Mixed Reaction After Colo. Officials Talk About Seceding From State
Mixed Reaction After Colo. Officials Talk About Seceding From State

FORT COLLINS, Colo.—As some northern Colorado officials talk about seceding from the rest of the state, not everyone is rolling their eyes.

Republican Rep. Cory Gardner of Yuma told The (Fort Collins) Coloradoan that he can’t say how he’d vote if his home county decided to take a secession vote to create a 51st state called North Colorado.

But in a story published Friday, Gardner said he doesn’t blame his neighbors in Weld County for wanting to withdraw from the state.

“The people of rural Colorado are mad, and they have every right to be,” Gardner said. “The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life, and I don’t blame people one bit for feeling attacked and unrepresented by the leaders in our state.”

Gardner was responding to an attempt by three Weld County commissioners to pursue secedingfrom the rest of Colorado. The commissioners pointed to new laws that limit gun rights and hike renewable energy standards, saying other rural northeastern Colorado counties have expressed interest in creating a new state.

“Northern and Northeastern Colorado and our voices are being ignored in the legislative process this year, and our very way of life is under attack,” said Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway.

County officials would have to refer questions to voters by Aug. 1 to make the November ballots. If voters choose to secede, the Legislature and the governor would have to agree, and the secessionists would then have to petition Congress to create a new state.

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Some northern Colorado neighbors rolled their eyes at the secession talk. Larimer County officials told The (Loveland) Reporter-Herald for a story published Friday that they consider the secession proposal a joke.

“Is this April 1?” asked Larimer Commission Chairman Steve Johnson.

“I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” Johnson told the newspaper. “It’s hard to believe that this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard of, certainly for this year.”

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A spokesman for Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper tried to play down the rural-urban divide in an interview with The Coloradoan.

“Background checks on gun sales, increasing renewable energy and supporting responsible development of oil and gas are popular with rural and urban voters,” Eric Brown said. “Not everyone agrees, of course. But we keep trying.”

  • Here4Years

    That’s right, just throw a hissy fit when someone says or does something you don’t like. Whine! Whine! Whine!

    • Steve


    • Pat R

      Not whining. Standing up for their rights to representation which they don’t have. Isn’t it typical that when someone does stand up for their rights, there’s always some naysayer trying to suppress them with spin.

    • Joyce Wilson Ervin

      I find it humorous..When the blacks, latinos, gays, animal rights or any other group other than conservatives speak their mind and seek a change regardless of the issue at hand its time for action. hmm, I wonder when someone is going to lose their job, be forced to resign or say sorry for conservative bashing?

      • http://www.facebook.com/noodle.head.334 Noodle Head

        It will probably happen when conservatives have 2013, or at least 2000 type policies. When they don’t have members that think the world is 6000 years old and women have internal mechanisms for dealing with rape… Yeah… that’s when it will happen. Happy now that you have your answer? :)

        • alexander

          Noodle Head, you are greatly mistaken if you think that all (or even most) conservatives think that the world is 6000 years old or other crap like that. There are plenty of people that are that simply want to keep the resources and the money that they have worked for, as opposed to laboring so that someone else who doesn’t bother to work can enjoy a better and easier life than the working person. There are also a great number of quite normal and “modern” people who prefer to have their moral standards (those same standards that have made the US a superpower), as opposed to being forcibly fed “diversity” in the forms of race, sexual mis-orientation, or other natural or artificial artifacts. The fact is also that those people are the last producers and workers in this country and eventually they’ll be truly fed up. I wonder what will you eat then, and where will you be getting even a few drops of fuel for your hybrid? Will you survive? – good luck, if you think you will.

    • alexander

      So the revolution of 1776 was just a bunch on whiners creating trouble? Which part of “taxation without representation” is so difficult to understand?

  • Jordan

    When children don’t get their way, they whine like babies. they call a mandatory background check on gun purchases an “attack on our rights”. Those people killed in the Aurora movie theater didn’t have their right to live attacked? Forgive me if I scoff at your stupidity northern Colorado when your “attack on my rights” is code words for “attack on my right to not stand in line for a background check”.

    • Joel Milam

      Jordan, if you dont live here in Colorado dont lecture us on your rights… I have lived through columbine and aurora I know what these idiots did but I know that no new ban would have stopped them.

    • SillyCynic

      Background checks are already in place! They have been for a WHILE!

      Being ignorant enough to believe that you can go to 7-11 and just buy a pistol says enough about your point.

    • Colorado Avalanche of fools

      Ya, I suppose the original 13 colonies were nothing more than a bunch of whiny babies when they revolted too! Congrats on contributing nothing to a legitimate argument.

      • Elemental4

        Except they were legitimately stripped of their rights and were killed for standing up for them. These laws here in Colorado don’t stop decent people from getting guns. Sure they are tough but we have had some rather harsh tragedies from gun violence. That tends to garner a tough response and frankly I would like to know how that correlates to what the 13 colonist went through. Even close.

        • WillyWonka22

          It is interesting how the know-it-alls longing for a return to the wild west never engage Elemental4 in a discussion with actual points of argument.

          • Glenn Festog

            You mean like more people die from car accidents than guns? Or that people who use the term “wild west” are unaware that more “westerners” died from snakebite than gunfights. Or that the entire “wild west” concept was just a ploy to sell newspapers?

            Our Masters in Washington have already decreed that Americans can be killed without trial, indefinitely incarcerated without charges, and you’re concerned over government created non-issues.

            You want a REAL issue: treason consists of giving aid and comfort to the “enemy”. The Government insists that Snowden committed treason. Since Snowden’s information was made public to the American People I guess we’re the enemy.

            Final note: Life and living are not “safe” activities. You can’t make it safe without creating a world-wide rubber room. I suggest you stop supporting those who want to put us there.

          • dgeding

            Actually, it is projected that sometime in 2015 gun deaths will exceed deaths from automobile accidents. Its funny how increased regulation has led to shrinking numbers of auto deaths, yet the gun industry rejects any such attempt to regulate firearms.

  • Gene

    Personally I never had any concern over background checks, just passed a rigorous one yesterday. As long as the anti gun shmucks who have helped get so many people killed in gun free zones do not get their way and get guns banned or their little whiny door to door confiscations I could care less about their paranoid “I so scared of dem nasty guns” crap. But as far as secession goes, that has proved to be stupid and a very nasty thing to do.

    • WillyWonka22

      A “gun-free” zone would need a hundred-foot wall with one heavily guarded metal detector equipped door for entry. Everyone would have to leave the zone and then wait in line for re-entry. Without that the gun-free zone you mentioned CANNOT EXIST. England, now that is more like the gun-free zone you cited.

  • j h

    pout much?

  • j h

    I live in Colorado. I own guns. I believe in many conservative values. This is one of the most whacko reasons to secede. They oppose background checks for gun purchase but desire background checks for voting to make sure only eligible voters vote. They dont want illegals to have guns but dont want any rules in place to prevent that. The brainwashing has gotten so bad that ANY gun law, even a law making it illegal to buy a gun when drunk, causes the puppets to kneejerk freak out that government is acting socialist and plotting to take away guns. There are 2 different ends of the spectrum of fools in Colorado. This is one end of it.
    My house is for sale and we are moving to Gardnerville, NV as soon as possible because of the whackos here and the violent crime that leaders spend more effort keeping out of news than to reduce it.

  • Garrett McElveen

    In Southern Illinois, we certainly wish everything north of Effingham was cut off and made a separate state. The taxes we pay just go to Chicago, and we seem to get only poorer every year. Most of this state (size-wise) didn’t vote for Obama last election, but he sure as shit won the state anyway. People don’t realize how much rural areas suffer when the Urban areas are disconnected with their needs. It’s reasonable for them to be pissed when their taxes are raised due to something that involves the more densely populated areas. Why should we pay for their needs, when the money we put into taxes would better serve us?

    • paul keresztes

      I feel for So. Ill., you’re stuck with Chicago.

    • common man

      Perhaps the urban corridor of Cook County, Kenosha County, Racine County and Milwaukee county should secede from Illinois and Wisconsin, respectively, to form their own state. As your rural county roads and other infrastructure begins to deteriorate due to lack of funds, you’d quickly realize how much more these urban areas contribute to the state coffers than they get back.

      • alexander

        And what will the urban dwellers eat? Bank notes printed in Washington, D.C.?

  • KunTewk

    You Leftist understand ? We can’t stand living with you tyrannical […] ! All this “freedom” talk that you hurl around. Always the holier-than-thou posture ! No…your actions point towards the opposite. You’re ALL Stalinist PIGS !

    • Elemental4

      And with that tirade your entire point is meaningless. Learn to have a rational discussion. The real issue is that some people insist on adopting an us vs them mentality as you have just demonstrated, which gets us no where. Whether you believe it or not the so called “leftists” you gripe about here are just voting as they see fit. If you choose to see it as tyrannical, fine. Doesn’t mean it is and you should really ask yourself one thing. Are you sure this is just about not getting your way?

      • KunTewk

        Yes i agree I was rather crazed. We live in crazed times. I feel crazed at times. “Some people insist…us vs them mentality.:” Uh like the US President, the media, all politics, the races,the religions, the nations, the whole fraking world ? Is that who you’re referring to. I try to maintain even with people like you. But I feel my craze rising..see? “Trying to get my way”. Uh, why yes Elemental, I trying to get my way. Just whos way should I be trying to get. Craze RISING !
        I’m living a short life. I’ve things I’d like to accomplish. I see people trying to enslave me, tell me I’m wrong, tell I don’t see what I see. I want away from these […] people. Those people telling me I can’t secede. How dare they ? How dare they ?CRAZY TRAIN COMING INTO THE STATION…ALL ABOARD ! By what moral/intellectual possible mathematical justification is their to stop people from WANTING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU ???

        • WillyWonka22

          So, KunTewk, in short, you want to get YOUR way, and that darned democracy thing keeps rearing its ugly head!

  • Clay Moorhead

    Nothing would be better than delivering a UNION style smack down on these morons.

  • Mike Bohnke

    yeah 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Crusader79

    Democracy’s a biatch.

  • less

    Perfect, every town that doesn’t like the US needs to secede. love it or leave it. That would be fun to watch – new currencies, laws, traffic signs, the opposite of what the US mostly been the last years

    • Nathan

      Its not to leave the US its to setup a new state.

  • Sixteanine


  • Rick J Black, Sr.

    no matter what others think the people have the right to petition the government to form a new State. It’s not as if they were leaving the Union. Even in California there has been talk of dividing the State in half. This kind of talk comes about when a significant part of the population feels that their rights, lifestyle and belief system is threatened by those that are diametrically opposed to them. Being forced to accept that which is unacceptable will invariably lead to dissension. Look at it this way, if the Progressive Socialists(Communists) ever forcibly impose their system of beliefs on the country against the wishes of those who want to remain a Republic, you will find many States actually seceding from the Union. No doubt Civil War would ensue as what is left of the Union would try to coerce those that leave, back into the Union. But as long as it’s States that are dividing, they will remain in the Union. There really should not be a problem with this as people have the right to self determination. It’s called freedom of choice.

    • Elemental4

      Except this kind of choice seems more about not getting your way than anything else. Democrats are now leading in your state but that didn’t used to be the case. Back then your views were enforced over our desires. Now the tables are turned and you want to separate yourselves? Honestly, if back then we made a move for this kinds of thing, what would you think?

    • tr143

      No, it’s what democracy is – accepting what the majority of legislators vote on. You don’t get to succeed just because the measures you support lose out. Your rights are not being trampled. This is what democracy is. If you don’t like it, you’re free to get a passport and apply for a visa to another country; you don’t get to take half of a state with you.

      • Rick J Black, Sr.

        No, Democracy is mob rule. What we have here is a Republic. Things are done by representation. I suppose West Virginia had no right to become a state then?

  • Nathan

    Everyone needs to know the real reason this is happening. I am from northeastern Colorado and the real issues aren’t being told to the public. We already pay an abnormal amount in electricity (compared to people in the cities I know this cause I lived in fort collins for 4 years). My bill on my farm runs anywhere from $300 a month in the winter to $500 per month in the summer ( in fort collins i paid at max $110 per month on average). With this new legislation from what has been conveyed to us from our electricity coop is it will in my case increase from $300-$500 per month to $800-$1000 per month. Touchstone energy is our provider and they provide electricity to wyoming, nebraska, kansas, colorado, and others I think. This legislation can only be applied to colorado which is why it is such a big increase in cost per month of electricity. It doubles the required amount of clean energy that they need to provide to the residents of rural colorado which the original agreement was bipartisan and pasted in 2008 with democrats and republicans agreeing on terms. This bill was pasted by all democrats it was also created by all big city democrats from denver, boulder, and colorado springs and rushed in a couple of weeks through the legislator (introduced around April 1 passed sometime in May before the recess). So tell me that you would just roll over and take this increase in electricity costs. Its a rushed bill introduced for who knows why since the last one is hardly 4 years old by all big city democrats they counldnt even get a rural democrat to sponsor the bill.

    • WillyWonka22

      In your comparison of electricity costs, don’t use the farm vs. the Ft. Collins bill. Some of us now wonder if you used more kilowatt/hours on the farm. The correct comparison would rather be the charge for a kilowatt/hour, which takes different consumption levels into account.

  • James Dutton

    Stop bitching and start casting educated votes, don’t just listen to the Bloomberg bought and paid for ads and expect the best

  • MrRob1369

    If this is so stupid as many on here say lets put all the states back together where they were we can all be Virginia again.

  • clakey2

    I’m no Constitutional expert, but I think the Federal government might have an opinion about this proposed 51st state.

  • David Wilson

    I would love to secede from anything that’s under the leadership of Obama.Problem is too many Americans are too stupid to join with you and actually think him being president is good for our country LOL.

    • Elemental4

      There are many who would have said the same thing about Bush, David.

  • Decoy277

    They think this is stupid? Really? Well then again people probably thought it was stupid with Dakota, did it and virginia did it and carolina did it.

  • Henry Major

    Pitiful. When they win elections they cram their rural beliefs down everybody’s throats, and when they lose they talk secession.

  • Sav

    The NSA thanks you all for your contribution to the National Database

  • Creakly

    Still better than seceding from the U.S. all together. Though I have a hard time seeing this getting past the governor…. Best of luck to the people of Northern Colorado.

  • Jason

    I’m not sure, but isn’t illegal or unconstitutional to secede from the the United States? Can’t the Federal Government stop that from happening?

  • Elemental4

    This state was mainly red for decades. Democrats start getting some headway here and now you want to leave. Sorry, but things don’t always go your way in politics. You won’t achieve anything here. You may not like some of the policies but neither did we years ago.

  • Elemental4

    You know the you moment insult someone your point becomes meaningless, Steve. Try to make a point without resorting to such low tactics. And I live in Colorado and know exactly the kind of tough gun laws in place here so if you are gonna respond be warned.

  • Jack Wilkins

    All of Western Colorado would join them. Denver and Boulder are just […] holes of liberal morons and have no idea of how hard the rest of us work to earn a living. My entire family would vote for it in a heartbeat. So would 90 % of us outside of Denver and Boulder.

    • jason malinoski

      Guesswork and assumption.

  • Amber

    and if black areas/neighborhoods started talking about seceding, then someone would tell all those black people to go back to Africa and call them unpatriotic
    I don’t know why white people feel entitled to always have things go their way
    It’s embarrassing, really…We all live in states where we disagree with a lot of things going on, if you hate it , move..yes, move. You’re not entitled to have the country be everything you want it to be
    But anyone willing to disrupt the makeup of the United States over trivial issues is a punk and needs to be dealt with

    blacks were slaves and went through segregation, you hear them asking to secede..no

  • Billl

    I just wish Larimer County would go along with them. If Larimer County would go I am pretty sure Jackson and Routt counties would go.

  • RuskiSnajper

    I support you guys far far away from europe, keep the infowar goin strong !!! no fear!

  • WillyWonka22

    Remove the filibuster tactic, and a democratic vote might occur, perish the thought!

  • WillyWonka22

    Just curious, when the Liberals were corralling the blacks, how did the cons manage to stay out of the process!

  • WillyWonka22

    Actually, going to the heart of the constitution, you do not compromise on democracy. Thereby, do you obtain “freedom”.

  • jason malinoski

    You’re just being dishonest.

  • jason malinoski

    You WISH you were the smartest person on this forum.

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