The Tomorrow People Season 2? Will CW Show Be Renewed or Canceled?
The Tomorrow People Season 2? Will CW Show Be Renewed or Canceled?

As The Tomorrow People heads toward the end of season 1, fans are wondering whether there will be a season 2.

The season finale is slated for May 5.

The first season is scheduled to have 22 episodes.

Zap2It’s TV By the Numbers blog predicts that either The Tomorrow People or The 100–which premieres on March 19–will be renewed. Not both.

The blog, which uses data such as viewers per episode, said that “it’s not an unreasonable guess” that The 100 will survive over The Tomorrow People, but that it will have to wait until The 100 actually airs before making the prediction.

Executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer Zap2It was asked if there are plans for a Tomorrow People season 2 if it’s renewed.

“The way we’re leaving the finale, it blows out Season 1 in such a way that it makes it clear to anyone who sees it that the Tomorrow People aren’t going to be ‘underground’ and that it’s really just the tip of the iceberg as far as paranormals go, that we’ve seen in Season 1. It’s not going to be a matter of ULTRA vs. our gang. The world is actually much more complicated and larger. It’s not going to be a question of survival anymore. It’s going to be a question of how they choose to use their powers,” he said.

“By the time we get to the end of the season, all of our central characters aren’t on the same side. They aren’t all alive — and some are responsible for the deaths of others. We definitely end in a very fraught place. It’s sort of like ‘Empire Strikes Back’–it’s a bummer, but it leaves Stephen with. … Instead of going from boy to man like he did in Season 1, it’s the promise of him becoming a hero and a leader and sort of repairing this fractured world.

I might have some repairing to do with our fanbase once they see some of the changes. But I promise: Just hang with it, take a deep breath and when people sleep with people, people betray people, people take each other’s powers, kill each other, turn over to the dark side — you just have to keep watching, because I think everyone is true to themselves. And it’s not the people, it’s the impossible predicament that we’ve placed them in. Blame the showrunner. It’s my fault.”

 Correction: A previous version of this article misstated the number of episodes season 1 has. It is currently scheduled to have 22 episodes. Also, the season finale is on May 5, not in March. Epoch Times regrets the errors.

  • Lane Kim

    I’d rather The Tomorrow People be renewed than Reign. Reign is fairly terrible, but TP actually has a story. The fact that Reign has been renewed doesn’t give me much hope.

  • hallie24

    I think fans should ban together and not watch the 100 that way we can get another season. Reign got renewed because it is an network show as for ttp the one saving grace is the 100 will be compared to there ratings in the first 8 episodes (all that will air before the up fronts) TTP actually did well the first part of the season.

  • Katie

    I want the Tomorrow People to be renewed! It’s finally get into the grove of things. With moving away from the silly Stephen/Cara/John mess.

    As long as they don’t hurt John or Astrid i’m ok.

    Star Crossed needs to get canceled or the 100.

  • Jess Halvie

    Ugh, I hope StarCrossed gets cancelled. It had a fantastic premise, but the characters are so flat and unlikable. They aren’t realistic, they’re boring and shallow. I don’t understand why TTP is getting so much hate, though. The 100 also sounds like an interesting show, but of the clips I’ve seen, it looks choppy without much of a solid plot. Renew TTP!


    I watch both The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed. The Tomorrow People is a very well-developed show, with characters and plots that pay off every week. It reminds me a lot of Fox’s Fringe, with weekly and season-long stories. Star-Crossed is very flat. It is exploring big issues first, when it should begin with the small ones. I really hope TTP gets renewed. I have no interest in The 100 at all.

  • Michael Millard

    I would love to see it continue. I thought it was a huge mistake to not keep the Secret Circle and The Tomorrow People is a much better show. It’s one of my favorites and sounds like it’s going to get much better.

  • Amanda

    Personally, I would not like to see the show renewed. At the start of the show, I said differently. However, there is now far too much hate towards characters from the fans. Let’s take my favorite character for example. Cara is hated on by more than half of the fan base. Seeing so much of it is far from pleasant. As long as the hate is around, I don’t want the show to be renewed. If it is, I for one will not watch it anymore.

  • MykahThoe

    I wish and hope it will be renewed. I spent my whole spring break watching every last episode until 6am. It would be horrible like I don’t understand why THE SECRET CIRCLE was cancelled! I Also spent a lot of time last year watching the episodes until 6am. Ready for season 2!!!!

  • Daniela João

    Oh no! Now I feel bad for watching The 100 and liking it. I don’t want The Tomorrow People to be canceled, it has so much potential, it’s so sad. I already was addicted to it and now, after reading this, I’m evan more.
    I’m also watching Star-Crossed, kinda more just for the sake of it, I’ll not suffer if it gets canceled, it’s just another show about a “Romeo and Juliet” kind of story, nothing new, nothing fresh. Not like The Tomorrow People that gets you stuck to the screen, or even The 100 that has everything to be a good show.

    Please do not cancel The Tomorrow People!!!!

  • Jan Scott

    When talk starts about the probable cancellation of a serialized program, I delete all remaining episodes from the DVR and stop watching. Hate getting interested and then being left up in the air as to what happens to the characters. Saw the rating dropped over 30% for the last rated episode. Guess I am not the only one.

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