Adryahn Hawkins

  • Council member Jumaane Williams at his City Hall office in Lower Manhattan on Feb. 11. (Deborah Yun/The Epoch Times)

    This is New York: Jumaane Williams, Perseverance Pays Off

      NEW YORK—A melodious voice booms from the beige corridor on the 18th floor of the City Council office building. Council member Jumaane Williams has... Read more

  • The Brooklyn Museum is in possession of a world-famous glazed, green ewer with cover from Korea's Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392). Its body, lid, and knob are in the form of lotuses, and the handle is a lotus stalk tied at the top with reeds. Stoneware with underglaze slip decoration and glaze. (Brooklyn Museum)

    This is New York: Robert Turley

      NEW YORK—Robert Turley, a towering, statuesque, white male, is the founder of the Korean Arts Society. Native Koreans often comment that Turley must have... Read more

  • Robert Harris, a volunteering Santa Claus, and Thomas Kauertz, serve children at City Hall Restaurant's annual Christmas Eve lunch for the homeless on Dec. 24. (Deborah Yun/Epoch Times Staff)

    This is New York: Robert Harris, Santa Claus

      NEW YORK—Santa’s glossy, ivory beard hung uncannily from his dark golden face. He laughed heartily as he handed presents to homeless children. Little could... Read more