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Dar Dowling is a New York–based writer & visual artist who publishes regularly in a variety of American and international magazines and newspapers. You’ll find profiles of celebrities and people of interest—including Jaime Murray, Zoie Palmer, Jennifer Carpenter, Troian Bellisario, Stormy Leather, Cynthia Nixon, and sex expert Tristan Taormino—in her portfolio, along with pieces on everything from the latest entertainment trends to the newest happenings in spirituality and social impact.

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  • Getting a Clean Slate with Spiritual Rockstar Zhi Gang Sha

    Getting a Clean Slate with Spiritual Rockstar Zhi Gang Sha

    Life has its wily ways, and over the summer I found myself at a retreat in the outback of Toronto led by Zhi Gang Sha, having some fun and getting my spiritual groove on at the same time. Discovering along the way that while Sha may be able to help you clean up your karma, heal your body and soothe your soul, he is also a bit of a spiritual maverick, one who has taken saving the environment and being “green” to a whole new level – a spiritual one.

    While it’s easy to talk about saving the earth, Sha actually wants people to do something about it, so he launched the Love, Peace and Harmony Movement, which is actually …