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DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing. He is a huge fantasy sports fan and even runs his own advice site for Fantasy Help.

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  • Majority of Christmas shopping is left to women as 30% of men don’t do any!

    Research by activity website suggests that most women take on the brunt of Christmas shopping, they found that 30% of men do not do any. They also found men who were aged over 45 years old are less likely to be involved in any aspect of shopping for Christmas, whether it’s for presents, decorations or food.

    Online activity website which specialises in exciting experiences surveyed men and women in the UK aged over 18 to find out if and when they start shopping for Christmas. They asked over 1000 users: “When did you start your Christmas Shopping for this year?”

    Out of the results they received from respondents they found:…

    Men, more than women, will leave Christmas shopping

  • Tips for Answering Telephone Calls Professionally

    How important is answering phone calls in the scope of your business operations?

    The reality of the matter is that the receptionists that are answering the phone calls which are directed towards your business are the very first impression that the customer will receive about your business. That first impression will have a direct influence upon the relationship which will potentially develop between your business and that customer. That is why that receptionist who is responsible for answering the phone has to be experienced in telephone etiquette in order to avoid the loss of even one single customer. Even though we live in a world which is abounding with technological advances the old telephone system is still the preferred way …

  • What You Should Look For When Choosing A Hosting Company

    Not all web hosting companies are created equal and picking the wrong one could lead a business to lose money on a weekly basis. There are certain needs of companies that are specific to that niche and hosting companies that specialize in hosting an Ecommerce website for example. All of the hosting companies will tell you that they have the best servers and the most resources and will have a team dedicated to you. Seeing through the different sales pitches and promises can be difficult especially if you aren’t versed in the technical side of things. Here are some things that you should look for when choosing a hosting company.

    Pricing Options

    It is a business person’s instinct to immediately …

  • Creating a Website with a Professional Touch, Four Professionals you Will Definitely Need

    In the same way that people no longer go to a library to look for general information, people no longer look in papers or business directories to find a product they need, or information on that product. The internet is now the font of all knowledge as far as the public is concerned, and it is here they turn to find the best product, and often to purchase it too. If you are one of the many small businesses running without a website, your business will never attain the growth it could with one. Of course, having a website is one thing; having a successful one is another. When you are deciding on your website you will need the …

  • 8 Awesome Devices for Musicians


    It’s never been easier to make and record music — today’s technology allows virtually anyone to become a professional-sounding musician. There is everything from “smart” instruments to tablets with apps that can alter your music. The National Association of Music Merchants holds a conference each year where it releases new gadgets to musicians all over the world. Take a look at eight of the most awesome devices you’ll see in 2013.



    Image via Flickr by Podknox

    Entry-Level Keyboard that Teaches Piano Lessons

     The most common instrument, by far, is the piano. However, it’s also the least portable. That’s where the keyboard comes to the rescue. There are several to choose from that range from foldable to heavy-duty. The …

  • 5 Best Apps For Dentists

    Apps are something that are also making their way to our dentist offices. When it is said that there is an app for nearly everything, dentistry is no different. These do not take the place of the treatments that you will get while at the dentist but many of these apps can improve the quality of care you receive when you get there. This will highlight the best apps to have if you are a dentist or a dental hygienist.

    ePocrates Rx 

    This app would be very handy for many professions in the medical field as well as dentists. This app includes a drug interaction checker which keeps everything in order and everybody safe. This app also includes helps with …

  • Reasons IT Work Should Always Be Outsourced

    Needing an IT department in many companies is not something that can be brushed off. Having an IT department might not always be something that a smaller business can afford but it can be argued that the smaller businesses need them more. This is because if 1 branch goes down because of IT problems in a small business with 2 branches then this could be devastating. If 1 branch goes down in a company of 20 branches then the problem is much smaller. This will go over the many reasons that you should outsource your IT department.


    Many times the skills that it takes to be in the IT department come with a very hefty price tag. Outsourcing many …

  • Getting your Website Content Voice and Philosophy Right

    On this website we spend a lot of time assessing the content produced by other people. We see a lot of different content voices and a lot of different philosophies to content development. We previously produced a post talking about the emotional side of writing, and how your content must stir passion in the reader in order for them to take action, or be transformed internally. In this piece will talk about how you should go about content marketing campaign. Take a look at the goals you should set, understanding your audience When embarking on a new content marketing campaign you should go in with a solid plan and end goal. By going into this new campaign with an …

  • Why DIRECTV Internet Bundles Have Changed The Way We Think About Buying Broadband Services

    Having reliable, high speed broadband internet is close to being considered an essential utility in most American homes these days – almost as important as water and electricity. In an ever more connected world, fast wireless broadband allows the whole household to use all of their devices anywhere in the house, and this is something many people simply wouldn’t want to live without.

    Historically, this meant choosing a good ISP and paying for internet service either as a separate thing, or as an addition on your contract with your home telephone service provider. However, with the rise in popularity of digital satellite TV, internet services are now something you are more likely to consider buying through your TV company than …

  • 11 Ways to Save When Buying Electronics

    Electronics tend to be big-ticket items that can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but there’s no need to pay top retail prices when you know how to shop right. Here are a few hints to finding the best deal on your next tech purchase.

    Shop by the Calendar

    You can save as much as 50% on electronics by buying them at the right time of year. Purchase the current model in October or November right before the new one comes out. Brave Black Friday sales or look for deals on Cyber Monday. Digital cameras typically go on sale in February, since manufacturers announce new models at the beginning of the year. Back-to-school sales on laptops, tablets, …

  • 3 Big IT Mistakes Companies Make

    The IT industry is something that has been booming and continues to boom in the recent years. This is because most industries have gone completely digital with most of their data and information. Sometimes hiring an IT department is not an option for the smaller companies that are around. Hiring outsourced help can be a cost effective and efficient way to solve all of your IT issues. Without IT help your company could have issues and lose money very quickly as the business world moves quickly. This will go over some of the IT mistakes that companies often make if they haven’t outsourced the work to professionals.

    Not Enough Tech Support

    This is something that can have your company losing …

  • Why Did New Jersey’s Sports Gambling Appeal Get Rejected?

    Last month, Governor Chris Christie had a significant political disappointment. Hoping to buoy the flagging Jersey gambling industry, Christie petitioned the federal government to lift its ban on sports gambling on New Jersey’s shores. The governor seemed confident in the success of his state’s appeal, but found himself opposed by none other than the National Football League, which formally opposes the enactment of legalized sports gambling in the 46 US states where it is illegal. The NFL cites integrity as the primary reason why they oppose such gambling. To see it legitimized would undermine and dilute the game…or something. The reality is slightly more complex.


    Sports betting and spread betting are legal, but untaxed, in the UK. The industry …

  • Galaxy Note 4: Gaming Out of This World


    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No not Christmas, the few months before when the latest mobile releases land. One such device that has whetted the appetite just before we have our stockings filled is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

    It’s the latest in the line of devices that have fuelled the phablet phenomenon, and has the gaming world in particular more than a little excited.

    And it’s no wonder; the spec is pretty special on Samsung’s latest offering.

    Released in October, a few weeks following the iPhone 6, and has already sold 4.5 million units globally, with that figure set to rapidly rise as the build up to Christmas begins. But what is so special about it?…

  • Getting the Best Deals Online

    There are a few reasons why people shop online, including the fact that it can be easier, cheaper and quicker. However, it’s not better to shop online if you don’t know how to get the cheapest and best deals. When you’re shopping local to you, there are only so many different places that you can go in, so a lot of the time there is no competition. While this can make things much simpler, it also means that you can’t always get the best deal. However, when shopping online, you have access to potentially hundreds of different stores which stock the products you need, making it much easier to compare prices and find the best deals.


    Be open-minded

    If …

  • The Truth About Paid Surveys – Are They Legit or Scams?

    We need to understand the fact that some of the opportunities we find on the Internet are not as good as they seem. Unfortunately, this is often the case with paid surveys. While the premise is one that is great at first glance, most of the websites that tell you to join and perform some surveys in order to make money will just try to take advantage of you.

    The good news is that there are also some sites that will be completely honest with you. In order to actually be able to realize where these websites are so that you can avoid the scammers, there are some facts that you have to understand. This is what we will talk …

  • Big Marijuana Is Growing At An Alarming Rate With Technology

    The business of big marijuana will make millions of dollars across the US and the world this year. Colorado is expected to generate 70 million dollars in tax revenue alone with the number of actual sales being exponentially higher than that. The estimates for the total impact on the economy is giant and this is because of different factors. The medicinal and recreational use of marijuana are the obvious facts as it has many benefits. The others are the way that technology has made marijuana so accessible.

    Marijuana Apps

    There really is an app for everything and that includes the sales and consumption of marijuana. There are many different uses for these apps including the instruction for the cultivation of …

  • How to Make More Money with Your Small Business

    Your small business might be earning you just enough money to pay the bills at the moment, but what about those hopes and dreams you first had about it buying you the car you’d always wanted? The holiday of a lifetime you wanted to take your family on? Thankfully, your small business does have potential to earn more money, and you just need to start thinking about the most effective ways that you could do this. Just because it’s small certainly doesn’t mean that it’s limited when it comes to the amount of money you could potentially make. Here are some of the best ways to make more money with your small business.


    Break down your business plan

    Yes, …

  • The Sony Xperia Z3 vs. iPhone 6: 4 Things Sony Does Better

    The iPhone 6 is getting all the headlines these days. Apple announced the phone sold more than 10 million units in its opening week—a personal best since the first iPhone in 2007. The iPhone 6 is grabbing so many headlines, in fact, that it’s easy to miss a dark horse in the smartphone race. Samsung and Motorola are the more popular alternatives to Apple, but there’s another company that released a decent contender: Sony.

    The Xperia Z3, Sony’s flagship phone of 2014, packs some incredible features worthy of envy. The Z3 actually has some bragging rights over the iPhone 6. Here are four features the Sony Xperia Z3 holds over Apple this year.

    Design & Build

    The iPhone 6 can …

  • Top 5 Things to Remember When Making Money Online

    Probably most people in today’s generation have at least thought about ways and methods by which they could make some money online. Not only does money-making online seem like the way forward and the way of the future, but it also seems pretty straightforward when you first think about it, and most people think they could definitely give it a go. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems and there are certain things you should remember when making money online or when considering the different ways.


    Surveys aren’t the best ways to make money

    Yes, of course you can earn money through taking surveys. But the money you’ll earn will be next to nothing, and that’s after …

  • Benefits of Buying Twitter Followers

    Social media has been developing at an alarming rate and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. There are multiple platforms that each serve their own unique purpose with one common traits. They help people express themselves and be heard which was previously not available during previous years. Twitter is one of the great marketing tools that has been invented in our lifetimes. With a completely free platform, in under 140 characters you can get a message to reach a vast number of people. Twitter gives the uncanny ability to engage with customers or fans that is at the tips of the users’ fingers.

    Makes You Look Like An Authority In Your Space

    If you would like …