place you will think that I have …

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  • On the Road: Camping Out for Your Next Motorcycle Tour


    For most people, camping and motorcycle tours don’t often go hand in hand. You might instead associate camping with loading up a car full of supplies for yourself and your family that includes everything from tents that sleep eight people to coolers of drinking water. However, camping out on your next motorcycle tour might be …

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  • What Does It Take to Run a Cruise Ship?


    Majestic and larger-than-life, cruise ships tower over humans like high-tech floating resorts. People choose to cruise because it offers luxury, variety and affordability. But, what do cruises cost the cruise liners? Here’s a look at what it takes to keep a cruise ship running.



    Image via Wikimedia.org

    As large as a giant plane, holding …

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  • 6 Foods to Avoid on Your Summer Road Trip


    The luggage is loaded in the trunk, the alarm system is set, and the kids are jumping up and down with excitement. You’re about to embark on vacation but you won’t be flying. Rather, you’ll spend hours in the car, driving to your summertime getaway.

    Everyone is bound to get hungry along the way. Per …

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