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  • The Six Most Highly Rated Places to Eat Lobster in the United States

    The Six Most Highly Rated Places to Eat Lobster in the United States

    Do you love lobster? That mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that—when dipped in butter—feels like a little piece of heaven? If so, you’ll want to check out these six highly rated restaurants known for serving amazing lobster. Some feature traditional tails, whereas others have a signature twist.

    Five Islands Lobster Co. (Maine)

    Not only is the lobster fantastic at this little shack in Maine, the scenery is second to none. The restaurant has zero indoor seating (so bring your jacket), showcasing a 360-degree view of the surrounding five pine-shrouded islands. Diners arrive, select a lobster from the tank, and then add side dishes such as corn on the cob and onion rings.

    Cull & Pistol (New York City)

    This restaurant is named …

  • Which Career in Health Informatics is Right for You?

    Which Career in Health Informatics is Right for You?

    The U.S. government has mandated the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) by October 2015. With that requirement has come an increased demand for health informatics jobs. However, like most other fields, “health informatics” is not a one-size-fits-all term. There are many varieties of health informatics jobs, each offering different duties and requiring a diverse range of experience.

    A career in health informatics encompasses a variety of titles ranging from management, auditors, documentation specialists, and compliance analysts. Here is a look at a few of the highly demanded roles you can play with a degree in health informatics, each of which requires varying levels of education and experience.

    Entry-Level Positions

    Image via Flickr by flazingo_photos

    The electronic medical record keeper, …

  • 5 Famous Celebrity Injuries

    Celebrities may seem like they lead magical lives, but they can get injured just like anyone else. These five celebrity injuries show that anyone can get hurt, even if they are popular entertainers.

    Sylvester Stallone Hospitalized While Filming Rocky IV

    Image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore

    Sylvester Stallone takes a beating in all of the Rocky movies. Stallone, however, was only 30 when he first played the Italian Stallion. He was 40 when he filmed Rocky IV. A decade can make a big difference, especially when Dolph Lundgren is throwing the punches.

    According to Stallone, he told his 6′ 5″co-star to really let him have it during a fight scene. Lundgren complied by beating Stallone so badly that he had …

  • How to convert PDF to a Word document

     PDFs are the easily accessible and readable format while we send any type of document to the recipient. But, you might be looking for the ways to convert the PDF file to the word document as you might need to edit them. As, you are well verse that you cannot edit your document in the PDF format. So, you must convert the PDF to the Word document. But, you must know that you cannot convert the images from the PDF to the Word document. But, you can reinstate them later on. If you are looking for the various possible ways to convert the PDF to the Word document then follow the below mentioned steps:

    1     Using Adobe Acrobat

    Open Adobe

  • The Best Vegan Eateries Throughout the US

    The Best Vegan Eateries Throughout the US

    Vegans used to be the oddball at the party, munching on carrot sticks and veggie burgers while other partygoers gawked with hamburgers in hand. But, today, veganism has grown and continues to skyrocket in popularity. Whether it’s another fad like the South Beach Diet, or a lifelong commitment, one thing is for sure: the United States offers up some of the tastiest vegan food for vegans and those who claim they’re just a bit veg-curious. Read on for a few of the best eateries to visit while traveling the U.S.

    Chicago Raw– Chicago, IL

    For the average-Joe, vegan can be a menacing word. Even more foreign to the standard American diet is eating raw. Chicago Raw, is both. While most …

  • A Brief Guide to Buying the Most Reliable Ink Cartridges

    If you are working on a computer, chances are always high for you to use a printer quite often, no matter whether it is home or office. Depending upon the number of times a printer shall be in use, you might feel the need of buying ink cartridges quite often. While this need cannot be ignored, the upscale revelation prices of these cartridges can make you fall back on your selection. Nevertheless, it is still worthy to buy what you select, as doing so ensures best quality as well as high compatibility with the printer model.

    Ensuring that you get the right cartridge, even though costly, definitely proves to be cost-effective in the long run when you use it …

  • Take precaution against cyber stalkers – Use a mobile tracking app

    Take precaution against cyber stalkers – Use a mobile tracking app

    The internet is something that has changed the world for ever. Your lifestyle, your working, your learning and everything else is some much more with internet by your side. With internet, you stay connected to the world at all times. But is this a good thing or bad. Well, it is both good and bad. Good in the sense that you get to learn new and innovative things every now and then. Bad in a way that it has become a pretty well-equipped hunting ground for cyber-bullies and pedophile, which leaves the security of your kids at bay.

    What to do?

    What to do in such a scenario? The best part is to get the help of a mobile tracking

  • Binary Options—Gambling or the Future of Trading?

    The financial industry did not very much the last years to improve its reputation. Consider the huge amount of bonuses CEOs receive annually. But the most striking example is the financial crisis which affected large parts of Europe, with Greece on the edge and many other countries struggling with the austerity policy proposed by large European countries such as Germany and France.  However, the current reputation did not stop investors from exceeding their portfolio of investments, including people who are not trained to be an investor. One such very popular product is the binary option. Some call it gambling,  proposers an easy way to enlarge the content of their wallets. But who is right and what´s the current status of …

  • Meditation leaves detectable traces

    Meditation has not unshackled itself from its religious and spiritual image and related practices. Although many people have acknowledged the measurable effects of meditation on thoughts and health.

    It can have long term effects on the brain – however large effort is required for that

    A warehouse, bare walls and cold light illuminates the stack of wooden boxes. The task is to collect all green glasses that are put all over the boxes. But suddenly a large number of spiders appear. They have this nasty skin and crawl everywhere and of course they stick on the walls. But the best is yet to come: obvious fear is bad but consider a fear that is yet to develop. Such fear is …

  • Unusual Travel Ideas For 2015

    Are you looking for an extraordinary way to spend your vacation this 2015? If you are tired of spending hours at a time in a plane just to get to your vacation destination outside the country, then there are some alternatives that you can choose from – and you don’t even have to leave the country. Get ready to have a lot of fun with these unusual travel ideas in Canada for you this 2015!

    Vancouver Aquarium

    Make your way to the Vancouver Aquarium for an overnight trip with your entire family. The aquarium features a night of exciting exploration of the aquarium’s lab where you can see a variety of anemones, sea urchins, and starfish. For the sleepover, you …

  • Sanitary Stays: 5 of the Cleanest Hotels in Rochester

    Sanitary Stays: 5 of the Cleanest Hotels in Rochester

    Afraid of germs or just want the very cleanest of the clean for your hotel? You don’t have to break the bank, and you don’t have to limit yourself to hotel chains to get the guaranteed cleanest stay in Rochester. Below are five places that offer clean rooms for every price and every traveler.

    Rochester Airport Microtel


    When looking for a budget stay, the Rochester Airport Microtel in Chili, New York, is almost always praised by travelers for its cleanliness. In fact, the Microtel brand has a history of good reviews. In 2012, Consumer Reports highlighted them as the best budget hotel chain in the country. Nestled in a safe neighborhood just outside the airport, this hotel will cost you …

  • 5 Must See Animal Attractions in Miami

    Florida is home to a plethora of plants and animals that are hard to find elsewhere in the U.S. No matter where you are in the state, you’re just a short drive from some gorgeous wildlife. There are a variety of fun, affordable animal attractions in the Miami area, from a classic zoo experience to up close and personal opportunities with all kinds of critters.

    1. Zoo Miami

    Over 2,000 animals live on 300 acres of specialized habitats at Zoo Miami. Visitors can feed the giraffes from an elevated deck, see rare creatures like the Komodo dragon and watch families of monkeys swing and play. The Children’s Zoo includes a Petting Yard with friendly barnyard animals, as well as …

  • 6 Small Cities That Are Surprising the World With Their Green Movements

    These eco-friendly spots may be off the beaten path, but they’re popping up on people’s radar for their forward-thinking campaigns. From wind farms to paper mills, these small towns are making a big statement in the movement to go green. See why renewable energy and sustainable communities are saving these towns both environmentally and financially.                                                                                                   

    1. Langdon, North Dakota


    Image via Flickr by footloosiety 

    On the brink of being blown off the map by its fierce winds and a rapidly shrinking population, town leaders came up with a solution to save the town of Langdon. In December 2008, Langdon became a leader in wind turbine power with a $300 million, 106-turbine wind farm; generating enough energy to power 40,000 …

  • Lose up to 7kg with the latest chocolate diet

    Eat your favorite chocolate and lose weight at the same time with the help of this one week choco diet. Also this diet can make you look younger since this diet helps with wrinkles.

    Even though this sounds too good to be true to chocolate lovers, this diet really gives results. This type of diet doesn’t look chocolate as an enemy of your body, but as an enjoyment anyone can eat in moderate amounts.

    The creator of the diet, Lenny Neiman claims that chocolate encourages faster metabolism, but he also points out that this diet shouldn’t be kept for more than a month, since it excludes a lot of important foods.

    Most of the diets completely exclude chocolate, which can …

  • What are some of the basic supplements you could use to improve your training?

    Many are asking a question:  what supplements should I use? Of course, that depends on your goals. If you just want to cover some of the basics, we present you some of the most important supplements you could include in your training program.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Multivitamin products are important to secure the body with all the important micronutrients regardless if your goal is the improvement of muscle fat or you want to get rid of fat. They are equally important for proper function of our body. Supplementation with these products will prevent the deficit of vitamins and minerals in your body. Especially for people who doesn’t have enough intake of fruit and vegetables that have a lot of anti-oxidants …

  • Four Things to Love About Retiring On the East Coast

    Whether your retirement date is ten years behind you or decades ahead, the time is always right to think about your options for how you spend that hard-earned time free from the rigors of the workplace. Where will you go? The east coast is a fabulous place for retirees. Here’s why.


    The east coast is perhaps the richest cultural smorgasbord in the nation. In New England you can breathe air that is full of history from the Revolutionary War, and you can visit such places as Minute Man Historical National Park and the National Heritage Museum. In the south, you can taste history connected to the turbulent Civil War.

    If history isn’t your cup of tea, no worries. The …

  • The Best Beaches to Visit in Galveston: The Inside Scoop

    When planning your next trip to Galveston, get the inside scoop on the city’s best beaches before you arrive. Plan to stay near the best expanses of shoreline. Check out these beaches and the array of hotels nearby including the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Galveston West-Seawall.

    Spread out Your Towel on East Beach

    Easily one of the most popular beaches in the city, East Beach is also the largest beach in the state. Depending on the time of year, you may find any number of live events underway here. From festive concerts to bikini contests to special events, this beach is the place to see and be seen.

    Families, couples, large groups, and singles love this beach …

  • Top 3 Safaris in Africa

    Whether you enjoy following a pride of lions of the Maasai Mara or love trekking into the deep bushes of Kruger, a trip into Africa’s wilderness is both breathtaking and life-changing. According to official websites, prices for these safari destinations can sometimes be austere, ranging from as low as £2,700 all the way up to £4,000 for a 7-day adventure in the bush. However, people who have experienced these safaris often come back with the feeling of having gone through a life-changing experience. 

    The following is a selection of 3 safaris recommended by Travel Tipsor that are guaranteed to give you a good bang for your buck:

    1) The Zambezi Valley, located in Zambia

    This is one of the few …

  • Tips When Traveling or Emigrating

    When traveling to a different country or moving for good, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. Traveling around your own country is a different story, since you don’t have to worry about carrying your passport and other travel documents with you, you’re perfectly eligible to work, study or stay in your own country, and you probably have friends and family dotted around who you can stay with or call upon for help when you’re in trouble. However, once you leave your country, especially if you go to a different continent, things can be very different, and straight away, you have to start thinking of a whole load of new things.


    Do you have all the necessary …

  • Heading to Louisville: 5 Hotels on the South Side

    If you are heading to Louisville, you are in for a treat. This vibrant city—home of the iconic Kentucky Derby—has plenty to offer both weekend visitors and seasoned travelers. A stay in a downtown hotel is always a possibility, but hotels in South Louisville will often offer a better deal. Flights to Louisville will place you within touching distance of these five South Side hotels.

    Four Points by Sheraton, 2850 Crittenden Drive


    Image via Flickr by Jeff Kubina

    When you stay at the Four Points by Sheraton, not only will you be within a short drive of the airport, you will also be within easy reach of Churchill Downs and Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium—ideal if you are a sports fan. …