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Laverne Gaskins

Prolific writer and attorney, Laverne enjoys seeking new challenges, critiquing experiences, and exploring the world through words. You may sign up to follow Laverne on Twitter @GaRuleoflaw.

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  • Selma: The Future Journey of Footsteps Past

    (Laverne Gaskins)

    When my husband and I were close to our destination in Alabama, we decided to stop for gas and stretch for a few minutes. I asked someone pumping gas nearby, “ How far are we from Selma?” I already had an idea, but I wanted to confirm that my GPS was not off kilter.  “Selma is not far from Montgomery. It’s about forty five minutes from here. Where y’all from? Are you going to the march?” he asked.  Exhausted from the long ride, I just nodded affirmatively, muttered “yea”, and told him we were from Georgia.  The words “are you going to the march”, seem a little surreal given that the year is 2013, and not 1965. 

    On March 3, …

  • Train Travel and Discovering ‘A Voice of the South’

    Train attendant Jared Wright helps passengers board Amtrak's Southwest Chief in Union Station bound for Los Angeles on April 9 in Chicago. Train travel is having a revival, with March breaking ridership records for Amtrak. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

     “I remember it cost either five or ten cents to ride the train. It was not too long a ride. It was fun, and a lot of us went to town like that on Saturdays,” my mother said as she reminisced about her teen years. She shared with me her fond memories of riding the train while growing up in the rural South. Typically, I either fly or drive if my trip involves traveling across several states; and I never have considered the train as a real option. My unfamiliarity with train travel allowed me to default to the collective images I have gleaned from TV or movies. The lack of actual experience, and limited information, fueled an inaccurate perception. …