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    Finally, a Voice for Wine Consumers

    Today, more than 12,000 U.S. wine shops have a presence on the web. But just 14 states allow consumers to order wine from out-of-state retailers... Read more

  • On Wine: Blue Crabs, Natty Boh, and World-Class Wine

    “Wine is just too fancy for Maryland,” explained Rob Deford, the owner of Boordy Vineyards in Baltimore County, as he discussed the local wine industry’s... Read more

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    How Wine Criticism Is Changing

    Twice in the past several months, the wine world has been rocked by news from Robert Parker, the world’s most famous wine critic. In December,... Read more

  • In recent years American vintners have started to produce rosés that can easily rival the Old World's best offerings. (microsoft.com)

    On Wine: The Rise of American Rosé

    For the past three decades, wine enthusiasts have shuddered when presented with American rosé. The reason? Domestic rosé has long been associated with the cheap,... Read more

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    On Wine: Identifying Flaws and Faults in Wine

    Sniff, swirl, sip. Whether at home or at a restaurant analysing wine is a fairly straightforward process. And when you stick your nose into a... Read more