The Walking Dead Season 5 News: Cast to Begin Filming in April; Premiere Set for October
The Walking Dead Season 5 News: Cast to Begin Filming in April; Premiere Set for October

The Walking Dead season 4 is unfortunately close to the end–there’s three episodes left–and people are wondering about season 5. Who will be in the cast, when does filming begin, and when does the season premiere?

We do know that the episode 1 air date is set for October 2014. 

And now, thanks to Lauren Cohan (Maggie Green), we know that filming is set to begin in mid-April. Cast members are being called back to Atlanta then.

There’s reportedly at least one major death coming up on the popular show, but who’s being killed is completely unclear at this point.

Asked if she thinks about her character dying, Cohan told Entertainment Weekly: “Maybe the thought goes through my mind, but I can’t entertain it, I just think about this moment.”

She added:  “It’s nice because…any death that happens definitely leads to greater story. The death of Hershel has been the saddest death for me…but it’s going to now propel so much huge story. It doesn’t change the fact that it absolutely sucks, but it does propel so much story,” she points out. “I think when I’m totally done on this show I’ll be able to understand it all, but right now I don’t totally understand how we process it all.”

So will she be back on the Atlanta set or will Maggie be dead?  “The first half of April is a vacation, and then we’ll see what happens in the second half,” she said with a laugh. Season 4 filming wrapped up last November.

  • Dylan Kroll

    if they generally follow the storyline of the comics, as them seem to be intent on doing for the moment, then it will be a very long time before we see Maggie get the ax…

  • Alisha Lou

    I know it’s not Daryl cause they’ve been talking about someone from the comics dying and he ain’t in the comics at all. Him and beth are the most safe right now my bets are on Carol, carl, or rick.

    • Brian Bahbah

      If you think Beth is safe then you must have missed this past weeks episode.

  • Dakota Kudra

    It could be Beth because she was recently kidnapped ya know… Or it could be one of the kids.. Judith, or Rick is my guess.

  • Superherologist

    TV Carol has outlived comic book Carol, so I’m going to bet on her, possibly redeeming herself to Tyrese somehow. I know TV Tyrese has also outlived comic book Tyrese, but the character also arrived late in the TV series.

    • Brian Bahbah

      She won’t have to redeem herself once the show reveals that it was really Lizzie that killed to two people in the jail and Carol covered for her after dragging out the bodies and burning them.

      • Leisa Gaultney Epps

        i agree Brian

      • Brian Bahbah

        Well. That didn’t turn out like I expected. But who knows. There’s still time to learn more.

  • scottsvb

    Ok, first off, it’s not Rick.. he will be there till the final season and maybe last episode…everyone else though is expendable.

    • Brandon Lamar

      I’d say Rick and Daryl will be the characters that stay to the end. Everyone else is expendable.


    i have a feeling it could be Glen because he is beaten to death by Negan in the comics. I know we haven’t even seen Negan yet but it is possible to see Glen die in a similar way, which would be a shame. If not Glen, then maybe Carol or Tara. All I can say is I am on the edge of my seat!!! For a zombie Apocalypse soap opera, The Walking Dead is KICK ASS in my book and I will be watching until the very last episode!!!!

    • Tammy Sheehan

      Right down to the last commercial!! Disappoints me they cut scenes instead of commercials which there are way too many of!

  • Alisha Lou

    Well I guess the death is supposed to be shocking, so It’s not daryl and I also heard it’s someone from the comics that’s supposed to die. And Beths storyline has been getting alot lately so I don’t think they will off her just yet. Her’s and Daryl’s storyline isn’t finished yet and Emily and norman both hinted they’d be in season five via twitter. If I had my guess i’d say Lizzie and mika and Carol cause they always kill one of the main characters around either the second to last episode or around episode 14 i’ve realized

    • Brian Bahbah

      Or perhaps the very reason Beth has had a lot of show time lately is to get the audience more attached to her so that when she dies it will be more dramatic. It wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal to kill off a character that barely gets and screen time anyway.

      • Alisha Lou

        She was also just added to the credits and Emily hinted she was gonna be returning for season five. I myself mostly only care for Daryl he’s pretty much the reason I watch he dies shows ratings will drop. In a article it actually stated the only way they see daryl dying is if norman wanted to leave.

        • josh

          Ok Glen gets killed by negan and lucille they beat his brains out, but that’s all the way in Washington dc they haven’t even started to leave USA so people need to get there story staight.the next person to die is either Carol or tyrese because in the comic they r both dead already.and maybe judith.

          • Brian Bahbah

            From what I remember Lora fell ontop of Judith killing her while fleaing the prison when the governer attacked. Well, in the show Lora was dead way before that and Judith is still alive. The writer himself said he felt like he had matured as a writer and wanted to change some things. But, that doesn’t mean he will change what you said josh. Who knows but him.

        • Brian Bahbah

          Well.. Don’t get me wrong.. I would love to see the character Beth stay on the show a lot longer.. She has only recently become one of my favorite charaters (since they started developing her part more) And yea, Daryl has to stay, it would ruin the shows popularity seriously if he dies. I think Glen is going to die though.

  • ElRonbo

    It will be Carol that dies, and immediately after her death the rest of the group will find out it wasn’t her that killed Tyrese’s gf and the other person. Standard television formula – kill a secondary character, *then* make the audience have a greater investment in them.

    • Alisha Lou

      I just love how usually they say is supposed to be a shocking death and a major character that dies. And usually it’s someone that fans dont much like in the first place that did that in true blood last year. Im guessing carol only because she’s the only one who wasn’t seen on the set while filming the season finale this year. And norman hinted he was going to be in next season and so did emily I guess. Not to mention one daryl has a huge fan base killing him would kill ratings. Two it seems he left with those hunter dudes and they wont sum that up in only 2 episodes and three. Usually a main character dies before the season finale and Daryl isnt even gonna be in the next episode. And fans always assume it’s going to be daryl every year and it never is. His death wouldn’t be shocking people would see it coming. My guesses are either glenn, carol or maggie cause thats who everyone else is thinking right now.

      • Matt K

        I do know in the comic that glenn gets a very very violent death by the hands of negan

    • Leisa Gaultney Epps

      i think the little girl killed those sick people and Carol just took the blame for it. Because that one little girl has a sick mind already.

  • Rahul Ciby

    Darryl is going to die because he’s not there in the comics and a similar character is going to come

    • Alisha Lou

      Sorry but I doubt daryl is going to die he isn’t in the comics and the shows ratings would drop. Yea he could die but I’d doubt it’s anytime soon.

  • Virg

    NO I don’t want Daryl to die.

    • Alisha Lou

      I doubt he will anytime soon. Cause norman has already hinted he’d be in season five and they arent going to have him go with those guys just to have them kill him. If it is daryl then it would be the dumbest thing they’ve done

  • Insider

    We need to just stop watching and demand that they bring back normal seaons with more episodes. How much more can they milk this show?? And its the viewers who have the control..SO USE IT AND DONT WATCH UNTIL WE GET FULL SEASONS!!

  • Mel Ruth

    Glen dies after the prison fell in the comic book so its a good chance that he will be the on to go. But then again Andrea hasent died in the comic book and she is dead so it could be anyone except rick and daryl. If daryl dies we riot!!!!! # TEAM DIXON

  • MObiLeCRacKErS

    The walking dead game :live or die
    going viral

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