19-Foot Python Killed by Florida Man With Knife
19-Foot Python Killed by Florida Man With Knife

A nearly 19-foot Burmese python was killed by a man in Miami, it was reported on Monday.

Jason Leon was driving in Miami-Dade County late at night when he spotted the snake in the bushes, reported the Naples News. He then pulled the snake from the roadside, but it wrapped around his leg, prompting him to call for help.

Leon then was forced to kill the snake with a knife, according to the paper.

“Jason Leon’s nighttime sighting and capture of a Burmese python of more than 18 feet in length is a notable accomplishment that set a Florida record. The FWC is grateful to him both for safely removing such a large Burmese python and for reporting its capture,” Kristen Sommers, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said in a news release.

According to the agency’s Facebook page, the snake was not carrying eggs.

Leon had once owned Burmese pythons as pets and had experience handling the large snakes, the FWC added.

The snake was 18 feet and 8 inches long, meaning it was the largest snake ever captured, reported WFLX-TV. The snake weighed 128 pounds.

The previous record for a python in Florida was 17 feet and 7 inches. 

  • Neo Poe

    Why not just run it over? If it had really got a hold of him; we would be reading the ‘story’ about someone who tried to pull a 19ft. snake off the run. . . but got killed by it in the process!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adrienne-Huntley/100000224697829 Adrienne Huntley

    snake was minding its own business but im sure it would’ve eaten a pet or something in the near future. oh well sucks to be it

  • Ultimate Motorcars of Florida

    Poor snake? Minding it’s own business!! LOL Clearly people have now idea what these large killers are doing to the wild life in areas they were never meant to be. The FL hunt, should be kept open until #s can be reduced. With over 100K estimated, and snakes having over 100 eggs a pop, it will be no time before they start killing your pet dogs and head for anything else it can kill, which covers almost everything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eelo.fudpucker Eelo Fudpucker

    Why? they have become a plague in Florida thanks to people with your mentality

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