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Minecraft Xbox One Release Date to Come Before PS4 Release Date?

Will the Minecraft Xbox One version be released before the PlayStation 4 version?

That’s one theory going around, based on the fact that it’s easier to port the game to the Xbox One’s architecture because it’s already been ported to Xbox 360.

Neither next-gen version is expected to be improved by that much but both are expected to at least include better visuals and bigger maps.

4J Studios recently revealed that Title Update 14, also known as TU14, is coming up soon, as the list of bugs “is getting shorter every day.”

It said previously on February 26 that it’s busy finalizing the content and bug fixing and said that there was just “a few weeks to go before it’s ready for Cert testing.”

The theory is that after the TU14 is out, developers will be able to focus exclusively on the next-gen versions of the popular game. 

Roger Carpenter, lead producer for Microsoft for Minecraft on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, has told his followers on Twitter recently that he’s been very busy and has been in meetings about the Xbox One version.

As a sign of the game’s popularity, another producer for the game, Markus Persson, told his over 1.5 million followers on Twitter that there’s now over 100 million registered users. 

Category: Tech Gaming

  • silverhawknike

    That’s one theory going around, based on the fact that it’s easier to port the game to the Xbox One’s architecture because it’s already been ported to Xbox 360.
    NOPE NO NO! Xbox One and Xbox 360’s architecture are entirely DIFFERENT. Xbox One have AMD x86 architecture while X360 have PowerPC architecture. Its much harder to port so they have to start the game from scratch and recode to optimize for x86 architecture.

    • Mattrimkevx

      CPU speak isn’t the only thing devs have to worry about when making and porting games…
      Among other things they have to worry about the way the system handles information, what hardware that information gets sent to and in what form, etc.

      The Xbox One is very similar to the Xbox 360 in that respect, from a developer’s point of view the insides of the xbox one looks.. familiar.

    • Josiah Johnson

      And the PS4’s architecture is closer to PC than Xbone’s!

      • Mike McMeans

        Nice to see non-developers contradict statements from developers. I don’t care if they come out at the same time, or X1 first, just get them out. I want to play Minecraft again. I traded my 360 when I got the X1, and I hate PC gaming.