9 Passenger Planes That Have Gone Missing Without Explanation
9 Passenger Planes That Have Gone Missing Without Explanation

7. DC-4 (Canadian Pacific Air Lines), July 21, 1951

C-54A-DO similar to the the C-54A-10-DC that disappeared. (Wikimedia Commons)

Plane type: Douglas C-54A-10-DC (CF-CPC)

Passengers: 31

Crew: 6

The C-54 was en-route to Anchorage-Elmendorf AFB, AK, USA, from Vancouver International Airport, BC, Canada.

A report was made at 6:53 p.m. PT while the plane was flying over the Cape Spencer intersection in British Columbia. Nothing more was heard after.

The United States Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force conducted an extensive search, but failed to find any traces of the plane.


8. DC-3 (Gulf Aviation), July 10, 1960

Douglas C-47-DL similar to the one that disappeared. (Wikimedia Commons)

Plane type: Douglas C-47-DL (VT-DGS)

Passengers: 13

Crew: 3

The DC-3 departed from Doha Airport, Qatar, for Sharjah Airport, United Arab Emirates.

Last radio contact was made to Sharjah air traffic control at 6:05 a.m. GMT, but Sharjah never heard the transmission.

The pilot of a de Havilland Heron plane, who was also scheduled to land at Sharjah, heard the DC-3’s transmission to the airport’s traffic controllers.

The de Havilland Heron plane landed at Sharjah. The DC-3, however, disappeared.

Poor visibility and considerable tailwind were suggested as plausible reasons for the accident.


9. Merpati Nusantara Airlines Flight 6715, January 10, 1995

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 similar to the one that disappeared. (Wikimedia Commons)

Plane type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 (PK-NUK)

Passengers: 10

Crew: 4

The Twin Otter plane departed from Bima Airport for Ruteng Airport in Indonesia.

The plane went missing in bad weather.

No wreckage was ever found.

  • Richard M

    And TWA 800. A bullship explanation is no explanation!

    • HessenBalkan

      Which one was that? Sounds familiar.

      • rg9rts

        The one that blew up on takeoff from JFK

        • HessenBalkan

          Hmm yes I remember that one, went right down in the water. What came out of that investigation? I don’t remember.

          • Richard M

            The investigation was a coverup. The ridiculous conclusion of the “investigation” was that sparks from frayed wiring flew into the planes fuel tank causing it to explode.

            Hundreds of eyewitnesses saw a missile impact the plane.

          • HessenBalkan

            I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cover up. Often after many years suddenly the truth comes out…maybe through a whistleblower or something like that.
            For a while I’ve dug into incidences in Germany and Austria, labeled as terrorist attacks or just accidents. Viewing/reading all about it, listening to eye witnesses that the police had no interest in, it makes you often wonder if our own governments maybe had some interests to let these incidences happen.
            It’s hard for me to explain here in writing exactly what I mean…ones the language issue and then the complexity of some of the events.
            Anyway I must admit I don’t trust any government very much.

          • Richard M

            Another airliner shotdown and covered up was the Itavia 870 shootdown in 1980.

          • HessenBalkan

            I just read up on that one too, yes I agree, sounds like it was shot down and then for whatever reasons covered up.

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