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Norman Reedus Fired? No, Daryl Dixon of ‘Walking Dead’ in Cop Drama, But Not in Comic

Norman Reedus, who plays popular character Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead,” is slated to join a cop drama amid April Fools’ Day hoaxes and other rumors saying that he was fired from the show.

Another one said that Dixon will make his comic book debut.

“It didn’t take most of you very long to figure it out. The Daryl Dixon cover was an April Fool’s Day prank. We even made a phony back-dated teaser post. I love April Fool’s Day. I think it’s a great way to play with ‘what if’ in a way that let’s you play it totally seriously. And I love Norman Reedus,” the Walking Dead’s blog explained.

“We all do at Skybound, and we love what he brings to the character of Daryl. This was not a prank designed to ‘trick’ Norman (hope he’s not TOO mad). It was a playful nod at the fact that the very, VERY loved Daryl Dixon isn’t in the comics at all,” it said, adding “Hope you all enjoyed this or got a laugh out of it. Our goal when we do these certainly isn’t to make anyone feel stupid. We just like to play with expectations. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go write a post about the Dixon Brothers TV show spinoff announcement…”

The Walking Dead Twitter page also included Reedus on the hoax. He merely responded, “Grrr.”

A cruder hoax that was being passed around said that Reedus was fired from the show, but that’s also not real. “Norman Reedus was fired from The Walking Dead on Saturday, March 29, 2014 after a shocking disagreement with producers Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman. Fan petitions have already been circulating. Plus find out who may be playing ‘Daryl’ in Season 5,” the hoax says.

According to Deadline, Reedus will spend a few months to play a role in “Triple Nine,” a new film from John Hillcoat that opens this summer.

Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Teresa Palmer, and Gal Gadot will also appear in the movie.

AP update: Star says ‘Walking Dead’ changed her temperament  

NEW YORK (AP) — Spending your days killing zombies apparently takes its toll.

Actress Lauren Cohan said being on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for three seasons has had an effect on her.

“My temperament has changed since I’ve been on the show because of being immersed in this dark material all the time,” Cohan said in a recent interview.

Cohan plays Maggie Greene on the post-apocalyptic zombie drama. So far this season Maggie has seen her father beheaded, was separated from her husband and doesn’t know whether her sister Beth is alive, dead or undead.

Cohan said that while she loves the show, it’s sometimes difficult to separate herself from her character and that she’s become more “subdued.”

“You come out of doing the show when you’re like, ‘OK, remember how to relax and remember picking up hobbies or whatever,’ but remembering how to have frivolity as well has been difficult,” the 32-year-old actress said.

Cohan said that in some ways, she feels that she’s changed for the better because she doesn’t have as many highs and lows as she used to, but adds that she now has a “serious feeling in my heart” that she sometimes wishes wasn’t there.

Maggie and her husband were reunited in the show’s penultimate episode. Now the couple and a host of other characters are headed for Terminus, which promises “sanctuary for all. Those who arrive survive.”

Is that a good thing? Cohan isn’t giving away any spoilers for the season finale, which airs Sunday (9 p.m. EDT).

“It sounds too good to be true,” Cohan said, adding that like everything else on the show, “It probably is.”