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  • Advice for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter



    Image via HomeAdvisor

    Now that fall has officially arrived, it’s a good time to prepare for the trials and tribulations of winter. Most important, perhaps, is giving your home a thorough once-over for maintenance issues and energy-saving opportunities that put more money in your pocket and protect your housing investment. Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself projects and money-saving maintenance tips to keep your home warm, safe, and energy efficient this winter season.

    Prevent Cold Air Leaks in Windows and Doors

    Image via Flickr by Andrea Pokrzywinski

    Cold air can seep in around your windows and doors, costing you valuable energy dollars. Start by weather-stripping the gaps in exterior doors and adding a door sweep along the bottom. Make …

  • An Overview of Two Popular Diets

    There is a stigma that healthy food is tasteless and can leave you wanting more of something less healthy at the end of the meal. The trick to keeping a healthy diet is to eat things that leave you satisfied as well as that are healthy for you. Tricking yourself into this is easy when you are eating the right foods in the right delicious combinations. Healthy eating does not always have to be associated with dieting though, healthy eating is a lifestyle that can last a lifetime.

    Paleo Diet

    The Paleo diet has grown in popularity as it is uniquely tied to Crossfit. There is a large amount of Crossfitters that participate in certain extents of the Paleo diet. …

  • Where To Keep Your New Gun

    There are many factors that come into play when determining where to store your new gun. Purpose, accessibility, portability, and price are all variables that will affect the type of storage that you will choose.

    Home Storage

    When at home, you must decide both how accessible you’d like your gun to be and who will have access to it. If you live alone, you may be comfortable with a loaded gun on your nightstand or coffee table. If there are others in your home, especially children, you’ll likely want safer options.

    Holsters and Trigger Locks

    You can carry your gun at all times in a holster, but you will want to secure it when you are not carrying. Putting your …

  • The Pros of Living in a Planned Community


    Though planned communities got started in the 1930s, they have evolved since that time. No longer the cookie-cutter communities of the past, these beautifully planned suburbs have versatility and creativity: all the things today’s homeowners want when they settle down. If you’re in the market for a new home, consider the advantages of living in a planned community to decide if it’s the right fit for you and your family.

    Accessibility and Easy Commuting

    Planned communities are typically set up as suburbs, so they go up just outside cities or downtown areas. They’re ideal if you have a job in town but don’t necessarily want to live in the city. These communities are also great options for families with children …

  • Six DIY Ideas to Spruce up Your Space on the Cheap


    The weather may be cooling down, but fall decor is heating up. A new season with its swirling leaves and vibrant color is an excellent inspiration to freshen your space and stow away or re-style drab decor in your house and kitchen. And because it’s DIY, you’ll barely be spending an extra penny. Here are six do-it-yourself ideas to welcome fall with open arms—and a full checkbook.

    Winsome Wreaths

    Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. Any front door, closet door, dining room mirror or kitchen wall will be better for being bedecked with a fall wreath—and they come in tons of styles for every taste. For a rustic look, try incorporating burlap into the wreath. If your tastes run more …

  • 6 Money Traps Small Business Owners Should Avoid


    Starting a small business is what the American Dream is all about; however, more small businesses fail than succeed because of common traps. If you’re thinking of starting a small business or have already taken the first step, you need to be wary of these six pitfalls that destroy small businesses.

    Failing to Create a Business Plan

    Planning and setting goals is the first and foremost thing to consider when creating a business. With a clear plan, you know where your company is going and how to get there.

    The first step is to define your company and your customers. This knowledge is the foundation on which you craft your business goals. With clear goals in mind, begin planning what …

  • 5 Unexpected Jobs In the Sports Industry

    Most athletes dream of turning their sports hobby into a career one day. They know that the statistics are not in their favor of becoming an MLB baseball player or a Golfer for the Majors so they often turn to careers in coaching or sports broadcasting. What they don’t know is that their dreams don’t have to end there, as careers in the sports industry are not that limited. Here are five unexpected jobs in the sports industry that may just peak your athletic interests.

    1. Sports Marketing

    One of the most watched events of the year is the Super Bowl. People gather together in front of their TVs, some rooting for their teams, others gathered for a social event. …

  • 3 Ways To Make and Save Money From The Comfort of Your Home

    Staying at home and making money seemed like a dream throughout the world that was only reserved for the rich and people who had made wise investments. With the internet coming about this became much easier to do and nearly anybody with a computer and internet connection can do it. With television driving a couple of these ways to make and save money, we will review the top 3 ways to make money from the comfort of your home.


    If we are all being completely honest, we have caught the show about the extreme couponers. Coupons have been around for an exorbitant amount of time but the fact that others see people saving what seems to be hundreds of …

  • 5 Surefire Ways to Increase Business Efficiency

    The more efficient you make your business, the more opportunities you have to become successful. An efficient business makes the most of its time and resources. By focusing on these 5 surefire ways to increase business’ efficiency, you should find your business reaching goals sooner than expected.

    Use Organized Workstations

    Image via Flickr by Sean McEntee

    An organized workstation makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. Whether they work at a computer or a factory, organized workstations give employees easier access to the tools that they need to do their jobs. If a cluttered desk distracts an employee for a few minutes each day, then you’ve lost productivity that could push your business closer to success.

    Over a …

  • Staying Close: How Technology Keeps Long Distance Relationships Alive

    Being physically separated from the person you love puts strains on even the strongest relationships. However, the use of technology allows couples to maintain and strengthen their bonds while they’re apart. Read about some of the ways social media, smartphones, and other technological tools are helping fan the flames of love, even for long distance relationships that might have fizzled under the strain of separation.

    Text Messages

    These messages can be short and sweet, enough to wish your love a “Good morning!” or long and lingering to propose how you might spend your first night back together. The versatility of a text message as a conduit for long to medium form messages makes it an ideal way to keep in …

  • 5 Things to Consider When Buying Gadgets as Gifts

    The holidays are a great time of year for scoring deals on technology. It’s tempting to scoop up the lowest-priced items without giving much thought to whether the product is the best choice. 

    But there are quite a few questions to ask before purchasing a gadget, and even more to consider when buying a technology for someone else. Below is a check list of five things to consider before you buy anyone a tech gift this holiday season. 

    Are You Getting the Best Price?

    Don’t assume that you’ll find the best prices online. Some stores have even better deals than online if you’re willing to fight the crowds. Plus, many stores do price matching during the holidays, so if you …

  • Should You Go Back To School?

    Going back to school with the goal of completing a degree is a huge commitment for an adult. Fortunately, many schools offer flexible programs and schedules to accommodate work and family schedules. Read this collection of reasons adults should consider embracing or re-embracing the college experience.

    Increase Your Earning Potential

    Regardless of whether you plan to earn an associate degree or a Bachelor of Science, you can expect your higher education credentials to pay off. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the higher the degree, the more money a person earns, and the less likely that person is to experience unemployment. Some institutions, such as Colorado State University, offer affordable programs with financial aid opportunities for adult …

  • 3 Ways To Lose Weight Without It Dominating Your Life

    Weight loss is something that millions of people in the United States. There are so many different trains of thought as far as the perfect weight and body composition goes. Everybody’s weight loss journey is much different because of the end goal or goals. Athletes who are losing weight or gaining weight for performance will go about this very differently than a housewife who just wants to get back to the body she had before having a couple of kids. Here are the ways that I have found true to lose the weight you want to in a manageable and safe way.


    Swimming is great anaerobic activity and everyone has heard about the Michael Phelps diet. It isn’t …

  • DIY Security: How to Keep Your House Safe


    There are several things you can do to keep your house safe. Locks, motion lights, and a security system protect the home from intruders. Here are the top 5 home security measures to take to secure your home.

    Home Security Systems Deter Burglars from Entering

    The best way to keep your house safe is to have a home security monitoring system. Any break-in will be detected by the monitoring company, and they will respond by alerting the local police. It also sounds alarms and turns on lights when windows are broken. The sign provided by most home monitoring companies is enough to deter burglars from even walking onto the property. Be sure to display the sign in a visible part …

  • Thoughts of a Mogul: Tej Kohli and His Thoughts on The Future of UAE Real Estate


    Tej Kohli is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a philanthropist. His efforts with Grafix Softech and Ozone Real Estate have made him a very successful and rich man; not to mention, his fight against curable blindness with the Tej Kohli Foundation has been highly successful. Very few people have the knowledge of the UAE real estate market that he does, so his advice is much sought-after among real estate investment circles. He recently granted us a rare interview, and here’s what he told us. 

    You clearly have an extensive background with UAE real estate. How has your experience as an investor in the region given you a unique perspective on it?

    I founded Ozone Real Estate in 2008 with the …

  • 6 Must-Have Upgrades for Your New Apartment

    When you move into a new apartment, it’s likely that it won’t have everything you want or need. While there are probably many things you want to add to your apartment, it’s important to remember that you should only add things that are acceptable within your lease, and won’t make your landlord angry. There are many different types of upgrades you can make to your new home, without breaking your lease.

    1. Upgrade the Hardware

    As you take a look around your new apartment, you’re probably going to notice that most of the hardware is pretty basic. Doorknobs and cabinet handles may be old and dull. You can easily make your home look better and more presentable by simply changing …

  • The Role and Responsibilities of a Company Director for a new company

    Any private limited business incorporated in the UK, or any foreign business expanding onto UK soil with UK offshore company incorporation, will require the appointment of at least one company director and a company secretary. If the company is to be public and have shareholders (such as a public limited company) then at least two directors must be appointed. This article explains the role of the company director, and the responsibilities that company directors face.

    The Role of Company Director

    A company director may or may not be involved with management of the company in question on a day to day basis, and in many cases this will be dealt with by a company manager. Having said this, all directors …

  • UK limited company formation

    You are starting up a new business. You have completed all the preliminary foundation work – established your business model; written a positive and convincing business plan; carried out your market research; set up your website and marketing and sourced suppliers. If necessary, you will have obtained finance and investment, rented business premises and employed staff. You are now ready for the last stage before you can launch your business to the world and, hopefully, start along the road to success. Most budding entrepreneurs choose to register their businesses as private limited companies. You can then have the peace of mind that, should the worst happen and the business fails, your personal property and assets will not be at risk. …

  • 5 reasons why a Rolex watch should be sold online


    ‘Where to sell used Rolex watches’ is what many people across the world ponder every year. Although a Rolex watch can be sold to a pawn shop or a jeweller, the internet is far more convenient. If the owner of a Rolex watch is considering selling their model but aren’t entirely confident that they should do so online, here’s why the internet must be chosen:

    An offer doesn’t have to be accepted

    When a Rolex watch is sent to a website that buys models in any quality, an offer will be made for it once it has been assessed. After an offer has been made, the owner of a Rolex watch can either choose to accept or refuse it. This …

  • How to Achieve Company Formations With a Registered Address


     Many people, including you, may have a great business idea which you think would be successful. You may have discussed it with friends and family and carried out comprehensive market research with positive results. However, you will also need to decide if you need to obtain funding, business premises, stock suppliers, staff etc. You also need to prepare a comprehensive and convincing business plan detailing realistic financial projections, market analysis, unique selling points and short and long term objectives. As well as an essential guide to the future of your business, this is also vital if you are seeking funding and investment.

    When you are happy that everything is organised, you can apply for company formations with registered address. It …