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DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing. He is a huge fantasy sports fan and even runs his own advice site for Fantasy Help.

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  • Meet AppsterEgg, The App Store Optimization Tool

    There really is an app for anything and one cannot go through a day with a smartphone without using an app. A person can download legitimately a thousand apps for different uses and make their lives easier. There is a large amount of money in the app business regardless of if it is a game or a social media platform.


     Having your app come up higher than other apps could be the difference between developing the next Instagram and having your app fade away into obscurity. The hottest new tech trend is seeing developers and even entrepreneurs throwing their hats into the ring with the development of new apps. Apps like Snapchat, Tinder, and Uber are multibillion dollar platforms …

  • Twitter as a Viable Marketing Platform

    Twitter can produce excellent results

    As with any other business strategy or marketing idea there is a tremendous amount of information available on the World Wide Web which any person could research in order to find new and fresh ideas that will help them to optimize their marketing efficiency. The same is true for those people who have profiles on Twitter because there are many excellent tools which are available in order to enhance a Twitter marketing campaign.

    The effective use of hashtags

    The primary objective is to draw as much attention as possible to your particular brand and you do that by interacting with your customer as much as possible. Where necessary you can also devise ways in which …

  • Everything You Need to know About Genital Herpes Treatments

    A lesser known yet fairly prevalent sexually transmitted disease, genital herpes is caused by type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex virus. Whereas type 1, called HSV-1 causes oral herpes, HSV-2 is the more dreaded of the viruses, as it causes most of the genital herpes cases across the world. When active, the HSV-2 virus moves to the infected skin surface and makes its copies, thus raising risks of rubbing off to another person.

    Common symptoms of genital herpes include clusters of fluid filled blisters that break out around the genitals, spreading towards the inner thighs. Usually, the first outbreak of the symptoms is the most severe. In several cases, there are only 2-5 outbreaks of the symptoms throughout the …

  • Top 5 Benefits of Using YouTube For Business


    A business has to include different secrets that can transform it into a successful one in a short period. The online field, for instance, can turn into a great way to have the success that any business would want. Think about the different webpages that millions of people visit daily, one of which being YouTube. This can not only transform your businesses reputation, it can also drive sales like never before if done correctly.

    You Can Have Clients Worldwide

    It is extremely well known that the internet has given people the capability of keeping people connected like never before. Creating a profile on many sites is quick and easy and YouTube is no different. With a couple of clicks, …

  • 5 Reasons Ecommerce Websites Are Growing In India

    It is true that the online field tends to be used more and more for different transactions throughout the world. One of the most important processes completed by the help of the online field is the purchasing of different products. Even when it comes to India, E-commerce has grown a lot. Here are five reasons of why this growth was made possible.

    It is easier to purchase online

    The first reason is based on the fact that people think of the process of purchasing online as an easy task. Whether it comes to a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer any person can sit comfortably on the favorite couch and order the various products that will arrive at their home …

  • Essential finance tips for new parents

    It’s no secret that becoming a parent can be expensive business, even with help from those excited family members and friends.


    Babies grow quickly, so those expensive baby clothes will soon be too small, plus pushchairs, car seats and nappies are all expenses that add up. So what can you do to ensure you have the funds to keep your new bundle of joy healthy and happy?


    Firstly check if you are eligible for funding from the Government – head to for lots of information on the matter and details how you can receive helpful vouchers for fresh milk, fruit and vegetables, infant formula and vitamins if you are on benefits or under the age of 18 …

  • Mobile Marketing Via Text: How to write text people will want to click and read

    With so much content available on the internet and millions of people sharing, it can often be difficult to get your texts seen by the people who genuinely might be interested in what you’ve got to say. Here are some tips for creating SMS messages that people will click on and get excited to read about.


    Be concise

    Mobile users tend to have short attention spans so a quick and to-the-point text is your best bet. Start by summarising what the text is about in a few words then launch into your message. Make sure to include a call to action like a link or telephone number so anyone who is interested knows what to do next. Perhaps consult …

  • BetterPlans Launches Open Beta

    Almost a thousand lucky people so far have managed to get their cell phone bills reduced, thanks to the help of, an organization that uses research from various financial and technical experts in the telecommunications field to help consumers save money on their monthly cell phone bill. During their closed beta, BetterPlans saved its users on average half a thousand dollars per year, which makes a massive difference to an individual’s household bills. The company has been in closed private beta for the past year, but today, BetterPlans is opening its doors to the public.


    If you’re thinking you might benefit from cutting down on your cell phone bills each month, you can sign up on the …

  • What Tensar’s Geogrid Technology Can Do for Your Project

    With roadways, runways and other high traffic areas being worked on so often these days, it would be really nice to find a way to make these high trafficked areas more durable, cost less to make and involve less maintenance.  Tensar has done that and more with the Tensar TriAx Geogrid technology that has been used by county and municipal agencies, state departments of transportation and private owners as well. 

    This geogrid design forms a stiffer and more robust structure by the application of the Geogrid base that goes underneath the asphalt and aggregate.  This system truly optimizes pavement performance and has been used on various projects such as:…

    Parking lots
    Low volume, light-duty rural roads
    High-volume highways
    Heavy-duty industrial

  • Taming Technology with Spy Apps

     Technology is both a blessing and a curse. None of us can escape it, unless we’re into living like we’re a part of Amish country or stuck in medieval times. How do you stay this wired and stay safe while doing it? From our phones that know more about us than our mothers do, to our tablets that dictate a large portion of our day. Your digital devices know the books you like to read, they know the places you like having coffee at, they even know the friends you stay in touch with, and the ones you ignore. Android devices, for instance, provide us with more features than we know what to do with, and it also gives us …

  • When Hosting Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

    Often times people tend to overlook things when it comes to ecommerce. Something as simple as hosting can turn quickly into a nightmare in a matter of minutes. If a server is down and your host does not fix it immediately then a business is losing revenue every single minute that your site is down. Thinking that all hosting companies are created equal is the first mistake that a business owner can make. Making sure that you have chosen a provider that works predominantly with your type of business and site so if things go down then fixing the problems will be much more efficient. The following are some examples of horror stories when hosting can go wrong.…

    Website Down

  • Why 2015 Will See More Diversity in Social Media Marketing Platforms

    As we enter the new year, those who keep an eye on the trends in marketing are all speculating as to what some of the biggest changes we will see in general internet marketing strategies will be in 2015. One thing nobody would argue with is that the use of social media platforms as a means of targeting and reaching audiences will grow, as this is something that has been happening for several years now and the effectiveness of such marketing approaches has not begun to dwindle. However, what many experts, including those offering professional SEO services, are claiming is that in 2015, we will see a shift in terms of the platforms, and number of platforms, businesses use …

  • Mysterious Islamic countdown site allegedly belongs to the Paris shooters

    There has been a tragedy in Paris that involved the deaths of journalists. There has been a slew of social media posts about a website that has some unsettling features. The site is and it offers something that leaves many of the people who have visited it very uneasy. The site has a countdown clock and an image of the Islamic flag and it has a countdown timer. The date that the countdown is set to strike zero is January 9th, 2015. With the creator of the website not found this is still a mystery. The fear is what could happen when the timer on the website strikes zero. Could it be another attack or an indicator for an …

  • Benefits of Using an ISA for Your Savings

    An ISA or Individual Savings Account is provided by the government and is a tax-free allowance, so is well worth taking advantage of. It may seem a little confusing at first as there are two possible types of ISA’s to consider; the cash ISA or the stocks and shares ISA.  You can either invest money into the stocks and shares or the cash ISA, but not both of them in the same year. An ISA is an interesting way to save as it offers protection that you don’t get with other savings accounts. Saving on the tax means that you get more out of your money. If you are unsure as to whether an ISA is right for you, these …

  • 5 Industries Where Linear Actuators Can Be Used

    A linear actuator is a device that is used to covert different types of motion into linear motion and this why it has wide range of applications in many industries. The following are 5 examples of industries where linear actuators can be used.



    Agricultural Industry

                Linear actuators can be used in quite a number of agricultural machines like the combine harvesters, bunker self-dischargeable, seeding machines and fertilizer spreaders. They are used as main motor accelerators and in adjusting different forms of motion. The device has numerous uses when it comes to combine harvesters because it can be used to spread straw, open the grain discharge door, at the same time adjust fan revolutions.

    The Construction Industry

    Linear actuators …

  • NeuroOn- A Gadget That Makes Sure That You Sleep Efficiently

    We are witnessing an era where technology is reaching its optimum level. Whether it is managing your time, weight and supplements, you can now manage sleep. The techies have come up with an advanced sleeping mask that promises to give you a higher quality sleeping cycle. With its futuristic design it monitors  brainwaves and ensures that people having long working hours can sleep less yet remain efficient. Seems like a highly anticipated gadget for all the insomniacs working day and night.

    How Does It Work?

    The NeuroOn helps you to adopt a polyphasic sleep. The term basically refers to alternate sleeping patterns which reduce the sleep time up to 2-6 hours every day. It works by measuring the brain …

  • Money Management Is Key to Financial Comfort

    The world is full of wealthy people. Some inherited, some earned through hard work and in recent years others won it because of the numerous lotteries worldwide offering huge prizes.  There is plenty of advice around for those to whom wealth is something new. Professional advisers are only too willing to offer their services. As the famous American novelist and newspaper editor, E.W. Howe once said ‘If a man has money, it is usually a sign too, that he knows how to take care of it; don’t imagine his money is easy to get simply because he has plenty of it.’  Managing money is something that presents a challenge to the wealthy but also to ordinary people who need to …

  • The Best Cloud Based Services for Discerning Web Users

    Simply put, cloud computing is ‘computing power delivered anywhere, anytime, driving on the global connectivity of the World Wide Web.’ FOR discerning web users, cloud computing has become a fascinating revolution that writing the first chapter of the new era of web browsing and web experiences. Not only do small and growing businesses get to enjoy the power of computing without having to deploy file servers, storage systems, e-mail servers, and what not, but also means that you can have access to a whole library of your personal data and your most important productivity applications without carrying any digital stuff with yourself. All you need is your account and login details to access the cloud based service or application, and …

  • UAE Leads with Ras Al Khaimah for Top Tourist Destinations

    Traveling to the Middle East may be far more interesting and pleasant for the Westerner than you would think. Unlike many parts of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is a southeast Middle Eastern country bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and Oman.

    In the UAE, beautiful, sophisticated and cutting-edge cities and towns are becoming a destination of choice for many travelers. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, as well as Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are all must-visit locations for novice and experienced travelers alike.

    The Dominance of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    In the past, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been the most-visited cities in the UAE. In fact, in 2013, Dubai welcomed a record-breaking

  • Majority of Christmas shopping is left to women as 30% of men don’t do any!

    Research by activity website suggests that most women take on the brunt of Christmas shopping, they found that 30% of men do not do any. They also found men who were aged over 45 years old are less likely to be involved in any aspect of shopping for Christmas, whether it’s for presents, decorations or food.

    Online activity website which specialises in exciting experiences surveyed men and women in the UK aged over 18 to find out if and when they start shopping for Christmas. They asked over 1000 users: “When did you start your Christmas Shopping for this year?”

    Out of the results they received from respondents they found:…

    Men, more than women, will leave Christmas shopping