Kenneth Woodburn, Maryland Man, Draws Online Ire After Shooting Puppy and Posting Facebook Selfie
Kenneth Woodburn, Maryland Man, Draws Online Ire After Shooting Puppy and Posting Facebook Selfie

Kenneth “Kenny” Woodburn, a Maryland man, has been the subject to online criticism after he apparently posted a “selfie” with his neighbor’s dog that he allegedly shot.

Police said that Woodburn shot and killed the dog, Tank, which was owned by Richele Ince and her daughter in Ridge, Maryland, according to The Bay Net.

The case is under investigation as an act of animal cruelty. Woodburn has yet to be charged, according to locals on a petition set up to get “Justice for Tank.”

Woodburn posted a photo of him and the dead dog on Facebook. He apparently shot the animal after it crossed into his yard.

The dog was shot from behind, which contradicts Woodburn’s claims on Facebook that it charged after him, according to Opposing Views. He posted a status update before the killing, saying: “Hey going to dye today [sic].”

The petition has more than 27,000 shares on Facebook.

“On March 12 2014, I took my little cousin home after she got off work… she was worried cause her baby had gotten away from the person who was watching him, but she had just bought a new runner and was going to put it up as soon as we found him…. before we got to her house, a neighbor named Kenny Woodburn shot Tank and then afterwards he posted a picture of it on facebook like a trophy….Tank was shot in his side,” it reads.

It adds: “To me that just proves that the dog was shot as he was trying to exit the area…. Not only did Mr. Woodburn shoot a puppy (yes Tank had just turned 1 in March) but he also resides next door to a daycare. The direction that he shot was the same direction as the daycare….The outcome that day was very sad but could have been worse….I am asking for support in having this person chaged with any and all charges possible especially endangering a childs (or childrens life).”

  • Pony

    I’m not condoning what he done. but these cases pop up fairly often. I guess its just not PC to expect people to keep their dogs at home. And reasonably quiet. Two of the most common triggers for these incidents. There is probably more background here than what happened today.
    I’ve had a running 20 plus year confrontation going on with neighbors who refuse to take any responsibility for their barking, livestock chasing and killing, and free roaming mutts. Right down to a massive flea invasion that rolled over into my home when they were running their inbred spaniel kennel.
    So while this guy should not have shot. I can say with a certainty that when you are being harassed by a neighbor and their dogs getting any assistance through AC is nearly impossible.

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