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  • On the Road: Camping Out for Your Next Motorcycle Tour


    For most people, camping and motorcycle tours don’t often go hand in hand. You might instead associate camping with loading up a car full of supplies for yourself and your family that includes everything from tents that sleep eight people to coolers of drinking water. However, camping out on your next motorcycle tour might be easier and safer than you think. By following a few simple tips, you can sleep outside in comfort and safety while you enjoy the tour at the same time.



    Image via Flickr by bterrycompton 

    One of the biggest advantages to camping out on a motorbike tour is that it saves you a great deal of money. Since the distance you’re traveling has a lot …

  • 6 of the Strangest Places in the World


    Throughout the world, there are several places that people will find strange. From a haunted house to a mystery body of water, many people travel thousands of miles to view these unusual places. Here are six of the strangest places in the world that you might want to visit.

    1. The Winchester Mystery House

    Image via Flickr by Harshlight

    The Winchester Mystery House, in San José, Calif., is a large mansion that is about 24,000 square feet with 160 rooms. The house, built to confuse evil spirits inside the home, is also known as “the House Built by the Spirits” because of this fact.  

    To add to its uniqueness, this home has secret passageways, fake doors, and weird stairwells. If …

  • What Does It Take to Run a Cruise Ship?


    Majestic and larger-than-life, cruise ships tower over humans like high-tech floating resorts. People choose to cruise because it offers luxury, variety and affordability. But, what do cruises cost the cruise liners? Here’s a look at what it takes to keep a cruise ship running.



    Image via

    As large as a giant plane, holding as many people as an opera theater, the largest cruise ships need continual maintenance. As soon as the entire ship is painted it is time to begin painting it, again. As soon as every room is clean the guests have their “Service Required” signs out, again.

    Never complete but always a work in progress, these floating cities require a crew of 200 just to meet …

  • 6 Foods to Avoid on Your Summer Road Trip


    The luggage is loaded in the trunk, the alarm system is set, and the kids are jumping up and down with excitement. You’re about to embark on vacation but you won’t be flying. Rather, you’ll spend hours in the car, driving to your summertime getaway.

    Everyone is bound to get hungry along the way. Per typical road trip protocol, you’ll probably be hitting a fast food joint to save time and money. Before you devour that grub, make sure it’s not one of these horrible excuses for food.

    1. McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast

    Image via Flickr by dave_mcmt

    You’ve gotten an early morning start on your road trip and McDonalds’ golden arches are in clear sight. The Deluxe Breakfast is screaming …