Are Birkenstocks Really That Ugly?
Are Birkenstocks Really That Ugly?

You’ve probably been tormented by this question and found yourself the victim of this love and hate shoe relationship. Everyone who’s anyone in fashion is wearing these mofos. I wonder, is it all just a case of playing cool with the most horrendous shoe in the history of mankind, or are they really a pretty darn sight on our feet?

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That it’s no longer ‘cool’ to look pretty and off-the-retail-rack-dressed is no news (the normcore trend hello!). While the Birkenstocks trend feels like a massive inside joke from The Sartorialists, apparently everyone bought it. And not only that, but joke’s on whoever planned the prank (assuming they did), cause bloggers, stylists, and fashion maniacs all over the world started a fashion movement. via via via via


Okay, so here’s the cold harsh truth: 

1) on some good days, I LOVE birkenstocks, when my full-of-herself-persona feels style-confident, but doesn’t really give a crap about humans’ perception. Cause really it takes a certain kinda mood, attitude and style to wear birkenstocks AND look great. The 2 concepts do not necessarily exclude each other. 

Style wise these shoes do not make justice for anyone, yet there’s a certain kinda coolness and French chicness, blended with a 90′s grunge, and a classic case of je m’en fiche – that make birkenstocks work. You’d be surprised to see how posh these too-comfortable shoes can make you feel, even when you pair them with office wear. Sure it’s not your classic per se smart attire, but an all-black or an all-white trouser suit with these sandals has got quite a sophistication to it.

Sporty looks, slouchy jeans, skinny jeans, crop tops, dresses, bermudas – anything really works. It’ll look clashed, but eclectic. Weird but intriguing. Not pretty, but stylish. via via


 2) on bad days, I HATE birkenstocks, when it feels like everyone is literally nuts, thinking that they look oh-so-posh when in fact they look like 50 year old German tourists, or Americans stuck in a 90s shopping mall.

Will we, in one year time, bring back the stripper heels and then so dramatically confess our total dislike, and relief that these once cool sandals are finally gone?

I wouldn’t be surprised. 

They are definitely part of a fashion & social movement, which I applaud and salute. They exude a certain fashion, and to wear them one has to have a certain style, attitude, and ability to have fun and laugh both at fashion and at their own self. This, I find liberating. via

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