• Wellness in movement – “Organizing attention for grace”. EM Technique Interview with Bill Hedberg founder of Shen Tao studio


    Join us as we discuss the quality and attributes that are fundamental components of moving, staying and being well. EM Techniques interview with William Hedberg movement educator.

    Bill began with teaching Pilates in 1984 at the California Institute for the Arts. A senior staff instructor at the original White Cloud Studio from 1987-1999, training …

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  • When in Doubt, Leave Soy Out

    Are soy products healthy or not? The debate continues. (Credit: Cat Rooney/The Epoch Times)

    Do you eat soy for all its health benefits? The aisles of many health food grocers can sometimes seem like shrines dedicated to tofu, soymilk, soy bars, and more. Perhaps more than any other health food, soy is marketed as the healthiest new food product in the new millennium. But contrary to common belief, there …

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  • Getting Pregnant: 10 Ways to Increase Chances of Conception

    These days, conception is tougher than ever, but there are a handful of lifestyle factors that can help if implemented. (Photos.com)

    Getting pregnant in today’s world can be tougher than ever. Stressful lifestyle factors are making it more difficult to conceive than at any point in history. A 2007 Newsweek article calls infertility a “common problem, besetting an estimated six million American couples.” One study of over 18,000 women found “one in six women had trouble …

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  • Fire – the Communicator

    A person with a fiery personality can be very active, outgoing and dynamic. The Fire element within our body deals with the communication and the relationship to other people. The heart is one of the organs in association with this element. The colloquial expression, “big heart,” indicates someone who is friendly, loving and open to …

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  • A Mother’s Emotions Affect Her Unborn Child

    How a mother feels and handles stress during pregnancy will affect the baby both psychologically and physically. (Cat Rooney/The Epoch Times)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Experts and evidence suggest that positive thinking can shape the body, heal internally, and even nurture a healthier child during pregnancy.

    A pregnant woman’s thoughts have a physical connection to her unborn child. “Everything the pregnant mother feels and thinks is communicated through neurohormones to her unborn child, just as surely as are alcohol and …

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  • Wood – the Visionary

     The Wood element and its energetics remind us of spring. To use one word – determination! In the spring all the seeds that hid underground during the winter months, spring up and grow toward the sky. Even on a cement sidewalk, we see small flowers breaking through, in their attempt to grow, higher and taller …

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  • Healing Your Body After Birth

    New moms can avoid a variety of pains by reactivating muscles that were weakened during pregnancy, such as the core muscles. (Dereje Belachew/Photos.com)

    The benefits of postpartum exercise are numerous, but a new kind of exercise may soon be the top choice for new moms. That choice is corrective exercise, which means using the right muscles for the right job.

    There are a few muscle imbalances or misalignments that nearly every new mom will have. How fast she …

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  • Mental Imagery and Pregnancy

    Just as high-level athletes can improve their performance through visualization, a pregnant mother can improve the outcome of her labor. (Photos.com)

    Whether it’s called visualization, mental imagery, mental practice, or mental rehearsal, research for nearly a century has proven conclusively that “if you’ve been there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body.” Though this rings true in a vast spectrum of activities, from sports performance and self-defense to improving leadership and childbirth, it seems …

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  • Water – the Wise

    This is my last post for 2013. Have a wonderful Holiday and a healthy New Year! 

    The Water element refers to the water that comes down from the heavens, permeates the earth, and collects into the deep. It is dark and mysterious, and it is also the source of life. In Chinese medicine, water is …

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  • Metal – the Purist


    The ability to let go is related to the strength of the Metal element in our body. The lungs and the large intestine are the organs that correspond with the Metal element. These are the only two organs that open to the outside world, and allow for the release of waste from the body. …

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  • An Integrated Approach to Pregnancy Wellness


    Wellness: Being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate intention.

    Integrated: Achieving a harmonious interrelated whole by coordinating separate elements.

    Despite living in an age that demands quick answers and a pill-popping approach, the synergistic combination of basic wellness factors may prove more effective for healing our mothers-to-be and their unborn …

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  • Fun Family Fitness Ideas for the Holidays

    During the winter months, don't just stay indoors and sip hot chocolate, get outside and get fit with the whole family. (Photos.com)

    Finding fun ways to exercise and bond with the kids during the holidays is an easy an inexpensive way to give the gift of love, attention, and endorsement of a healthy lifestyle. To begin, get bundled up and ready to brave the winter snow. There is something for all fitness levels.


    Snow Man Building

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  • A Laboring Woman Overcomes Trauma From Past Sexual Abuse

    Names have been changed to protect the identity of the laboring mother. 

    Student Midwife Dana Gordon enters a small cottage birthing home and instantly knows something is wrong.  She has been asked to sit in with a woman whose birth is being hindered.  Across the room is a young woman on her hands and knees.  …

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  • 5 Elements – Your Strengths and Weaknesess

    Did you know that your personality’s strength and weaknesses give you an insight into your health? Also, noticing your health issues can clue you in to your emotional tendencies, and vice versa.

    The Chinese Medical system is based on the observation of nature. The ancient Chinese deduced that, as part of it, our body resembles …

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  • Cultivation of awareness and its role in mind-body training. EM Technique interview with Apollonia Holzer and Ade Coleman

    The positive and negative effects of cultivating awareness or not. How crucial is the cultivation of awareness during exercise training and the impact it may have on your everyday life? What is the connection to the health problems arising from modern conveniences that cause a sedentary lifestyle and what we can do to combat it?

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  • Healing vs. Curing

    One of the most frequent questions I’m asked as an acupuncturist is “does acupuncture cure X?” (X being any number of diseases or conditions).
    The answer is not as simple as I would like it to be.

    I would love to say Yes! Of course it does.

    But here is the real answer: Acupuncture does …

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  • Accessing “core” training through the melody of breath. EM Technique with Apollonia Holzer

    EM Technique with Apollonia Holzer, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Shiatsu, dance & movement educator.
    The breath is an access to exercise “core training” on a deeper level. Awareness or “paying attention” is the guide to deeper inner exploration that leads to greater body control and exercise proficiency. Join the conversation/demonstration with EM Technique and Apollonia Holzer.

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  • Holiday Eating: Food for Thought

    Why do we gain weight? How come we can’t lose it as quickly as we seem to gain it? Why do some people eat a lot and gain nothing, yet others seem to always watch what they eat, and eat the “right” things but are heavier?

    I find that the simple mathematical equation: Calories in …

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  • “Looking inside” with Gyrotonic exercise training. Part 2.




    Lengthening as you strengthen, training the mind and body join us as EM Technique continues the conversation with Lisa DelSignore and Carla Rigon. The discussion  illuminates the universal principles of looking within, paying attention to ourselves as we train and the associated benefits. Learn the differences between “machines” used in Gyrotonic and conventional weight equipment,

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  • Healthy is the new Black

    It seems that the latest trend these days is to be super fit. In the spirit of taking things to their extreme, healthy became “Super Healthy.”


    Judging only from my circle of friends, more and more people are training for marathons, iron-man, tough mudder, and working out in cross-fit gyms. 

    The one word that …

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