4 Best UFO Sightings This Week: March 14-21 (+Photos +Videos)
4 Best UFO Sightings This Week: March 14-21 (+Photos +Videos)

1. Lights Spook Cattle and Ranchers in Alberta, Canada

In Nanton, Alberta, Canada, on the night of March 16, a family saw two bright lights hovering near their ranch. The lights were less than a mile from their home, the family told CBC. (See the photos at CBC)

The lights came closer and swooped over their house, startling the cattle. Sam Martine snapped a couple of photos. The photos seem to show a motion blur, possibly from Martine’s hand being unstable, possibly from some erratic light movement or pattern on the object.

Her daughter, Baylie, tried to take photos with her phone, but her phone strangely malfunctioned and “The picture went completely green and later on that night it ended up deleting itself,” she told CBC.

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2. Multiple Orbs Spotted Throughout the Day Over L.A.

UFO Sightings
Screenshot from a video taken by Jessie Contreras in Los Angeles, Calif., on March 15, 2014.

Jessie Contreras of Los Angeles, Calif., recorded footage throughout the course of the day on March 15. Between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Contreras said multiple orbs were spotted. The recording shows a fast-moving orange orb, then a more yellowish light, then something that has multiple shades.


3. Dual Lights in the Brazil Sky

UFO Sightings
Screenshot from a video taken of the sky over part of Brazil on March 19, 2014. 

This video was published to YouTube on March 20, 2014. The camera zooms in close to the shimmering objects.


4. Two Objects Slowly Move Through Sky Above Italy

UFO Sightings
Lights over Treviso, Italy, on March 16, 2014.

A video filmed on March 16 shows two objects moving very slowly above Treviso, Italy. They seem to hover, almost stationary, and only over the course of a few minutes is it apparent they are moving.

  • HeyJude

    1,000’s of sightings. All over the world. Every single day. Recorded events from the time man first started recording anything. Keep looking up…they are there, and seeing is believing. :-)

  • silver

    Yep! Go way out in the country, away from “light pollution” & you’ll see lots of activity. Its time for disclosure…

    • nancy/still hopeful

      hey you!!!! how true is that-you would know!

      • silver

        Oh yeah! You can see lots of “activity” way out here in the high Sonoran Desert! BEAM ME UP!

        • nancy/still hopeful

          just opened you spring e-card…it’s beautiful-it got neglected in my email overload and I am so glad they sent me a reminder! love it-thanks Dolls!!!
          I hear that!!! how much fun to be had with all of them…the environment alone is stunning!

          • silver

            Yeah!!! Spring is really here….lots of trees are either “leafing out” or in bloom! Best time of the year. :>)

          • nancy/still hopeful

            sending you a pic of my front yard in the city…I am envious-I love this season!!!

  • jim6555

    Why is it that almost every picture that is posted of UFOs seems out of focus? You would think that present day cameras with high quality lenses would be able to get clearer photos. The last video on this is makes me suspicious of its veracity. It shows sharper photos of the UFOs than the others posted here but the buildings in the background are out of focus. With every camera that I’ve ever used, the correct focus setting is the same for every object more than 50 feet away.

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