We Know Iceland is Photogenic, but What This Photographer Captured Is Astounding (Photo Gallery)
We Know Iceland is Photogenic, but What This Photographer Captured Is Astounding (Photo Gallery)

"Nautilus.” Photographer Erez Marom describes this scene: “One of the most amazing sights I’ve seen in Iceland was the opening to this ice cave in Vatnajökull Glacier. The patterns, colors, and reflections were mind boggling, and conveyed the true sensation of being inside a natural wonder.” (Erez Marom)

"Support Column." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “​A huge, beautiful ice cave under Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. This icy column seemed to support the immense weight of the ice above it.” (Erez Marom)

"Winter's Pearl." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “The amazing waterfall of Hrafnabjargafoss, beautifully covered in fresh snow, was one of the most memorable sights we witnessed during my 2014 ‘Winter Paradise’ workshop. It takes a wild super-jeep ride to get to the waterfall during winter, but to witness it in such pristine conditions is a truly magical experience, well worth the trouble.” (Erez Marom)

"Light in the Dark." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “​A gloomy, mysterious sunset over the basalt columns and famous lighthouse of Kalfshamarsvik.” (Erez Marom)

"Canary Cave." Photographer Erez Marom describes: ​”A tilt-shift-o-rama of the opening to an elevated ice cave in Mýrdalsjökull Glacier.” (Erez Marom)

"Icelandic Pastoralia." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “Kirkjufellsfoss is a small but beautiful waterfall very close to Pyramid Mountain. It’s hugely photographed, but the combination of the beautiful cloudy sky and the snowy foreground was too good to resist!” (Erez Marom)

"King of the Night Sky." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “Kirkjufell, the Pyramid Mountain, under the Northern Lights on a beautiful, clear night.” (Erez Marom)

"Double Trouble." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “Just a few minutes of mercy from a heavy storm allowed us to shoot this double rainbow.” (Erez Marom)

"Sunrise With the Ancients." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “The famous Dinosaur Rock in the beach of Hvítserkur, under a spectacular sunrise.” (Erez Marom)

"Shades of Green." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “​An amazing night of Aurora Borealis over Iceland’s famous Glacier Lagoon. The shapes that the Northern Lights take never stop mesmerizing me.” (Erez Marom)

"Frozen Gods." Photographer Erez Marom describes this scene: “A top-view shot during a true winter day in Godafoss. A truly spectacular waterfall, the waters of the river Skjálfandafljót fall here from a height of 12 meters [40 feet] over a width of 30 meters [100 feet]. During winter, the river remains liquid but a wonderful icy crust envelopes the horseshoe-shaped waterfall.” (Erez Marom)

"The Snowy Cloak of Aldeyjarfoss." Photographer Erez Marmom says: “Arguably the most beautiful and impressive waterfall I’ve ever seen, Aldeyjarfoss is even more impressive in its frozen winter clothing, and this image doesn’t begin to do it justice. In winter, it is reachable only by super jeeps, but getting there was definitely worth the hardship. The 20-meter-high [65-feet-high] waterfall is part of the river Skjálfandafljót, and is famous for its hexagonal basalt columns, belonging to the Suðurárhraun lava field.” (Erez Marom)

"The Viking Girl." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “​Our guide to this amazing ice cave, Helen, at the cave’s opening. Icelandic girls are something special for sure!” (Erez Marom)

"The Black Fall." Photographer Erez Marom describes: “Svartifoss (Black Fall) is a waterfall in Skaftafell National Park, and is one of the most popular sights in the park. It is surrounded by dark lava columns, which gave rise to its name.” (Erez Marom)

"On a Warm Winter Day." (Erez Marom)

"The Deep End" (Erez Marom)

Erez Marom was born in 1980 in Holon, Israel, where he still lives today, though his annual trips to Iceland inspire him greatly. He spends about a month in Iceland each time conducting workshops and finding new treasures to photograph. 

He writes on his website: “Upon first visiting Iceland in late 2011, I fell in love with its eeriness, its people and especially its out-of-this-world landscapes. But back then I wouldn’t have guessed that this country and I would develop such a special, deep, and long-lasting relationship.”

His parents encouraged him to pursue an artistic career. He started playing the drums when he was 9 years old and is still an active musician today. 

In 2008, some photos taken with a DSLR (digital second lens reflex) camera and his passion for photography began. He especially focuses on travel and nature photography, making Iceland a perfect subject. He has also captured the beauty of India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Peru, his native Israel, among other locations. 

Sights of the Northern Lights and Iceland’s fjords have long been favorites of photographers, but Marom captures unique views that make the viewer appreciate the beauty of Iceland anew. 

To see more of his work, visit his website, www.erezmarom.com. For more information on his photography workshop, Click Here.  To visit his Facebook page, Click Here

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