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MAGCON Tour Apparently ‘Breaks Up'; ‘Cut for MAGCON’ Pops up on Twitter

Some members of the MAGCON Tour group said that it broke up on Thursday, and some fans apparently cut themselves over the news. However, some of the other group’s members indicated the group is still going on.

UPDATE: Member Nash Grier gave an update of the situation on his YouTube channel.

“I’m gonna miss the family. Love y’all,” wrote Carter Reynolds, who was apart of MAGCON. “I’m going to miss my second family. That’s a fact.” 

He added: “It sucks because we all bonded so well at the last magcon and now I can’t physically say goodbye to some of them.”

Reynolds later stipulated that “it’s not a joke” after some Twitter users suggested otherwise.

MAGCON is a group of mostly teenage boys who have become hugely popular on Vine–with millions of followers–and then tour together to meet with fans.

On its official Twitter, the MAGCON Tour said that tickets were being sold starting April 19 for its Atlanta show. “#MAGCONATLANTA tickets on Sale 4/19 at 8pm Eastern Time! Get ready! They’ll sell fast,” it tweeted.  The account made no mention of the group splintering.

But other members indicated the situation is rocky.

“It’s no joke haha. Doesn’t mean we aren’t all still brothers. Just finding better opportunities is all,” wrote Jack Johnson, another member. 

Johnson added: “I love everyone. I hope you are still here to support us no matter what. If not I won’t blame you, but you guys are the the best fans ever.”

However, another member said that the group is still going. Taylor Caniff wrote:  “All the talent/performers are still in Magcon.. So I see nothing but positives moving forward.”

Member Jack Gilinksy wrote: “RT if you want magcon to stick together.”

“I think things have been blown up to much, everyone should calm down and try to sleep. Tomorrow morning everything should be explained,” member Shawn Mendes tweeted.

MAGCON says that it “began in September of 2013. Bart Bordelon, the founder and general manager of MAGCON, befriended a young social media star, and sprung up an amazing idea. The idea, to hold an event, with several up and coming stars from social media, bringing online celebrities into the real world while supporting an Anti-Bullying Campaign as many of the young stars have been bullied throughout their lives.”

Some people apparently started a “#CutforMagcon” trend on Twitter, but it’s unclear how legitimate it is. In the past, some “cutting” trends on Twitter like were started by pranksters. There were images going around on Thursday night and Friday showing peoples’ arms with cuts and covered in blood with #CutforMagcon.

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