Jodi Arias Trial Still Not Rescheduled as Originally Planned Start Date Approaches
Jodi Arias Trial Still Not Rescheduled as Originally Planned Start Date Approaches

The Jodi Arias trial sentencing phase has still not been rescheduled as the originally planned start date approaches.

Jury selection was supposed to start on March 17 but officials announced that it was postponed in February. 

It came to light several weeks ago that prosecutor Juan Martinez, who is in charge of the Arias trial for the county, has a case that is slated to start on May 12.

That case is for Bryan Hulsey, charged with murdering Glendale police officer Anthony Holly in 2007.

The Hulsey case has been repeatedly postponed, according to the Arizona Republic, and Martinez doesn’t want to see it postponed any further.

Martinez suggested that a different prosecutor be appointed to the Arias trial, but a supervisor who was in the courtroom declined the suggestion.

Maricopa County Superior Court Presiding Criminal Judge Joseph Welty decided that Judge Sherry Stephens, who is presiding over the Arias trial, will decide when to reschedule the Arias trial for. 

Stephens has still not after more than five weeks announced a new start date for the sentencing part of the trial.

Arias was convicted of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander in his Mesa home in 2008.

The jury in the case couldn’t come to a unanimous decision over sentencing. Under Arizona law, prosecutors have the option of re-starting the penalty phase with a new jury.

If a decision still isn’t unanimously reached, Stephens would decide whether to sentence Arias to life in prison without possibility of parole, or time in prison with possibility of parole after 25 years.

Stephens has come under criticism after banning journalists from some phases of the trial and curtailing access to other portions.

  • Chiron

    After an unexpected delay, which has trapped me for an extra week in the frozen Hell of north- most America. I finally get to join the posse of pissed of villagers that surround Hodi’s County Pen tomorrow night. Pitchforks and Torches are, as per usual, required by dress code. After 3 full weeks of minus 40 here, I get to chant with the gang and warm my hands up too.

    • wolfsden6lynn

      Te-ha-ha-ha!! I hear it is extra sweet to carry a pitchfork and torch while naked in the Arizona heat.! Enjoy, my friend.!! ;))

      • Chiron

        I’m going to pick up my favorite claw hammer, a hundred weight of 2″ nails and join the gang that are busy building Ariass’ a tasteful ‘pine gallows equipped with a nice trap door and a thick sisal rope’. If possible, just outside her pen’s barred window, and placed so she can enjoy watching its progress over a couple of days. With all the hammering and drop testing going on she may not sleep, buts that’s progress.

        Dr. Nick and meat wagon on standby to take Hodi back home where she’ll never be cold again and there is no ‘commissary’ to complain about. The ultimate in recycle programs.

        • wolfsden6lynn

          Laughed so hard, I sprayed my monitor with tea!! Later, at night, it would be cheap wine, stale garlic bread, salami and Jarlsberg cheese!!

          • Chiron

            Better tea, than not I’d say.

    • wolfsden6lynn

      After you click that little star thingy, to show Jack appreciation for personally running the JA articles…put your clothes back on, and head back to the other thread.! (not that I didn’t enjoy the mental picture, btw!) ;))

  • George Barwood

    Jodi was wrongly convicted, by the time she appeals and is exonerated she may have spent 10 years or more in jail and prison.

    This is the US justice system.

    • TrialJunky

      By the time she appeals and is exonerated, Hell will have frozen over. In fact, is it is a miscarriage of justice that her ass sits in County Jail instead of a lonely cell on Death Row.

      • Esquire Joe

        WELL SAID!!!!

    • Ramblin2

      All the time she spends in jail or prison is fine with me. That’s the least she could do for having killed an innocent man.

    • Chiron

      The time she’s going be ‘exonerated’ by anyone is 12 – 13 years hence when Satan tells her that her ‘papers are not in order’ with his best German accent and *attempts* to deport her somewhere with a cooler climate and harp music. That place is forever closed to her so she’d better pack SPF 50 Million, accordion and bag pipes. She’ll lead the hottest band in the joint.

    • wolfsden6lynn

      So, you think she was ‘wrongly convicted’ of Pre-Meditated, First Degree Murder…..WITH Cruelty?
      Remember that camping trip she tried to insert herself into? She didn’t go out and buy a new Coleman stove! Nope! NOT Jodi!
      She goes out and buys a brand new 9mm handgun…in case the occasion to murder comes up again.
      Gotta LOVE her pre-planning skills.! Why h*ll…murdering TA was so EASY for her, that the possibility of needing to MURDER
      again wouldn’t keep HER HOME from a camping trip with guys she barely knew!! Nope! Not Jodi!
      What’s the possibility of another Murder, compared to the FUN she could have camping with strangers!! Get a GRIP!!!

  • Chiron

    Hodi is back in court here today (March 17, 2014) per local news.

    Not sure if I’ve the time to head down and whether I have some nice ripe old fruit on hand for her though.

  • QuaglinosPlaceOrMabels

    Just read in another article that the penalty re-trial is now scheduled to start in September. I guess I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Chiron

      September 8th, 2014 is Hodi’s next ‘Witching Hour’ here in Phoenix per the 5:00 PM local news.

      She’ll be dressed in a classic black and white stripe number complete with spittle stains from last night’s slop, a steel ball, steel chain, her black pointy cap, nose wart hag putty (as limited by Sheriff Joe) and her favorite straw broom. Martinez and the State need the time to finish building their new ‘Radar Guided Surface to Broom Missile’ and just enough time to say ‘Pull’ and ‘Hasta La Vista, baby’. ‘And er No… You won’t be right back!’

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