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Jasmine Joseph Mystery: Nursing Student Didn’t Attend Classes Since May 2013, Investigators Say

Jasmine Joseph, a missing nursing student from Long Island, went missing Feb. 24, and her parents are trying to figure out why.

Joseph, 22, reportedly had not attended classes at the New York Institute of Technology since May 2013. She was living at home and was telling her parents that she was attending school through the fall and winter of 2013, according to PIX-11.

Her parents’ credit card was charged $6,072 for the Fall 2013 semester, according to the report.

“This time, we never see her report card,” her mother was quoted as saying. “But last spring, the other semesters, she was a straight-A student. When her father asked to see the report card, she said there was something wrong with the computer.”

Her mother Lovely Joseph, who works as a hospital nurse, said she noticed that her daughter wasn’t taking home college text books.

“She told me she was doing online reading,” she told PIX-11.

Lovely last spoke with her daughter on Feb. 24, and her daughter claimed she was at the library a the Old Westbury campus. When she didn’t return home, the parents attempted to search the college.

“First, we thought that someone had kidnapped her, because the college is dark at night. We went to all the parking lots,” Lovely said.

Jasmine’s silver 2012 Nissan Altima–with a license plate of GAD3453–was never found.

Investigators later said that she wasn’t attending classes and hadn’t done so since May of last year. “That’s not her character,” her mother told the station. “She always obeys.”

“We were in complete shock,” cousin Tessa James told the New York Daily News. “She never showed a sign that she wasn’t going to school. That’s why this is such a mystery.”

Her parents set up the Find Jasmine Joseph Facebook profile to aid in the search.

On Friday, the page gave an update: “There are rumors swirling that Jasmine is home, as bad as we want to say this is true. It isn’t. We are still still looking for her. The family thanks you for all of your Kind words.”

Police have ruled out foul play in the disappearance.

“She’s a 22-year-old adult not under parental control,” Inspector Kenneth Lack of the Nassau County Police Department told the Daily News. “We’re really just trying to locate her to make sure she’s safe.”

Her family, friends, and others have organized flyer distribution and are offering $5,000 for information about her whereabouts.

“She’s at an age where maybe she should be allowed to be herself a little more and be a little more free,” James said. “I feel like she might have needed a little space and time to herself.”

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