Diego Garcia: Island Atoll US Base is Rumored Landing Spot for Malaysia Flight MH 370
Diego Garcia: Island Atoll US Base is Rumored Landing Spot for Malaysia Flight MH 370

Diego Garcia, a U.S. military base on a coral atoll in the central Indian Ocean, was not the landing site of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, a Malaysian official said.

Malaysian Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein refuted claims that the missing jet landed on the atoll’s military base, according to the Borneo Post.

There were reports and rumors that the plane landed on Diego Garcia–a footprint-shaped atoll located about 2,000 nautical miles east of the coast of Tanzania and 2,500 miles from the Australian west coast and is located in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Conspiracy blog JimStoneFreelance.com said that “Diego Garcia remains by far the most highly probable location for flight 377.”

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia “provides logistic support to operational forces forward deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf areas of responsibility in support of national policy objectives” and is on “an atoll of the Chagos Archipelago in the British Indian Ocean Territory, located 7 degrees south of the equator.” 

The U.S. Navy operates a Naval Support Facility on Diego Garcia, which includes a naval ship and submarine support base, a military support base, a space-tracking facility and communications base, and an anchorage. 

On Twitter, users were asking questions about Diego Garcia.

“Has the US Navy said anything about their radar at Diego Garcia? If the plane went to the Ind, ocean they should have had it on their radar,” one person wrote last week. 

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak last week said that the massive search for the plane is now focused on the Indian Ocean, among other areas.

Hishammuddin refuted similar claims, and he also said there was also no ransom sought by any part.

“No, there has not. And that makes it very difficult for us to verify whether it is hijacked or terrorist (act of terrorism). (We look into) all possibilities. We don’t take (anything) for granted,” he said.

Hishammuddin added that aircraft communications addressing and reporting on the plane’s system were disabled before the last pilot communication, which was “alright, good night.”

The Associated Press Has the latest information on search for Malaysian plane:

The unprecedented hunt for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet expanded northwest to Kazakhstan and south into the desolate reaches of the Indian Ocean after Malaysian authorities concluded the plane was deliberately diverted. A summary of the latest information on the search for the plane and the investigation into what happened:


The Boeing 777’s Aircraft and Communications Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS, last transmitted at 1:07 a.m., about 30 minutes after takeoff. ACARS sends information about the jet’s engines and other data to the airline.

The final, reassuring words from the cockpit — “All right, good night” — were believed to have been spoken by co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, according to Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

The transponder, which identifies the plane to commercial radar systems, shut down about 1:20 a.m., and an ACARS update that was due at 1:37 a.m. was never sent.

After its communications ceased, the plane turned west and crossed the Malay Peninsula. Military radar detected it moving along a known flight route until it was several hundred miles (kilometers) offshore.

Even disabled, ACARS emits hourly pulses that are recorded by a satellite, and Flight 370’s last “ping” was sent at 8:11 a.m. The location of the plane could only be determined in a broad arc from the satellite, which places the jet as far north as Kazakhstan in Central Asia or far into the southern Indian Ocean. The plane would have been near the limit of its on-board fuel supply.


Malaysia’s government sent diplomatic cables to relevant countries to seek their help with the search and ask for any radar data that might help narrow the task. Twenty-six countries are involved in the search.

The northern search corridor includes countries with busy airspace that likely would have noticed an unidentified aircraft in their territory. China, India and Pakistan are among the nations that say they have seen no sign of the plane.

Australia is leading the search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean. It has sent two AP-3C Orion aircraft, one of which is searching north and west of the Cocos Islands. Two more search aircraft will be deployed by Tuesday.

The southern Indian Ocean is the world’s third-deepest and one of the most remote stretches of water in the world, with little radar coverage. Experts say if the plane crashed there, finding the wreckage could take months or longer, if it is found at all. Establishing what happened with any degree of certainty will require evidence from cockpit voice recordings and the flight-data recorders, which are on board the plane.


The investigation is focusing on the plane being deliberately diverted by the pilots or someone on board with considerable flying experience. Police seized a flight simulator from the pilot’s home on Saturday and also searched the co-pilot’s home. Investigators are checking backgrounds of all 227 passengers and 12 crew members, as well as the ground crew, to see if links to terrorists, personal problems or psychological issues could be factors. But authorities are being tight-lipped about what they’ve learned so far.


The whereabouts of the plane is only one question still unanswered. The investigators are also considering: If the two pilots were involved in the disappearance, were they working together or alone, or with one or more of the passengers or crew? Did they fly the plane under duress or of their own will? Did one or more of the passengers manage to break into the cockpit or use the threat of violence to gain entry and then seize the plane? And what possible motive could there be for diverting the jet?

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    I have been reading CIA/Mossad. If that were the case, then landing there would make sense?

    • Eurotrash

      I agree.

      • Teresa Geib Bacon

        Hi, I have read so many diff things, and like Sandy Hook/Boston, etc fake Actors, ??. Then the CIA/Mossad connection. Al Queda in the whole region. Throw in China. ? and then anyone else that comes up. 2 many diff factions or plots it could be, but yesterday when I read Malaysia has a beef with Israel which I had not idea of, ???. When I think of the magnitude of the meanings for a Jet to disappear is VERY scary to me. Also, reading on Remote Control which makes a whole lot of sense and that’s even scarier to me, plus I found out they have actually done this since 1985 for at least one thing. Have a good day

    • jefferysikes

      It’s highly unlikely that Americans would lad a civilian aircraft on Diego Garcia which has Chinese satellites tasked over it every day. The Chinese would have seen that aircraft on that military base and it would have caused an international incident between America and China.

      It’s more likely that the pilot diverted the aircraft to the more remote French islands near Madagascar.

      • Pete Wagner

        Likely shadowed by a routine military flight of same size. Diego Garcia works logistically and motive-wise; it’s the ringer.

  • Mark Yonan

    With the new Maldives Info, I’m surprised there isn’t more conversation about Gan International Airport at the southern tip of Addu Atol, which is the southernmost island in the Maldives. The Maldives are under Sharia law these days.

    • jefferysikes

      Some island such as what you are suggesting would be a more likely place to land, especially if Iran were involved (two persons with fake passports) and there was cargo on that aircraft that Iran desperately wanted, (weapons or Nuclear scientist or something which allowed Iran to reach weapons grade plutonium which might have came from the Ukraine).

      What ever it was, the pilot thought he was to be well paid for his risky diversion of the aircraft.

  • vj

    Flight might have had mechanical and electrical failure, because of that pilot tried to land in Diego Garcia airbase, U.S shot down the flight on the indan ocean. pilot no unable to communicate, might have take as a threat and shot down by missiles. Now U.S is trying to cover its ass.

    • Dave

      Yes agreed !

    • jefferysikes

      I completely disagree, THINK of the incident that would result from Americans shooting down a civilian aircraft full of Chinese nationals. To take action of that sort requires direct orders form Washington DC. The risk makes that notion highly unlikely.

      Since we now know the pilot was practicing landings on remote islands in the Indian Ocean, it’s more likely he diverted to one of those islands, the most uninhibited are the French islands near Madagascar. They have landing strips and usually no inhabitants as most are weather stations.

      • Teresa Geib Bacon

        jefferey, may I ask where you are getting your information so I can go read it? Thanks you have a great day

  • David Turco

    If any of this is accurate, then given the disinformation all countries involved have spewed so far by controlling information and leading the search in the wrong places, it would appear that this is a set up to have a missing 777 that will show up some day in the future full of bombs for a new false flag event. Meaning it’s an inside job by the US and their minions, aka, NWO.
    10 days to get first hand accounts form the Maldives, pathetic!

  • http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CEED81431F935A35750C0A9619C8B63 ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    Don’t see how any Malaysian Official would know if the plane landed in DG?

    If the CIA was forced to scrap their mission to deliver ‘classified equipment’ in Beijing at the last minute, they’d land at a secure location like DG and secure their cargo.

    Who else would have the expertise and ability to ‘black-out’ the aircraft, avoid civilian and military radars systems, and land a 777 sight unseen?

    • Brad

      Yes, I find it funny that a Malaysian official claims to know for certain the plane didn’t land there when they have no idea. Kind of like Oboza claiming with absolute certainty that the there is no corruption in the IRS when the investigation isn’t even near completion. It’s like a jury convicting a man for murder without listening to any evidence. It’s like me walking into Wal-Mart and looking at a TV that isn’t turned on and saying that’s the best looking TV picture ever without having any previous knowledge of that TV.

      I’m tired of all the BS back and forth lies in the media with this. It is sickening.

    • jefferysikes

      If your theory were true, the Americans would never have landed that aircraft at Diego Garcia….ever. The risk of escalation with China would have been far too great. The diversion would have occurred on another Island over which the Americans would have had control. Chinese satellites are tasked over Diego Garcia and they would have noticed a civilian aircraft at that location.

      Wherever that aircraft was diverted to, it’s obvious by now that the pilot knew ahead of time, practiced the landing and programmed the coordinates into the flight computer. Whatever the location was, it was something that was very risky and had never been attempted before. My guess is one of the French islands near Madagascar, which are usually uninhibited (weather stations) which have landing strips which exceed the 3500 feet needed to land that aircraft.

      • http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CEED81431F935A35750C0A9619C8B63 ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

        What is very strange is that people in Maldives have reported seeing a jumbo jet flying unusually low about 6:15AM on March 8th, they could also hear it and saw it flying from a Northerly direction to South of them, towards Diego Garcia, yet no one has stepped-up and provided satellite image of March 8 between 5AM and 9AM to help try to identify that aircraft, or rule it out.

        DG is less then 600 miles from that sighting, surely they would have radar images and there had to be satellite images available from those watching DG?

        With the length that these people went to in keeping that plane from going to Beijing, I would expect there’d be a much greater threat to the US and China relations had the Chinese captured ‘cargo’ of weapons or equipment for a CIA mission inside China that was being sent to a major American Corporation operating in Beijing. The risk of exposing American Corporations and the Agents working there as ‘Executives’ would not only damage US relations but the major product supply chain feeding the US economy.

  • Dave

    If that plane was a threat to the US base then they would have shot it down.

  • Dave

    The fact that it was seen at low altitude in that area tells me the plane may have been trying to avoid radar detection and thus cause serious collateral damage to the base. They said they only have evidence of a ping but yet the US base, who you can be sure watches its airspace like a hawk, would see it on its radar. If they initially saw it, and then it disappeared they may have sent jets up to investigate things. They found out it was a rogue plane and shot it down. Its happened before.

    • jefferysikes

      Americans don’t just shoot down aircraft at random. Especially not civilian passenger aircraft with Chinese nationals on board. It takes orders from Washington to take action such as that. Action such as that could start an international incident with China which would be un bearable for America.

      The reason it was noticed in the Maldives physically; was because the pilot was flying low to avoid detection by the Americans on Diego Garcia. That is why the eye witnesses in the Maldives, could see clearly, the markings on the aircraft. From there it was landed on a remote island, which is what the Captain had practiced on his flight simulator. My guess is one of the French islands such as Tromelin. It’s cargo would have been unloaded and placed aboard a vessel bound for, most likely Iran (they own three diesel submarines). That is most likely why a P8 is involved in the military search. Something was aboard that aircraft that someone like Iran wanted to get their hands upon, and so far they have acquired it.

  • Dave

    ..and that my dear friends perhaps explains why it is taking so long to announce that they have found the wreckage. The are making sure the debris found does not show any evidence of it being shot down. They may also be picking up the black box before anybody else does. I could be wrong about all of this but it is a good theory.

    • http://socialcritic.wordpress.com/ NEWS2VIEW

      That was my theory last week too — shot down when the aircraft could not be raised on radio or thought to be under hostile control. Friendly fire is still thought by many to have brought down TWA flight 800. An accidental let alone intentional military takedown would be one scenario to account for the contradictions and delays, not to mention no emergency transponders detected.

  • Dave

    News2view….Agreed. I really feel they could be buying time to clean the scene and put a fake debris scene in front of the cameras. I refuse to believe that thy can’t find an aircraft this size in this day and age after 12 days of searching.

  • jefferysikes

    No flight mh370 did not land at the US military base on Diego Garcia, even if the Americans were somehow involved (Ukraine MANPADS) they would have never allowed a civilian aircraft full of Chinese nationals, to land at an American air base on land owned by the British. Wher it’s highly likely the aircraft was diverted by the pilot, it’s most likely landing spot is one of the French or private islands in the Indian Ocean.

    There must be purpose for the diversion and simply to land on an American airbase was not the purpose. That pilot had to have made a vast amount of money for doing what he did. Malaysia airlines has been operating at a loss fro a few years now. Other pilots with his experience are making large far more in salary than this Malaysian pilot. He knew tins from the various international airports he had flown into over the years. The reason behind the diversion of the aircraft is mot likely linked to the cargo or Passengers he had on board. By now the cargo from that aircraft is either in Somalia or Iran.

    Remember, the Americans are using a P8 in the search, boys and girls that is a submarine hunter aircraft, I don’t think the Americans are looking for a plane with that aircraft. Many very serious weapons have been reported missing from Ukraine stockpiles. It’s my hunch some or all of those weapons were on that aircraft and that the pilot was well paid to get those weapons to a remote island in the Indian sea

    • henrymart81

      LOL @ Iran, yeah okay

    • misterjag

      If you think a P8 (and a P3) are poor choices to search for plane wreckage in the ocean then you don’t have a clue.

  • Dave

    Jeff, that’s very interesting and a good thought. Well done. If any journalist is out there they should publish this. Makes dam good sense. Thanks Jeff.

  • Dave

    ..although Jeff, the questions then is “where are the passengers and the pilot” ? Something doesn’t quite add up.

  • Dave

    And also, what would the pilot do once he has delivered the Cargo ? Go to Iran or Somalia and blend in. He’s also leaving his family behind.

  • nomercy55

    what about the employees of the texas company onboard the airplane, no one is talking about what role they might play in all this

  • nomercy55
  • nomercy55
  • Makarand Gangal

    Hi jefferysikes.. I agree to your statement and is of the same opinion..

    Please find my views attached here…

    I am very much disappointed by the logic all these learned people are saying related to flight MH 370. I would like to put few basic things as observations..

    1. The flight may have been highjacked

    If its not then there is no reason for all the communication systems to stop working.

    2. The plane is not in the final hands of intended highjackers

    No claims made for ransoms or release of any persons etc… They cannot claim till they get hands on to the plane and its passengers.

    3. As per the news the plane had enough fuel to to last for 6 to 7 hours

    If the plane was detected / pinged upto 5 hrs (again as per news)

    plane departs 12:41am

    ACARS sends communication: 1:07 a.m

    Voice check-in: 1:19 a.m.

    Transponder off: 1:21 a.m.

    Plane disappears from Thai military radar: 1:22 a.m.

    Thai radar picks up unknown aircraft: 1:28 a.m.

    Civilian radar loses contact with plane: about 1:30 a.m.

    Expected ACARS transmission doesn’t happen: 1:37 a.m.

    Military radar detection: 2:15 a.m.

    Satellite ‘handshakes’: 8:11 a.m.

    If we say that start time and last hand shake time are correct leaving the location of the plane aside — its close to 7hrs and 20min.

    So plane is now running out of fuel then there is no chance that it would blast in air or in ocean.

    The plane cannot be over the north since it would plunge down and be caught in ground explosion somewhere in some country.

    I suspect the plane has landed safely in some remote islands near the South of Indian Ocean with all the crew and passengers still alive.

    Possible location I suspect is around the South Indian Ocean – Near to the British Indian Ocean Territory.

    I am sorry but I have a strong intuition and many a times they are right… I see the planes tail visible on an Island covered with trees as a sixth sense.. I am also of the opinion that we shall find it soon on Friday…I wish and I pray that my dream and intuition come right and we have all passengers alive.

    • Dave

      After considerable thought I have backed away from the “landing on an island scenario”
      Reasons: Where is the aeroplane ? 1. There’s only a few islands with long enough runways that can cater for such a thing. 2. The search parties would have checked all of that already 3. How can you hide a plane on an island ? You can’t hide it from satellite and imaging. It would take the people on the island ages to hide such a thing. Impossible. The only plausible explanation is that the plane took off from the island again 3. If so countries would probably have radar records of that.No, I suspect it was hijacked but for some reason landed in the Indian ocean. Debris will be found.

  • Dave

    After considerable thought I have backed away from the “landing on an island scenario”
    Reasons: Where is the aeroplane ? 1. There’s only a few islands with long enough runways that can cater for such a thing. 2. The search parties would have checked all of that already 3. How can you hide a plane on an island ? You can’t hide it from satellite and imaging. It would take the people on the island ages to hide such a thing. Impossible. The only plausible explanation is that the plane took off from the island again 3. If so countries would probably have radar records of that.No, I suspect it was hijacked but for some reason landed in the Indian ocean. Debris will be found.

    • Gavincurtis

      The military base island Diego Garcia has a runway specifically designed to land a 777.
      It also has a very large hangar… 2 of them.

      • Dave

        Thanks Gavin but the other comments are regarding remote tropical islands and not US bases. Where are the passengers ?I still think it could have been shot down. The debris that they have found will be from the aeroplane and we just don’t know whether they attempted to clean the scene during those 13 days…IF it was shot or forced down.

        • Gavincurtis

          Agreed, we will have to see what happens in the future regarding what debris is found. Also, I am curious why Rolls Royce can’t determine if the engines were shut down properly with reverse thrusters (aka landing) or failure from water ingestion? Why no explanation for this?
          I remember watching the special on the 777 and Rolls Royce was bragging about every engine being monitored from takeoff to landing. The engineer was sitting in front of a large monitor showing the GPS position of every RR engine in a 777 in operation at any given moment and the streaming data of engine health.
          Diego Garcia is also an ETOPS equipped island for large twin engine jet landings, specifically listed is the landing/refueling ability of a 777.
          The supposed last ping produced possible arcs of final position of what would be a complete circle, and point of which is a location of that ping? If so, the circle falls directly over the island. I am trying to understand more of how/why they come to the conclusion of the upper and lower arcs as a possible direction of travel and was this the true last ping 7.5 hours later? Does incomplete satellite triangulation data product a radius vector of a final position (aka a circle)? Arghh.. I used to understand radio triangulation. Now I have to learn it again.

          The arcs do form a circle and it does indeed fall directly over that island. Need more information :/

  • Dave

    Yep Debris found in the Indian ocean. I was right.

  • Dave

    Good comments Gavin. I just wonder what the real reason for that change in direction was. It could have been a simple hydraulic failure situation or some kind of sabotage done in the galley, or even a remote Hijack for all we know. Why the pilot went in that direction is a mystery. For all we know the debris in the Indian could be a smoke screen. I certainly don’t believe those passengers are alive sad to say.

    • Gavincurtis

      Also don’t forget the neighboring islands of Diego Garcia reported a very loud low flying white jumbo jet with a large red stripe flying right towards Diego Garcia in the morning of the loss of 370. They recognized it being a passenger jet with windows, but never seen one fly so close to the ground.
      This info is making into mainstream media just a wee bit now.
      Finally, I will end my conspiracy rant with this. What if the pilot knew he was on some suicide mission, he did give his wife/fiancée back his ring that morning. That was in the news.
      At the appointed time, he disables the transponder. The 777 has full remote flight ability, which Diego Garcia has some amazing abilities in that realm as they are capable of safely landing a distressed 777 (as advertised by ETOPS).
      They gain control of the craft, fly it up to 45,000+ ft, decompress killing the passengers.
      Fly her back to the base automatically below radar. Not having the ability to shut off Rolls Royces engine diagnostic system, the pings give away the final location.
      Not being a sick mind, but I smell a rat. Or can write a good horror book at least.

      • Dave

        Yes I could believe that scenario Gavin and someone else I know mentioned the “decompression” scenario to me as well which is possible. The reason why it was at such a low altitude was 1. Was trying to evade radar 2. Had an issue with the plane (which i don’t believe) 3. Was being guided in by remote. It was either shot down when it was deemed to be a threat to the Base, or was what you have said in your previous comment. The truth will never come out.

        • Gavincurtis

          Truth will probably not come out I agree.
          Now there is some rumor that the final “ping” was confirmation of normal healthy engine shutdown (proper landing). Again, at that circumference, only one place where a landing ping would occur. Diego.
          Definitely update me on what they find the debris to be.

      • Dave

        .Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of
        The Pentagon’s Pivot To Asia?

        By Yoichi Shimatsu

        The closer that millions of online sleuths come to tracing the trajectory and destination of the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner, the likelier it becomes that the National Security Agency and CIA will resort to disinformation, including the planting of falsified evidence, to throw off their pursuers in what increasingly appears to be an electronic hijacking by those spy agencies.

        More layers of the ongoing cover-up are being hatched now that eyewitnesses at the Huvadhu Atoll, a diving area in the southern Maldives,, have reported sightings of “a low-flying jumbo jet.: South of Huvadhu Atoll, the closest U.S. military facility is Diego Garcia in the Chagos Islands. The joint U.S. Navy submarine and Air Force facility has underground hangers huge enough to conceal B-52 bombers, a convenient hiding place for a Boeing-777.

        Huvadhu is a prominent marker in the vast Indian Ocean, used as the turning point for flights into Diego Garcia. There valuable cargo – either classified documents or a human intelligence asset – can be secretly landed and reloaded on a USAF cargo jet or a Navy submarine. Countless secret and illegal “extraordinary rendition” flights were sent to Diego Garcia in the war on terror, and there is no practical reason why the same US intelligence agencies would not use it to land a civilian aircraft hijacked by remote control.

        Pieces of the wreckage spotted by US ally Australia further south of Diego Garcia could be a decoy site, salted with physical evidence of airplane parts that have been moved surreptitiously. As in the unsolved mystery of Amelia Earhart, who was on an espionage mission against the Japanese forces in the South Pacific before her disappearance, there is the possibility that a hostile military force moved tantalizing evidence from the actual landing site to a more distant remote island by plane or ship.

        Malaysia Targeted by Air-Sea Battle Plan

        The case of a MH370 has been solely focused on the possibility of a route diversion by the on-board crew. Completely ignored in press releases and news reports so far is the elephant in the room, or perhaps a better analogy of a Great White Shark in the bathtub – the massive U.S. Navy and Air Force presence in the seas and airspace surrounding Malaysia.

        There is absolutely no way that a flying object as large as a Boeing-777 could evade the 24-hour watch over the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea by NSA-USAF spy satellites, high-tech AEGIS destroyers, the new class of Littoral Combat Ships and P3 surveillance planes.

        The reasons for targeting Malaysia becomes clearer by examining the bigger picture of an aggressive military build-up in the Southeast Asia region by the combined armed forces of the US, Japan and Australia under Washington’s “strategic pivot to Asia” policy. This geopolitical strategy is carried out by the Pentagon and its military allies through the Air-Sea Battle Concept, which disperses Navy and Air Force fighter jets across a network of civilian airfields and secret landing strips.

        Beijing is not the only target of the Air-Sea Battle Concept. Malaysia runs a close second to China on Washington’s enemies list. Flight MH370, destined for Beijing, is the literal embodiment of the economic alliance and political relationship between : China and Malaysia, making the airliner a most convenient target.

        Pressuring Kuala Lumpur

        Located on the geostrategic Malacca Strait, Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim oil-producing nation with a “Look East” policy allying itself with Japan and China. Last year the Malaysian and Chinese governments established an economic alliance, which includes Asian access to world oil reserves. In the eyes of Washington and its allies, these are sufficient grounds to treat Kuala Lumpur as an adversary.

        Even though the Malaysian police force has cooperated closely with the US Embassy in the war on terror, which led to arrests of top-ranking Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, that is not good enough. The late Moammar Gaddhafi of Libya and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also aided Washington in post-911 anti-terrorism, and look where it got them. It is not enough to be a friend of America. For a leader to survive, he must be a groveling yes-man, a political slave – and never mind America’s long-forgotten principles of sovereignty or self-determination.

        Warnings from Washington were repeatedly given to Malaysia over the past few years. In late August 2013, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel flew to Kuala Lumpur last year to pressure the Defence Ministry to cooperated with the strategic pivot through joint naval-and-air exercises directed against Chinese forces in the Malaysian-claimed islets in the Spratley group. These spits of rock and sand located off of Sabah, the Malaysian state in northwest Borneo, have names longer than their diameters, for instance, Investigator Reef and Mariveles Reef.

        At the same time, a mystery force led by a claimant to the title of Sultan of Saah send a group of Filipino gunmen, allegedly trained by a retired American commando, attacked Sabah with a series of shootouts with the Malaysian Army. US counterinsurgency troops happened to be operating in the southern Islamic-dominated areas of the Philippines, where the “sultan” recruited his desperado guerrillas.

        Meanwhile, as disclosed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Washington with the cooperation of Singapore was massively eavesdropping on Malaysian communications, banking and Internet traffic. Kuala Lumpur filed a diplomatic protest with Singapore, which downplayed its role as an agent for American, British and Israeli interests in Southeast Asia.

        Not by any coincidence, this writer earlier exposed the role of Google in trying to block visitors to pro-Palestinian websites in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has taken an active role in sending aid boats to Gaza and speaking on behalf of Palestinian rights at the UN. Google has close relations with the electronic warfare operations of the Pentagon and the Israel Defense Force, and sponsors a research center in Technion, a technical university in Haifa closely integrated with the IDF.

        MH370 is not the first possible casualty of the strategic pivot policy. In May 2011, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner was “accidentally” downed in nearby Indonesia. That mysterious crash into a mountain on a clear day happened after takeoff from Halim Air Base, the planning center for the Air-Sea Battle Concept across the vast Indonesian archipelago. Sukhoi Aircraft Industries had strong connections with Malaysia, where Russian plane manufacturer was planning to build a regional maintenance center – a business plan since canceled under pressure from the Pentagon, Boeing and Lockheed.

        The Malaysia has the only air force in the region that flies Sukhoi jet fighters, which unlike US-supplied warplanes, cannot be electronically controlled and disarmed by a computer-code signal from the Pentagon.

        How to Knock Out Aviation Electronics

        The flight paths of MH370 were not across uncharted waters, as news reports suggest, but over some of the world’s most heavily watched maritime channels. As soon as the jet lifted off Kuala Lumpur, its communications signals and radar image were picked up by US Navy signals intercepts officers stationed at Changi Navy Base and Sembawang dockyard in Singapore, which are effectively bases for the 7th Fleet. Triple coverage would have been provided by USAF listening posts at Halim Air Base near Jakarta.

        The Malaysian airliner would then been picked up by the many USN ships patrolling the South China Sea, in and around the Spratley Islands. Besides AEGIS radar ships, the Navy has dispatched a new class of Littoral Combat Ships, including the USS Freedom, to the pivot.

        Beamed from one of these ships, a powerful type of radar called X-band or narrow-aperture radar could easily have disabled all of the planes. The advanced radar system, now used in electromagnetic warfare to knock out missile and planes, led to the unintended blackout of Los Angeles Airport (LAX) in April 2004.

        As told to me by a former Navy communications officer, “the new type of radar was commissioned by Admiral Jeremy Boorda, who was an enthusiast for anything hi-tech. When our destroyer came to the port of Los Angeles, someone switched on the radar and the electrical power went down at LAX and all of the surrounding area. LAX was closed for hours, but the incident was hushed up by the Pentagon.” Boorda was the victim of an apparent suicide in 1996 after infuriating the officer corps by exposing widespread problem of rape in the naval ranks.

        As reported in the news, MH370 was steered toward the Indian Ocean by the insertion of a computer command into its navigation system. Since at least the 911 incident and possibly earlier, Boeing passenger jets can be remote-controlled by the US intelligence agencies. Any recently built American-built aircraft can now be electronically commandeered and operated like a drone.

        The only question is whether the American government is willing to engage in such a reckless disregard innocent lives. That point has already been proven in countless drone strikes against civilian compounds in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, the Horn of Africa and many unreported locales. Though illegal and immoral, death from the skies is official policy. Without any effective restraints, the Pentagon can easily eliminate the passengers of Malaysian Airlines.

        Perhaps it is not too late to save any surviving hostages, but that task would require a commando team capable of rescuing them from inside a heavily guarded U.S. Military base in the center of the Indian Ocean and flying them to India, the only coastal country in the region secure enough from a Pentagon counterstrike. Rambo, are you ready?

        Flying Under the Radar

        After its electronic systems were knocked out, MH370 made a sharp left turn toward the Kra Peninsula along the thinly populated and insurgency-troubled Malaysia-Thai border. The jet dove to 6,000 feet and possibly lower, enabling it to evade detection by flying below the ground radar. Its path, however, was briefly picked up from the northern side, where the Thai Air Force bases a fleet of Saab jet fighters.

        Significantly, the plane did not crash into the steep mountain range along the Kelantan-Kedah state border, but managed to fly in between the taller peaks. Either the passengers and crew were blessed with incredible luck or the MH370 was flying under remote control. Remote piloting software for a plane, now a readily available for drones, was first developed by Israeli programmers, all of them former IDF officers, in Atel, Israel, prior to 911. The same team created the hacker-immune Waterfall software for critical infrastructure, which was released coincidentally at the same time as the Stuxnet virus.

        Then MH370 crossed over the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea, which is crowded with commercial vessels and oil tankers. That particular section of the strategic passage is constantly monitored by NSA-CIA surveillance stations assigned to protect Indonesia’s Sumatra offshore oil platforms operated by Exxon and BP. Just north of Phuket is the Thai Navy’s 3rdHeadquarters, where American servicemen keep track of all ship and airplane traffic over the Andaman Sea.

        It is impossible, in short, with so many radar facilities and airbases in that oil-rich sea for any jetliner, especially along an unscheduled air route, to go unspotted. So somebody is lying, and perhaps everybody is lying.

        The Impunity of Criminal States

        The cargo manifest for MH370 has yet to be released, just like the SwissAir 111 shipment of pallets of bonds was never disclosed. Perhaps the motive was an economic crime, although that possibility is far-fetched since Malaysia is not a major holder of US Treasury bonds

        The other possible motive is the human assets aboard the jet. The passenger manifest does not disclose the occupation or rank associated with the names. Was there a VIP on board of extreme high value to Western intelligence agencies?

        The lesson of MH370 is that the Great Powers act in secrecy and with impunity. Wars of strategic interest are no longer waged openly but are conducted by proxy armies, mercenaries with guns, propaganda agents placed inside of human-rights groups, media blackmail, social media manipulation and spies in the sky.

        Electronic warfare against planes or against smartphones is by now routine and accepted by dumbed-down users, with no apologies or regrets expressed by the NSA or the Pentagon. Smaller players who cross those invisible red lines or dare to put a stick in the eye of the big boys, end up broken into tiny pieces. In this cruel new world of subterfuge and sabotage, one learns to play the game or is quickly ejected into oblivion like a lost airliner.

        Against the prospect of total domination of global society by spy agencies, resistance by any means and for whatever the cost is not just a game; it is political duty and moral obligation to restore long-ignored constitutional principles and the rule of law. The all-powerful hunters will become the frightened hunted, as is starting to happen now as millions of online users narrow down the destination of MH370.

  • redliner

    Could this have been a “Black OPs” mission to secretly abduct a high profile suspect traveling incognito with or without elicit cargo? Secrecy being required to allow time to interrogate and initiate subsequent missions? The news released has been specious and almost intentionally
    vague or incorrect. Diego Garcia would be the ideal hiding place and temporary accommodation for the 239 onboard. A military with strict control over what comes and goes out including cell phone service. How many more debris sightings will there be? Perhaps we should be patient and keep quiet for now.

    • Dave

      well redliner it would be hard to give temporary accommodation to the passengers by the authorities as they would eventually be thrown in jail ! these passengers are dead for sure and i suspect it was something underhanded.

  • Blobee

    The first question that comes to my mind is why in heaven’s name can the transponder be disabled at all? Why in the world would someone build a plane in which the transponder can be disabled? What is the purpose of THAT?

    • Dave

      That’s simple Blobee. Its because something like that could theoretically cause a fire etc via an electrical problem etc. Basically they may need to shut certain things down to avoid this or any other issue.

      • Blobee

        That’s interesting. Do electrical problems like that happen often, often enough that it’s safer to shut the transponder down?

        • Dave

          Haha…exactly…This is a cover up for sure.

  • Blobee

    Not to be snarky, but doesn’t the TV show, Lost, come to mind?

    • Andy Singletary

      You mean all the survivors are on a moving island called purgatory? Interesting!

      • Blobee

        Well, that was the premise of the TV show. I thought it was so unlikely that a plane could crash on an island (on the TV show) and never be found. But the way this thing is going (in real life, flight MH370) I just think it’s crazy they can’t find the plane or know where it is. So the premise of the TV show isn’t so far fetched, I guess.

  • Kizichka

    Hide in “plane” sight! I think it at least is a plausible explanation, as opposed to the black hole theory! I also notice that many maps I see show the “satellite position” with altitude. I can’t imagine why that is relevant?? In any case it seems to be right over Diego Garcia which is a GPS control base, as well as at launch pad for CIA operations and a state of the art electronic warfare base. If the plane did not go there, Diego damn sure had it on radar, if it flew west for any length of time. Maybe its just me, but I think the bastards are putting an “X” on the map of exactly where the plane is, and defying anybody to challenge them!
    I am not I pilot, but it looks like one could fly “seat of pants” to Maldives (witnesses saw a plane) and turn South and head straight to the landing strip on Diego. Would be easier than heading straight to Diego and than swinging around to line up with the runway if you were flying without electronics.

    • Andy Singletary

      I was stationed in DG in June, 1984. I was there to see the apartment buildings going up. School houses, shopping areas and recreation. Well? Now that I think about it, Everything you find at any other military base can be found there. Even a Navy Federal Credit Union! BUT, no cell phone will ever make a call from there.

  • Andy Singletary

    What bothers me the most is the United States has and will continue to create False Flags in exchange for money. People die under the name of collateral damage. Diego Garcia (BIOT) employs everyone needed to hide a 777. Diego Garcia also houses hanger bays large enough to hide an aircraft this size, food sources and housing are readily available for 300 plus people.
    Both the LS-15(?) and the Hubble Telescope can tell you what the year is stamped on a penny sitting heads up on the ground and in full 256 colors. Why we are receiving poor quality high altitude photos of unidentifiable objects? There has been more than sufficient time to relocate the telescope to a more useful orbit.
    I admit I will feel like an ass when she is found in deep water, however, no one will report the possibility (considering the amount of time passed) that she could have landed in DG(BIOT) first.

  • GidonBelmaker

    From one of our readers:
    I have heard that 20 of the passengers worked for Freescale which has the technology that makes it possible for a plane to be a ghost and undetected by radar.

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