• Why Do We Find Communist Art So Acceptable?

    Why Do We Find Communist Art So Acceptable?

    Despite the untold horrors and cruelties of communist movements, it seems that some of our social institutions still don’t get it. As I write this... Read more

  • Of ‘-isms,’ Institutions, and Radicals

    Of ‘-isms,’ Institutions, and Radicals

    For many centuries, classical Western art was transmitted from generation to generation. Masters passed down their skills to disciples, who eventually became masters themselves, and... Read more

  • Proflie of the Masters: Bouguereau

    The French realist painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) was known in his time as a master of legendary artistic achievement. Yet with the rise of the... Read more

  • Profile of a Master: Canaletto

    Profile of a Master: Canaletto

    Prior to the advent of photography, scene painting was the way by which society communicated the beautiful and interesting sights of far-off lands, perhaps the... Read more

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