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Miley Cyrus Tape ‘Leaks By Her New Boyfriend Yesterday’ Video a Survey Scam; Don’t Click it

A viral Facebook post claims there’s a sextape of Miley Cyrus and her “new boyfriend” is just a scam.

The post has a picture of Cyrus on the cover and claims there’s a video.

It reads: “[19+ VíDEO] Míléy Cyrús Séxtapé Leáks By Her New Boyfrínd Yesterday … Míléy is very much sad after wathing this.” If one clicks on the post, the will be taken to a fake video-sharing site nyvideos.sinceforever. us.

The website will prompt users to share the video on Facebook before going any further. However, this is just a scam that ensures the post is shared to get traffic to the fake video-sharing website.

After the user shares the video, it will ask them to complete surveys in order to go further. It is not recommended to complete the surveys, as they ask for personal information including e-mail addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers.

“This Facebook post was designed to trick social networking users into sharing it by so it can spread to other Facebook or other social networking users. It also attempts to trick users into completing surveys, which the cybercriminals behind it will benefit from. So, do not be fooled into completing the surveys or sharing the post,” reads a post by Online Threat Alerts on the Cyrus scam.

Some variations of the scam might ask users to download a piece of possibly malicious software on their computers, or it might ask them to install a rogue Facebook app.

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