• Best Colonic Center for Colon Hydrotherapy

    Have you considered colon irrigation? In recent decades, there has been a return to natural health and wellness. The dangers of toxins and benefits of ridding the body of toxins have been well documented in research. Colonic hydrotherapy helps to remove impacted waste and toxins from the body for better health and wellness. For best …

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  • Ninjutsu – The art of endurance

    EM Technique interview with James Loriega continued

    We continue the interview with Shihan James Loriega easily a historical figure in the Ninja story in America. James began practicing in the 1960’s under the auspices of the Late Prof. Ronald Duncan known as “the father of American Ninjutsu”.

    Join us as we discuss further its …

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  • What is the art of the Ninja really?

    What is Ninjutsu really?

    What is the art of the Ninja? What are its origins? What is it for and how is it practiced?
    Join us for EM Techniques interview with Shihan James Loriega a student of the late Prof. Ronald Duncan also known as the father of American Ninjutsu. Overexposed in film, saturated in …

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  • Illegal Childbirth Sometimes Safer

    In Holland, one-third of children are born at home. That is quite a contrast to home births in the United States, where several states have laws restricting certain categories of midwives from assisting with home births. (Maartje Blijdensein/AFP/Getty Images)

    Names and places have been changed to protect identities.

    Thursday, July 23. It’s 10:32 p.m. and midwife Mary Anderson has already negated a few hospital childbirth policies as she illegally tends to a woman laboring in Rockville, Md. Melissa Trainer has been in labor for 45 hours and doesn’t know she has another three hours …

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    The A380 is such a large jetliner! As it climbs to 40,000 feet, you don’t feel like you are moving very fast or elevating quickly. At that altitude, you rise above the discontent below. The heavens above now appear to be in your midst. Here one feels strangely a part of the peace and beauty …

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  • 15 Fitness Habits You Should Start in 20s

    Fitness Girl

    When your in your 20’s you tend to live in the moment without a care for what tomorrow will bring. However, maintaining good physical health requires you to plan ahead and establish a routine so you will be healthier now and in your later years. It is important to get an early start and implement …

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  • Praying Mantis Kung Fu the practice and history. Part 2.

    EM Techniques interview with Master Longfei Yang

    Master Longfei Yang of the Praying Mantis Kung fu system shares the origins of the system.  The history and insights and special ways of practice.
    Join us for the second part of Em Techniques interview with Longfei Yang…

    Through my lens…

    Longfei Yang
    Seven Star Praying Mantis…

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  • What is 7 Star Praying Mantis kung fu?


    EM Techniques interview with Master Longfei Yang.



    What is 7 Star Praying Mantis kung fu? from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.


    Join us as we delve into philosophy and practice of kung fu. Longfei Yang was trained in the ancient arts to connect body and mind. Join us as we discuss the training …

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  • How do we meet the demands of the workplace and still stay healthy?

    How do we meet the demands of the workplace and still stay healthy? from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.

    EM Technique interview 2 with Deborah Quilter
    Understand how to use aspects of technology in a healthy way. Examine the pitfalls of using technology too much and ergonomically incorrect. Deborah Quilter author of “The …

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  • Is your cell phone crippling you?



    EM Technique interview with Deborah Quilter

    RSI – repetitive strain injuries. How is it caused and what can be done to prevent it? Deborah Quilter author of “The Repetitive Strain Injury Recovery Book” explains the damage done by texting and typing. In our modern society the things that help us do so much may …

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  • What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

    An indicator of good health

    A basic concept of nutritional dentistry is that the mouth is an indicator of the state of the body.

    The color of the tongue should be a major factor in oral diagnosis. Oriental medicine recognizes many different pathologies based on tongue color.

    The tongue is the most visible internal organ with a very high metabolic …

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  • Dance for human development and academic instruction

    Dance for human development and academic instruction from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.

    EM interview with Obediah Wright part 2.…

    Continue the journey, fellowship and conversation with EM Techniques and Obediah Wright.
    Join us as we discuss the exploration and complexities of movement art forms. Learn about the process of human development inherent

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  • Dance for health and wellness

    EM interview with Obediah Wright
    Dance is a big word its effects are far reaching from culture to communication. Join us as we discuss its place in health and wellness. Dance a powerful modality for maintenance and change.


    Obediah Wright
    Emory M Moore Jr. 
    Founder of EM Technique – Way of body harmony

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  • What’s it take to be healthy?

    EM Interview with Abdi Assadi Part 2.


    Continuing the conversation in the second part of my interview with Abdi Assadi an acupuncturist of 29 years and Author.
    Join us as we muse about the what it takes to be and maintain a healthy life.

    Abdi Assadi, M.S., Lic. Ac.

    Through my lens…
    Emory M

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  • What is acupuncture really?

    EM Interview with Abdi Assadi
    Abdi Assadi has been a  dedicated acupuncture practitioner for 29 years. 
    How did acupuncture come to the US? How does it work?
    Join us as we talk about the benefits and inner workings of this often times mysterious practice.
    Abdi Assadi, M.S., Lic. Ac.

    Through my lens…
    Emory M

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  • Exercise From the inside out. Part 2.

    Join us as we continue the EM Technique interview with Mark Jackson about the inner cultivation practice of Falun Gong.
    Qi gong or chi gong are ancient internal exercise practices that were once practiced freely in China. This interview discusses what the process of meditation is like and what are some of the benefits you

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  • Exercise from the inside out

    There are many ways to “exercise”. This interview with veteran personal trainer and Falun Gong practitioner, Mark Jackson focuses on exercise for the inside. What is meditation? What is it like to still the mind? Join us for this candid and enlightening interview on an authentic meditation practice. 
    Mark Jackson
    Falun Dafa 


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  • Is getting a Black belt really important? What happens after you get it?

    EM Technique interview and demonstration 
    with martial arts master’s Livingston & Everton Kelly.  
    There is a depth of study that is common to all disciplines and sciences that should also be present when training with a master in the martial arts.
    Join us as we continue the conversation and elaborate on understanding the process of

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  • What does being a martial arts “master” really mean?


    A rare and honest look at the inner realm of martial arts from the perspective of two lifelong practitioners. Demonstration and discussion follows Master’s Livingston and Everton Kelly as they illuminate the “heart” of a martial artist.   The passion and benefits are explained eloquently touching on the realms of character development and self actualization within

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  • Healing Back Pain Through Breathing

    As you exhale, draw your navel in. (Henry Chan/The Epoch Times)

    One of the simplest and most underused techniques for reducing low back pain is deep diaphragmatic breathing. Low back pain is estimated to affect between 80 and 95 percent of the population at some point in their lives. There are numerous possibilities why back pains develop, and our ability to use our diaphragm effectively plays …

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