• What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

    An indicator of good health

    A basic concept of nutritional dentistry is that the mouth is an indicator of the state of the body.

    The color of the tongue should be a major factor in oral diagnosis. Oriental medicine recognizes many different pathologies based on tongue color.

    The tongue is the most visible internal organ with a very high metabolic …

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  • Dance for human development and academic instruction

    Dance for human development and academic instruction from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.

    EM interview with Obediah Wright part 2.…

    Continue the journey, fellowship and conversation with EM Techniques and Obediah Wright.
    Join us as we discuss the exploration and complexities of movement art forms. Learn about the process of human development inherent

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  • Dance for health and wellness

    EM interview with Obediah Wright
    Dance is a big word its effects are far reaching from culture to communication. Join us as we discuss its place in health and wellness. Dance a powerful modality for maintenance and change.


    Obediah Wright
    Emory M Moore Jr. 
    Founder of EM Technique – Way of body harmony

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  • What’s it take to be healthy?

    EM Interview with Abdi Assadi Part 2.


    Continuing the conversation in the second part of my interview with Abdi Assadi an acupuncturist of 29 years and Author.
    Join us as we muse about the what it takes to be and maintain a healthy life.

    Abdi Assadi, M.S., Lic. Ac.

    Through my lens…
    Emory M

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  • What is acupuncture really?

    EM Interview with Abdi Assadi
    Abdi Assadi has been a  dedicated acupuncture practitioner for 29 years. 
    How did acupuncture come to the US? How does it work?
    Join us as we talk about the benefits and inner workings of this often times mysterious practice.
    Abdi Assadi, M.S., Lic. Ac.

    Through my lens…
    Emory M

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  • Exercise From the inside out. Part 2.

    Join us as we continue the EM Technique interview with Mark Jackson about the inner cultivation practice of Falun Gong.
    Qi gong or chi gong are ancient internal exercise practices that were once practiced freely in China. This interview discusses what the process of meditation is like and what are some of the benefits you

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  • Exercise from the inside out

    There are many ways to “exercise”. This interview with veteran personal trainer and Falun Gong practitioner, Mark Jackson focuses on exercise for the inside. What is meditation? What is it like to still the mind? Join us for this candid and enlightening interview on an authentic meditation practice. 
    Mark Jackson
    Falun Dafa 


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  • Is getting a Black belt really important? What happens after you get it?

    EM Technique interview and demonstration 
    with martial arts master’s Livingston & Everton Kelly.  
    There is a depth of study that is common to all disciplines and sciences that should also be present when training with a master in the martial arts.
    Join us as we continue the conversation and elaborate on understanding the process of

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  • What does being a martial arts “master” really mean?


    A rare and honest look at the inner realm of martial arts from the perspective of two lifelong practitioners. Demonstration and discussion follows Master’s Livingston and Everton Kelly as they illuminate the “heart” of a martial artist.   The passion and benefits are explained eloquently touching on the realms of character development and self actualization within

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  • Healing Back Pain Through Breathing

    As you exhale, draw your navel in. (Henry Chan/The Epoch Times)

    One of the simplest and most underused techniques for reducing low back pain is deep diaphragmatic breathing. Low back pain is estimated to affect between 80 and 95 percent of the population at some point in their lives. There are numerous possibilities why back pains develop, and our ability to use our diaphragm effectively plays …

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  • Do you really get a strong “core” by training the abdominals?





    EM Technique interviews  Juergen Bamberger  a master Gyrotonic instructor with 30 years of teaching experience in dance, Gyrotonic and movement education.  Join us as we are treated to Juergen’s knowledge and insights on what makes our core strong. What roll does the Psoas (Hip Flexors) play in the  three dimensional  structure of the human body? …

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  • How extreme does your workout have to be?

    Join us again for an EM Technique interview and demonstration with James MA Nicholson, Apollonia Holzer and Lesley Powell.  A powerful gathering of high level bodyworkers and movement exercise teachers experts in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Laban Movement Analysis, Franklin method, dance, yoga and massage therapy. Sift through the marketing images of ripped bodies and ever youthful 

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  • Is having a six pack or the “beach body” look really important to health and fitness?



    Join us for a rare interview.  Experience a demonstration by James MA Nicholson on his unique stretching technique followed by an EM Technique interview with Apollonia Holzer, Lesley Powell and James. 

    Pilates, Gyrotonic,Laban, Franklin method, yoga dance and martial arts three expert exercise and movement professionals with over a hundred years of experience …

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  • Wellness in movement – “Organizing attention for grace”. EM Technique Interview with Bill Hedberg founder of Shen Tao studio


    Join us as we discuss the quality and attributes that are fundamental components of moving, staying and being well. EM Techniques interview with William Hedberg movement educator.

    Bill began with teaching Pilates in 1984 at the California Institute for the Arts. A senior staff instructor at the original White Cloud Studio from 1987-1999, training …

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  • When in Doubt, Leave Soy Out

    Are soy products healthy or not? The debate continues. (Credit: Cat Rooney/The Epoch Times)

    Do you eat soy for all its health benefits? The aisles of many health food grocers can sometimes seem like shrines dedicated to tofu, soymilk, soy bars, and more. Perhaps more than any other health food, soy is marketed as the healthiest new food product in the new millennium. But contrary to common belief, there …

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  • Getting Pregnant: 10 Ways to Increase Chances of Conception

    These days, conception is tougher than ever, but there are a handful of lifestyle factors that can help if implemented. (Photos.com)

    Getting pregnant in today’s world can be tougher than ever. Stressful lifestyle factors are making it more difficult to conceive than at any point in history. A 2007 Newsweek article calls infertility a “common problem, besetting an estimated six million American couples.” One study of over 18,000 women found “one in six women had trouble …

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  • Fire – the Communicator

    A person with a fiery personality can be very active, outgoing and dynamic. The Fire element within our body deals with the communication and the relationship to other people. The heart is one of the organs in association with this element. The colloquial expression, “big heart,” indicates someone who is friendly, loving and open to …

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  • A Mother’s Emotions Affect Her Unborn Child

    How a mother feels and handles stress during pregnancy will affect the baby both psychologically and physically. (Cat Rooney/The Epoch Times)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Experts and evidence suggest that positive thinking can shape the body, heal internally, and even nurture a healthier child during pregnancy.

    A pregnant woman’s thoughts have a physical connection to her unborn child. “Everything the pregnant mother feels and thinks is communicated through neurohormones to her unborn child, just as surely as are alcohol and …

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  • Wood – the Visionary

     The Wood element and its energetics remind us of spring. To use one word – determination! In the spring all the seeds that hid underground during the winter months, spring up and grow toward the sky. Even on a cement sidewalk, we see small flowers breaking through, in their attempt to grow, higher and taller …

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  • Healing Your Body After Birth

    New moms can avoid a variety of pains by reactivating muscles that were weakened during pregnancy, such as the core muscles. (Dereje Belachew/Photos.com)

    The benefits of postpartum exercise are numerous, but a new kind of exercise may soon be the top choice for new moms. That choice is corrective exercise, which means using the right muscles for the right job.

    There are a few muscle imbalances or misalignments that nearly every new mom will have. How fast she …

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