The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Spoilers: If Someone Dies, Is It At Terminus? (+Date, Trailers)

The Walking Dead season 4 is wrapping up (unfortunately) with the season finale slated for a March 30 air date.

The events that transpired on the second-to-last episode on March 23–as well as the sneak peek that aired after the episode–gives more insight into what will happen on the season finale.

Glenn and his bigger group–which now includes Abraham and his crew, as well as Maggie, Sasha, and Bob–finally made it to Terminus.

The feeling that people are getting from Terminus appears to be spot on, though. The sneak peek into episode 16 shows Rick in what appears to be a very harrowing, life-and-death situation. It’s almost certain that Rick doesn’t die, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if another character or two did. In the background an automated voice is technically outlining the supposed benefits of Terminus but it just sounds creepy when juxtaposed with Rick’s situation and because it morphs into repeating “Turbulence, turbulence, turbulence.”

Michonne and Carl, meanwhile, appear to be separated from Rick. Michonne is fighting off a horde of walkers and is later seen hugging Carl.

Daryl is also seen for a brief moment.

Notably, none of the characters in Glenn’s group are around in the three clips so far.

In another sneak peek Rick, Michonne, and Carl are in the woods when they hear someone screaming for help and take off running. This seems to be before Rick’s situation, meaning it could be some type of set up, or be where they were separated due to walkers. The person screaming could very well be Gareth, who is not from the comics but is a remix of of sorts of an unidentified character from the series. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Gareth would play an important role in season 4. He could be linked to Terminus. 

In another clip, Carl asks Rick and Michonne what they should say about themselves when they get to Terminus. 

Season 5 is supposed to start with Rick and “the group” headed to Washington, D.C., indicating that Rick met up with at least Eugene, and presumably Abraham and Rosita as well if neither got killed. If the last two seasons are any indication, the group will be at least a little smaller by the time the finale is over.

Although the details of the season finale aren’t super clear, Robert Kirkman, creator of the comics, said previously that Rick will be pushed to his absolute limit. 

“The world of The Walking Dead is all about human choices, about what one has to do to survive, and how much each character is willing to sacrifice and compromise their humanity,” producer Gale Hurd told E! News. “And we will really see certain characters pushed to their limit — in a way the way that Carol was.

“And it’s always a question of how much can you come back from those moments, and those choices,” Hurd said. “And that’s where season 5 will take us.”


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  • Richard M

    How does Maggie join up with Abraham? Glenn was in the tunnel. Abraham and Eugene had stopped on the RR track.

    No one in Maggie’s group knows anyone in Abraham’s group….Right?

    • k240

      Well, they knew Glenn was looking for Maggie, and they saw the note that Maggie left (the whole reason Glenn was following the tracks) Presumably, part of their group had seen the photo that Glenn also carried, so that probably helped… They were stopped on the tracks, and obviously saw something/someone coming out of the tunnel – and it was Maggie, Sasha and Bob. So, they would obviously have gone to see these other survivors (no matter who they were) coming out of the tunnel. During the introductions, they would obviously have realized that this is THE Maggie that Glenn is chasing after.