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  • Thoughts of a Mogul: Tej Kohli and His Thoughts on The Future of UAE Real Estate


    Tej Kohli is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a philanthropist. His efforts with Grafix Softech and Ozone Real Estate have made him a very successful and rich man; not to mention, his fight against curable blindness with the Tej Kohli Foundation has been highly successful. Very few people have the knowledge of the UAE real estate market that he does, so his advice is much sought-after among real estate investment circles. He recently granted us a rare interview, and here’s what he told us. 

    You clearly have an extensive background with UAE real estate. How has your experience as an investor in the region given you a unique perspective on it?

    I founded Ozone Real Estate in 2008 with the …

  • 6 Must-Have Upgrades for Your New Apartment

    When you move into a new apartment, it’s likely that it won’t have everything you want or need. While there are probably many things you want to add to your apartment, it’s important to remember that you should only add things that are acceptable within your lease, and won’t make your landlord angry. There are many different types of upgrades you can make to your new home, without breaking your lease.

    1. Upgrade the Hardware

    As you take a look around your new apartment, you’re probably going to notice that most of the hardware is pretty basic. Doorknobs and cabinet handles may be old and dull. You can easily make your home look better and more presentable by simply changing …

  • The Role and Responsibilities of a Company Director for a new company

    Any private limited business incorporated in the UK, or any foreign business expanding onto UK soil with UK offshore company incorporation, will require the appointment of at least one company director and a company secretary. If the company is to be public and have shareholders (such as a public limited company) then at least two directors must be appointed. This article explains the role of the company director, and the responsibilities that company directors face.

    The Role of Company Director

    A company director may or may not be involved with management of the company in question on a day to day basis, and in many cases this will be dealt with by a company manager. Having said this, all directors …

  • UK limited company formation

    You are starting up a new business. You have completed all the preliminary foundation work – established your business model; written a positive and convincing business plan; carried out your market research; set up your website and marketing and sourced suppliers. If necessary, you will have obtained finance and investment, rented business premises and employed staff. You are now ready for the last stage before you can launch your business to the world and, hopefully, start along the road to success. Most budding entrepreneurs choose to register their businesses as private limited companies. You can then have the peace of mind that, should the worst happen and the business fails, your personal property and assets will not be at risk. …

  • 5 reasons why a Rolex watch should be sold online


    ‘Where to sell used Rolex watches’ is what many people across the world ponder every year. Although a Rolex watch can be sold to a pawn shop or a jeweller, the internet is far more convenient. If the owner of a Rolex watch is considering selling their model but aren’t entirely confident that they should do so online, here’s why the internet must be chosen:

    An offer doesn’t have to be accepted

    When a Rolex watch is sent to a website that buys models in any quality, an offer will be made for it once it has been assessed. After an offer has been made, the owner of a Rolex watch can either choose to accept or refuse it. This …

  • How to Achieve Company Formations With a Registered Address


     Many people, including you, may have a great business idea which you think would be successful. You may have discussed it with friends and family and carried out comprehensive market research with positive results. However, you will also need to decide if you need to obtain funding, business premises, stock suppliers, staff etc. You also need to prepare a comprehensive and convincing business plan detailing realistic financial projections, market analysis, unique selling points and short and long term objectives. As well as an essential guide to the future of your business, this is also vital if you are seeking funding and investment.

    When you are happy that everything is organised, you can apply for company formations with registered address. It …

  • Your Guide to Loft Conversions


    If moving into a house isn’t an option but there’s space in your roof for an extra living area, here’s some advice and considerations you should to take before committing to a big project.

    What: sort: of lofts are suitable for conversion?

    The general rule is, the steeper the pitch of the roof, the better chance you have of converting it into a new living space. Unless you have a height of at least 2,3m (7ft 6in) over half the floor area, a conversion is probably not practical. Houses built before the Sixties are easier to convert because of the way roofs were constructed back then.

    How much do loft conversions cost?

    They vary greatly depending on what you want …

  • Emergency Equipment You Should Keep in Your Trunk in Case of a Jam


    Even the safest drivers can end up in a bad situation sometimes. If you want to be well-prepared for any kind of crisis you might face on the road, you’ve got to keep your car stocked with the right supplies and equipment to help you through. Here are some great objects you should keep in your trunk in case of an emergency.

    Spare Tire

    One of the most common roadside problems is a flat tire. Before you get behind the wheel, you have to know exactly how to handle a blowout while driving. It’s also a good idea to work on your tire changing skills so you don’t have to rely on road services to get you out of a …

  • The First Steps to Take When Realizing Your Identity Has Been Stolen


    Having your identity stolen can cause a very scary experience and can potentially be dangerous. Hopefully you find out as soon as possible; that’s why it’s good to check up on your private info and bank info as often as possible. Whether you find out about your identity theft through a call from a collection agency, checking your bank statement, or having your card embarrassingly denied, you want to immediately take the steps to fix everything as soon as possible. Here, we’ll take you through the first things to do when your identity gets stolen.

    Notify Credit Companies

    The first thing you should do, right off the bat, is tell any company that has any personal information that could be …

  • Why Wedding Flowers are an Essential Piece to Any Ceremony


    One of the first things which a bride organises, flowers are very important to a wedding ceremony. If a bride and groom are unsure if they should search for wedding flowers, there are many reasons which explain why their venue should have them:

    To compliment a venue


    Image via Flickr by Wonderlane

    Wedding flowers can transform any venue. There are many areas in a church or a hotel lobby which flowers can be placed in. When flowers aren’t there, a venue will look very bare. Although a church is a beautiful wedding location, it can look uninviting when there are open spaces, such as at a window. Some churches don’t have stained glass windows and flowers can improve those …

  • 4 Smart Ways to Invest While You’re Young


    Young people generally get so wrapped up in starting a career and earning a living that they tend to neglect making smart investments. However, the best time for a person to invest is when they’re young. 

    What are some smart ways that young people can invest their money?

    Buy a Home lists seven financial benefits to homeownership. Most of the benefits are better long-term for your wallet than short-term, which is why buying a home when you’re young is such a smart move. One of the benefits is that with every monthly payment you make you build equity, so making those payments is, as it says in the cited article, “like a forced savings plan.” Plus, over the …

  • 5 Surefire Ways to Increase Business Efficiency

    The more efficient you make your business, the more opportunities you have to become successful. An efficient business makes the most of its time and resources. By focusing on these 5 surefire ways to increase business’ efficiency, you should find your business reaching goals sooner than expected.

    Use Organized Workstations

    Image via Flickr by Sean McEntee

    An organized workstation makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. Whether they work at a computer or a factory, organized workstations give employees easier access to the tools that they need to do their jobs. If a cluttered desk distracts an employee for a few minutes each day, then you’ve lost productivity that could push your business closer to success.

    Over a …

  • 4 Alternatives to Blowing Your Cash on a Trip to Vegas


    Thinking about planning a trip to Sin City’s luxurious casinos? The hot, beating sun, gorgeous women and roaring nightlife certainly pique the interest of thousands every day. But you’ve set a sizeable chunk of money aside on this vacation, and now you’ve stopped to think twice about whether it’s smart to spend it this way.

    Instead of blowing your money in the sinful dreamland that is Las Vegas, consider doing one or two of these alternatives with it.

    Invest in the World

    Image via Flickr by Dreaming in the deep south

    Use your money to make the world a better place by investing in microloans with MicroPlace. This eBay subsidiary makes it possible for private investors to fund startups …

  • 9 Unexpected Things Around the House That are Worth Money


    You may not know it, but your home could be a treasure trove of valuable objects that are easy to appraise and sell. Hunting around the house for sellable items is not only a great way to make some extra cash, it’s also a strong incentive to clear up your clutter. Whether you take your sellable stuff to a formal exchange event, advertise it online or just hold a yard sale, you can profit while you clean.

    1. The Clothes in Your Closet

    It’s amazing how easy it is to accumulate clothes over time. Those items you dismiss as old rags that haven’t come off the rack in ages could have a lot of resell value. Clothes that fell out …

  • DIY Window Treatments From Items Around the Home


    When it comes to do-it-yourself window treatments, the old standbys are a heavy quilt held up haphazardly over the window, or even towels that double as curtains. While effective at keeping out sunlight, these options are not the least bit attractive. Here’s a list of stylish DIY window treatments you can make from items around your home.

    Shower Curtains

    Hey, they’re called curtains, right? In most cases, shower curtains already have holes at the top for rings, making it easy to put them on a curtain rod. If you use your shower curtains on the windows, it gives you a nice excuse to shop for a new bathroom accessory. Don’t forget that many shower curtains are washable. Give yours a …

  • Top 5 Termite Targets


    Termite damage is one of the leading causes of home repair and remodeling in the country. And, if you don’t want to spend thousands on costly repairs due to pesky, swarming termites eating through every piece of wood they find, then you need to stay on the look out for any signs these annoying insects leave behind. So, with pest control in mind, here are the top five places to find termites in and around the home: 

    1. Baseboards and Windowsills 

    There are two reasons why baseboards and windowsills are a popular destination for termites. First of all, most baseboard and window framing is wood, which everyone knows is the number one food source for these lumber munching menaces. 

    Second, …

  • Turn Your Yard into a Summer Haven for Outdoor Games


    The summer time is a great time of the year for kicking back in front of the TV, playing games, or getting out of the house and going swimming or hiking. If you’ve been bored all winter and want to get out, it’s time to get your yard in order and begin the summer games. The following are some great activities for in the yard and the steps to take to make them do-able.

    Keep the Lawn Trimmed For Game Markings

    The ideal height to set your zero radius lawn mower to for most of the year is as high as it will go — four inches if you can stand it. There are several reasons to keep your grass …

  • How to Add Some Southern Charm to Your Apartment


    If you want your apartment to look like a southern home, follow these steps. It includes design and decorating tips that will give your apartment a southern ambience.

    Step 1: Paint the Apartment with Light and Natural Colors

    The first thing to do to create a southern style apartment is to paint the rooms with light and natural colors. Neutral colors like beige or shades of yellow look nice. Installing wall boards over drywall will enhance the southern look as well. Light-colored cypress boards look great.

    Step 2: Accent Windows with Thin and Light Drapes

    The next thing you can do is add very light-weight drapes to the windows. Open the windows and let the natural breeze blow through the …

  • 6 Most Secure Locations on this Planet

    Image via Flickr by roberthuffstutter

    Whether you’re protecting gold, prisoners, or secrets, the institution where they’re being stored needs to be incredibly secure. Technology, concrete, and armed guards can secure a structure. Place it in a mountain, desert, or permafrost region, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be one of the most impenetrable places in the world. Here are the top six most secure locations on this planet.

    1. Fort Knox is the Most Secure Vault in the World

    The vast U.S. gold reserves are kept in Fort Knox, a secure location in Kentucky surrounded by a military camp. Anyone trying to steal this gold will have to go through a lot before even stepping foot in the structure. Once inside, there are blast-proof doors …

  • The Nine Fundamentals of Fundraising

    Image via Flickr by lululemon athletica

    Whether you’re trying to raise money for a school, sports team, church group, or a charitable organization, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. By mastering these nine basic concepts, you’ll increase your chances of success as you seek to raise money for new equipment, travel expenses, ongoing operating costs, and other expenses.

    9. Know Your Audience

    Ideally, you should target a group of people that inherently likes the entity for which you’re raising money. For example, if you’re raising money for a local high school softball team, it makes sense to do fundraising activities during the season when fans are gathered for games. Likewise, a church youth group naturally finds support from members of its church. Identify …