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Jordan Shapiro

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I am full-time father of two little boys and also an academic. I teach in Temple University's Intellectual Heritage Department. I lead efforts to bring more EdTech and game based learning to humanities education at the university level. I'm engaged in a scholarly research that looks at technology and popular culture from the perspectives of Jungian & Archetypal psychology and phenomenology & Heideggerian philosophy.

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  • Research Says Screen Time Can Be Good For Your Kids

    Screen time is not all bad for your kids. They can learn a ton from video games. And when parents and children are watching or playing together, kids are internalizing important social skills. Being intentional about the messages you send to your kids about media is a missing link in most parenting strategies.

    In the 1980s, researchers at the Children’s Television Network discovered that kids learned more from Sesame Street when they watched the show alongside their parents. They called it “coviewing.”

    Most experts agreed that coviewing was unquestionably better than placing kids in front of boobtube babysitter. For example, the Center on Media and Child Health explains that coviewing reduces fear and aggression, while increasing learning and discussion.

    Still, …

  • Learn Algebra in Under 45 Minutes with Video Games

    Learn Algebra in Under 45 Minutes with Video Games

    On average, it took 41 minutes and 44 seconds for students to master Algebra skills during the Washington State Algebra Challenge using the DragonBox App.

    The Challenge, co-sponsored by Washington University’s Center for Game Science and the Technology Alliance included 4,192 K-12 students. Together, they solved 390,935 equations over the course of 5 days in early June. According to the Challenge’s calculations, that’s 6 months, 28 days, and 2 hours worth of algebra work.

    What’s even more impressive, “of those students who played at least 1.5 hours, 92.9% achieved mastery. Of those students who played at least 1 hour, 83.8% achieved mastery. Of those students who played at least 45 minutes, 73.4% achieved mastery.”

    Why didn’t this exist when …

  • Why Hasn’t Anyone Made a Waterproof eReader?

    Why Hasn’t Anyone Made a Waterproof eReader?

    My ex-wife has custody of the kids this week; we have a special summer schedule. I’m home alone. There’s so much quiet time, so much gin and tonic, so much reading, and so much writing. This is the privileged summer life of a university instructor. I curl up with one good book after another–in bed, on the sofa, in the bathtub.

    Of course, I’m afraid to bring the eReader into the tub with me. Where there’s water, I’m old fashioned. It’s a simple cost benefit analysis: drop a paperback and I’m only out $14.99. My Kobo Aura HD has top features and also a hefty price tag in comparison to other eReaders. I’ll keep it dry. But I shouldn’t have …