• Gain New Clients & Dozens of Referrals With One Simple Marketing Tactic

    business man with smartphone

    As a business owner or service provider there is your world – the backend of the company where packaging, pricing, systems, hiring, marketing, branding and sales take place – and there is their world – a constant buzz and plea for attention and purchasing. No wonder it can be so hard for clients and companies …

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  • Medical Websites: Revolutionizing Medical Information Sharing


    People are known for their ability to adapt to information in the pursuit of knowledge, news or entertainment. This explains the existence of thousands of libraries full of literary publications of people who have had unrivaled technical know-how in their various fields of professionalism and hence put them on the paper to share with other …

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  • Amemo Slim One Is the World’s Sexiest Power Bank


    When the battery dies on your smartphone during an important call, it can be completely frustrating. If you’re away from home and don’t have your bulky charger available it’s even worse. Because of the size of most chargers most people avoid carrying them around with them. However, the portable power banks slim design makes it …

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  • Smart Contact Lenses-Tech Of The Future


    When you think of technological advances, chances are good that smart phones, computers, cars and other devices come to mind. Each passing year marks a new age of discovery. Science and ingenuity allow people to create extraordinary things. More recently there have been new discussions about what technology of the future holds for us. One …

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  • 5 Tips To Recharge & Keep Yourself On High Energy


    Unless you live in a monastery, truth is we are constantly surrounded by noise. And, I don’t just mean auditory noise. I’m referring to the constant flow of information, never ending to do list and the ongoing wave of demands and responsibilities that make up our life on a constant basis. This noise is what …

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  • Why You’re Not a Billionaire…Yet


    Now, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but it’s true that every once in a while life can suck. It’s an unavoidable fact that life is hard and you have to strive for everything you want. It’s undisputed that not everyone is lucky and only the great will go far. We know this …

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  • Intern Marketing

    Anyone who has been job hunting recently will know that in the current economical situation it could often be a rather problematic to land the kind of position about which you are passionate and with which you will feel comfortable and as such could expect to be involved with over a long time. Popular research …

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  • Five Business Conferences You MUST Attend Fall 2014


    Conferences, hands down, are the best places to advance your business. It’s that fun, educational and irreplaceable time when entrepreneurs and business owners mingle in the hopes that collaboration will lead to bigger wins for all. It also happens to be one of the best ways in which to get inspired, share ideas and see …

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  • How To Turn Your Passion into Active Income

    business success

    Your passion might have been gnawing at you for years, begging that you give it a try before you collapse of boredom at your current job. Or maybe, it came to you one night after an incredibly stimulating brainstorm session with friends or while watching the latest episode of Kings of Thrones. Either way, …

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  • AAPL, GOOG: Week Ahead – Stock Chart Analysis

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    AAPL, GOOG:  Week Ahead – Stock Chart Analysis

    Blue chip stocks have suffered in the last few sessions as the major equities benchmarks continue to meet selling pressure.  This is not entirely surprising, given that the summer months tend to be less positive for stocks.  We also have negative geopolitical headlines that have pushed day …

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  • How To Use Your ‘Reply All’ Button Without Nausea


    A mass email can often be an effective tool to communicate news or accomplish tasks but, if not managed correctly, can also quickly turn into a frustrating way to jam your inbox for days. So, how do you know when hitting “Reply All” is appropriate and when it should simply be avoided? Below are some …

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  • How To Build An Empire By Following-Up

    following up

    Let’s admit it right here and now: You rolled your eyes when you read the words “following-up”. Most of you probably clicked on this article just to see if it’s as lame as it sounds. Because, let’s face it, everyone know that following-up is going to make all the difference between getting more business or …

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  • Potentialism: 25th Anniversary of Launch or The Law of Unintended Consequences as applied to Philosophy

    The Theory of Potential was conceptualized by maverick metaphysicist David Birnbaum in the 1980s; it premiered on the world stage in November 1988 via Summa Metaphysica I, then titled God and Evil (KTAV). The work was the finale of a roughly twenty-five year quest by Birnbaum to lance the ages-old classic theological/philosophical problem of Theodicy. …

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  • You Are Never Too Old to Learn


    With the creation of the computer, the way we do business has changed over time. The movement began slowly at first. Today, nearly all of us use computers in our day to day lives either personally or professionally. Most businesses rely on computers for invoicing, ordering goods, maintaining employee information and handling payroll to name …

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  • How Happiness Found Me

    What can I say? I'm happy.

    As I write this, I’m looking out of a window of a friend’s Pent House located in Manhattan. In front of me is the Empire, to the left of me are massive residential buildings, and below me are ordinary people, just like myself, going on about their life. It’s always fun people watching, not in …

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  • How August Can Make You Rich In The Fall

    How to utilize August to make money in the Fall

    The good news is you’re tan, healthy and learned how to breathe without heart palpitations. The bad news is, the thought of having to hustle and bustle as Fall creeps around the corner has you wanting to run for cover. Below some tips to keep you enjoying the month of August while also getting up …

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  • Used Ophthalmic Equipment: What to Look for When Buying Refurbished Equipment for Your Practice

    The ophthalmic industry, much like many other businesses across America, is suffering somewhat financially, thanks largely to the recession and the number of reimbursements for procedures in decline.

    In addition to this, it seems as though the price of ophthalmic equipment is continually on the rise, which means that many ophthalmic practices are now exploring …

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  • Food Cartoning Machines: Investing in the Right Machine with the Customer in Mind

    If you’re operating within the food industry then you’ll understand, as with any product-based service, you need to assess the requirements of your customers and make it your priority to match them.

    Of course, the flavor and quality of your food product is of the utmost importance, but it’s no secret that most consumers make …

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  • Onwards and Upwards: Moving Your Business to New Premises as Smoothly and Efficiently as Possible

    The prospect of relocating your company to new premises is an exciting one, marking the progression of your enterprise and the start of a new era within the business.

    However, once you’ve signed the lease papers and committed to moving office, the reality of the situation can suddenly hit home. After all, any moving process, …

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  • Advertising Agencies: The Advantages of Hiring an Advertising Expert to Help Boost Your Business

    Whether you’re a start-up business or an established company, you’re probably well aware of the importance of promoting and advertising your products and services.

    However, running a business is busy work. Whilst fulfilling orders, talking to customers and coping with the day-to-day running of your enterprise, it’s alarmingly easy to neglect marketing and advertising. Trying …

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