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Terminus in The Walking Dead: Full of Cannibals? 9 Theories, Facts (+Spoilers Inside)

Terminus was finally reached on The Walking Dead after weeks of build-up. But what does the mysterious place hold? 

Let’s check out some of the popular theories, as well as the facts about Terminus that have emerged.

UPDATE: Terminus in Walking Dead: Rick, Carl, Daryl, and Michonne Discover Glenn’s Group Taken Hostage or Eaten?

———-Original story below

1. Terminus Could Actually Be a Place of Refuge

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Series creator Robert Kirkman said in an interview posted on the AMC website:

“Terminus could be what it is on face value or it could be hiding something darker. We do try to change things up, so it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Terminus is all lemonade and sunshine and recliners and pajamas. So we’ll see, maybe this season has a happy ending.” One strike against this theory is that a season 5 casting call says “Rick and the group are heading to Washington, D.C.” 

2. But It Looks Like It’s Not

Rick, Carl, and Michonne arrive at Terminus in the season finale–we know this from a series of clips that was aired in New Zealand.

Everything looks fine when they arrive, but it appears to not take long before Rick is holding someone hostage, with a gun to the person’s head, prompting people to appear on the rooftops of the buildings nearby and start shooting at him, Carl, and Michonne.

3. The Feeling of a Lack of Security at Terminus Was False

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Terminus, apart from it being advertised all over the place, was the way Glenn’s group could just walk right in. They went a fair distance inside, passing through an outer gate and an inner gate, before seeing even one person. Compared to, say, Woodbury, it was strange.

But the perceived lack of security turns out to be false. The people that shoot at Rick, Carl, and Michonne are the security, staying hidden but ready for action at a moment’s notice if people start stirring up trouble.

4. Glenn’s Group May Have Been Taken Prisoner–Or Worse

Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita made it to Terminus at the end of the last episode, and we don’t see any of them in any of the clips that have come out so far.

The only hint that seems to refer to them is when Rick looks like he spots a clue that at least some of his former group made it to Terminus. “Where are our people?” he demands, in a scene that looks like it leads right into the hostage scene, and the shooting. 

5. Rick, Carl, and Michonne May Have Been Shot


Rick, Carl, and Michonne getting shot at from the Terminus rooftops. (YouTube)

When the trio are being shot at there’s not much cover and they seem to be in extreme danger. It could have been a warning shot that leads to something else. In one scenario, this scene leads into one of the most intense scenes shown in the trailer, when Rick is in some type of room with his back against the wall, either held prisoner or hiding from someone. He looks like he’s in great pain–not necessarily physical–and struggling to come to terms with something terrible. Carl and Michonne may have escaped, leading to the scene where they hug in the woods, or one or both of them could have been shot.

There’s lots of other possibilities for the scene where Rick is in the room. One is that it’s connected to his group and Joe’s group clashing.

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