Mermaids New Evidence 2013: Discovery Channel’s New Special Explores Mermaids (+Videos)
Mermaids New Evidence 2013: Discovery Channel’s New Special Explores Mermaids (+Videos)

Mermaids new evidence 2013: The Discovery Channel is airing a follow-up to its controversial Mermaids series on May 27 several times, starting at 10 p.m. 

“Mermaids: The New Evidence,” drew 3.6 million viewers, the most in the history of the channel.

The show follows Dr. Paul Robertson, former NOAA scientist, and journalist Jon Frankel, as they claim to dig further into the story of whether mermaids exist or not.

Last year’s series, “Mermaids: The Body Found,” provoked questions from the public about whether the government has seen or captured mermaids and kept the information secret. 

NOAA, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, put out a statement last year saying no evidence of “aquatic humanoids” has ever been found.

The new special aired at 10 p.m., going through 11 p.m., and again at 1 a.m. on May 28.

The Discovery Channel says on Twitter that the special brings to light never seen before evidence of mermaids.

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Charlie Foley, creator, writer, and executive producer of the series and special, told Mother Nature Network that “The most frequent explanation is that of sun-strained sailors at sea too long who mistook manatees and dugongs for mermaids, but I think you’d have had to have had a lot of grog before you could mistake a manatee for a mermaid.”

Foley said he took a documentary approach because “I think it works because you can believe they are real, and personally, I don’t think there’s any story more appealing than a legend that can be believed.”

However, while many say Foley has created a spoof, he says that they cite real-world phenomena, such as the Bloop recordings, which were taken in the deep ocean but never identified.

“And the Navy really has denied conducting deadly sonar tests that have resulted in mass whale die-offs only to later acknowledge that, in fact, they really were conducting and still conduct to this day deadly sonar tests that result in mass whale die-offs,” he said. “Much of what’s in ‘Mermaids’ is not informed conjecture or made-up story but fact.”

People reacting to the show had different reactions.

“‘Mermaids the New Evidence’ was as equally credible as the US Government’s claims that Navy sonar testing isn’t killing whales,” says one. 

“‘The New Evidence’ is a Fake Documentary,” said another, David Shiffman. “It’s completely fake. There are disclaimers in the credits.”

  • TubbyPnut

    <3 the show… the new video from March '13 is hard to deny and the photos from civil war era are amazing! I just hope the overly curious and destructive side of ppl don't kill them all \

    • David Whitaker

      Did you miss the part where all of the Mermaid stuff is fiction? The show creators don’t even deny it. The existence of the bloop, the sonar tests, and the aquatic ape theory are the only parts they didn’t completely make up. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for excellent sci-fi, but that’s what it is.

  • Todd Perry

    Well I hate to say it, since this is fake `it makes the Discovery channels no longer worth watching.
    They went from important learning channel to a scifi/fantasy channel ruining the public’s trust in their programming.
    Guess we have to find a channel we can trust to teach out children in our schools and at home now that this channel can no longer be trusted.

    • Diana Solis

      Totally agree. sad.

    • Elizabeth Jaramillo

      There is a disclaimer that states certain scenarios are fabricated. Which is true they have some dramatized videos on the show but anyone with half a brain know it’s not real. Come on people did you actually watch the show and see the disclaimer??

      • Don

        Elizabeth.. I suppose you are going to say.. “THE GOVERMENT WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH?”

  • Rosie Brown

    “Theres a sucker born every minute” Even when the show itself says that the whole show was a fabrication the suckers line up to drink the cool aid…UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth Jaramillo

      it doesn’t actually say that the whole show is a fabrication.

  • Diana Solis

    I can’t believe this channel played this show. What is the point? just another fiction show that we get from all the other channels? not good..We have enough fake shows as it is.

  • Waitherero

    let’s face it — there is a very
    strong possibility – given what we have seen — that these beautiful creatures exist. And if we begin
    to deny the possibility of their existence — our generation may just be
    responsible for their extinction — do you want to have that burden on your
    mind? They are — humanoid — let’s join the Danes in taking this footage
    seriously —


    Do people honestly think that the government that is behind hiding this stuff from us would not tell Discovery they better say its fiction or else. Wake up sheep, there has been evidence throughout history of man that shows that such creatures have existed and by civilizations that had no contact with each other. Dinosaurs are believable but not oceanic humanoids? I bet you all believe we are the only some what intelligent beings in the universe as well.

    • fapped

      big difference between earth and universe.

  • G. Kevin Harms

    This show is disgusting and irresponsible. It just feeds the gullible and naive who want to believe in this crap and leads them away from true, honest science. And leads credence to those that want to believe the government is constantly hiding things from the public.

    This show is clearly fake when they try to claim existence of an animal which demonstrates incongruous evolutionary pathways – a streamlined tail which is completely adapted to the water and yet a head shape with appendages (ears, nose, etc) that is no where near fluid dynamic enough for it to be efficiently propelled through a fluid.

    For me the show also looses credibility when I can see what appear to be fake digital artifacts that have been introduced into 2 of the videos – one being a B&W video depicting a British coast guard crew conducting nighttime training. I’ve been a digital media software engineer for 17 years and have never seen digital video artifacts that looked at all like these. Also suspicious is that both videos display identical artifacts even though they’re shot world’s apart.

  • taffern

    If the mermaid who was stranded not able to craw back to the sea? If seamen often saw these mermaids back in the old days, why can’t we find them today? Why should the Navy hide this? I think Discovery made a huge fail by airing this.

    • James Chi

      I think you’re making a poor conclusion based on invalid facts to justify your own disbelief. Even if people do see/find them, people like you wouldn’t have believed it. Also, why SHOULD the navy expose this. There’s a lot at stake for various interest groups. It’s not that simple.
      People are generally stupid, so many things shouldn’t be revealed to them too early.

      • Inuk (eskimo)

        Inuit (eskimo) our grandfathers told us they exist, told us what not to do or do to when we see them, even stories of helping Inuit from drowning, there are other “things” that exist people can’t believe exist more so cause most of the inhabitants of this planet live in a “bubble”.

  • ang

    duhhh because they deny it so they dnt have to stop drilling oil underneath the ocean

  • ang

    The govt hides a lot of things from us, from human trafficking to sandy hook shooting

  • ang

    Life is funner when you have something to believe in!

  • Nubia L. Benavides

    Fake or not, there are many things about earth unknown to man. I think anything is possible and therefore believe mermaids do exist. To say they do not exist is closing your mind to all possibilities and hence, truth.

  • Jeffrey Cabras

    we have to save mermaids from US NAVY before its too late. i think US gov. is doing something that leads to Mermaid Extinction. Mermaids needs our help

  • Pavel Tsar

    Whoever thinks its all fake is a moran. If mermaids do not exist, then UFO and god does not exist either! Prove me wrong, I dare you!

    • Crashdaddy

      First, Moron…it is spelled moron, not moran. AND GOD IS ALWAYS CAPITALIZED…because, well, it’s God. And “then UFO and god does not exist either!” would actually be “then UFO and God DO NOT exist. Not “does not” exist. So as far as proving anything to you, I just don’t think the effort, in this case, would be justified.

  • Vickey Waldo

    Boy you said it Todd, I am very disappointed that the Discovery Channel would be a part of this kind of thing.

  • Keisha Marie Smith

    no different than believing in aliens or the loch ness monster…could be real could be fake we will never know

  • FunFunFun22

    Fake or not we are not alone. To think that this universe is endless and from what they say … the universe is getting bigger and bigger how do they really know this ? who knows but to really believe that we are the only ones is stupid.

  • Asad

    i <3 mermiads and i believe in mermaids i really see mermaid in sea with my own eyes……………………………………

  • Matt Rock

    The human race is full of treachery, that is why mer-people stay hidden. I also strongly believe that UFO citizens are in contact with these people…because they share a mutual, perhaps disgust, towards our race on this earth. Mer-people do exist, they have stayed hidden for thousands of years…quite sure of it….as I KNOW that people from the stars exist, how hard is it for people in the ocean to exist? Not hard at all. When and “IF” people on the surface of this world become MORE SPIRITUAL and RESPONSIBLE and GROWN UP< then perhaps we will meet them someday….not now, as this world needs a RESET.

  • Don

    Don’t any of you go close to the edge of the earth…You WILL fall off.
    Can you be so closed minded you think YOU are the only creation your GOD could make? I think you are so afraid if it IS truth you will not be able to cope with it…You are the people U.S. government says would go Crazy, and that’s why the truth is not told… Go crawl back under your blankets so you will be safe…

  • Don

    Come on people…I wouldn’t believe the Government on Anything…

  • Don

    For ALL you people that believe the US Government would tell you the truth on this information are sadly in a fantasy world. Just keep your eyes closed and pay them all your money and the will feed you what they feel you need. They have lied for 60 years on the truth. what makes you believe they wouldn’t lie about this. OK all you people can now check the ring in your noses..government will be around soon to lead you where they want you…Probably in a F.E.M.A. Camp… DON’T Never believe the Government..!

    • R.Fowler

      the main thing that struck me was the fact that several MILITARIES and even the U.S. HOMELAND SECURITY (why is HLS weighing in on this?) so staunchly deny the existence of such creatures. This in its self should cause one pause. Those who are NOT wearing “rose colored glasses” and is in touch with reality when it comes to governmental cover ups and their concerted effort in withholding information from the general public certainly have their curiosity piqued

  • tomtalker2000

    I watched both of these programs “the original” and i’m in the middle of this new one as i type this dubbed “The New Evidence”. I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated by the “paranormal” or unknown if you will. But for these folks and more importantly the Animal Planet channel to even remotely project this is genuinely sound footage is ridiculous. Now all that said, if you want to watch a great “fictitious program” or anything like it for that matter that comes off as being “legit” than by all means you’ll enjoy it immensely if your into this sort of thing. But i’m really really ashamed of Animal Planet to put together something like this because i’ve always considered there programming educational and informative. I’ve been in the avian field now I.E. (the study of birds) for nearly 30yrs now having field experience with both wild & exotic pet species. I’ve worked with a countless number of species including parrots of which i own 6 species myself. So in saying that, i have a pretty damn good eye or feel for something that is reported “legit” or it ending up being fake. Don’t feel your gullible folks if you believed this, because it was put together that way on purpose. However, all you have to do is look up online these names of these characters for example, the marine biologist or the UK District Officer for there Coastguard. And you’ll come to find that these names simply DO NOT exist nor do there positions. So bottom line folks, enjoy the programming but don’t be a sucker because there absolutely NO legitimacy to these programs what so ever. HOWEVER, ask me about AREA 51 and if something really did happen in Roswell in 1947 and if my government has been concealing this all these years. Well then…Now we can talk about something with some “legitimacy”….(g)

    • Crashdaddy

      I agree. The show was very well done, very believable, with seemingly credible “witnesses.” I was very intrigued by the show, but was searching the internet for details during commercials. Ended up understanding that Discovery Channel, just like the History Channel before it, is crap. Seriously….is the real world so boring that we have to be spoon fed this drivel? Wish I could get that hour back. Live and learn I guess.

      By the way, what does a scripted phony pawn shop show have to do with history? Or the scripted, phony show about two ass clowns allegedly traveling the country to buy antiques? You know, the show where all items have been purchased months in advance, and the film crew arrives in several tractor trailers with dozens of workers? I don’t think those two idiots have ever even actually driven that white van. And the geniuses in this country eat this crap up, vote for Obama, and complain about some people being richer than others. “It’s just not fair!” Makes me want to stab my own eyes out.

  • Iman Alterego

    This “show” looks like a fake documentary to me. So hokey. I can ‘t believe my husband is watching this crap.

  • kaylee

    for years their has been a mystery why we always needed water and this is why I believe that mermaids exist. after we evolved into apes we started to turn into mermaids then into human beings. look between your fingers we have little webs in between them. we evolved from mermaids people listen to me

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