Almost Human Season 2? Will Fox Show be Renewed or Canceled?
Almost Human Season 2? Will Fox Show be Renewed or Canceled?

Almost Human has a core following but that might not be enough for a season 2.

The show on Fox did not improve even with competition over from the Olympics.

Both Almost Human and The Following dropped to or tied their season lows, reported Zap2It.

“If Fox has to renew just one show, I’m still sticking with the show with the bigger star, higher episode count, and more promotion, but frankly, Fox renewing – or canceling – both wouldn’t surprise me,” blogger Tom Shaw wrote.

Almost Human is predicted to be canceled at this point by the numbers crunching television blog.

The Following is predicted to be renewed at this point.

The season one finale, episode 13, for Almost Human is airing tonight.

Fans commenting on the show’s Facebook page urged Fox to renew the show. 

“RENEW, RENEW, RENEW!!!!!!!! Hard to believe it’s the season finale already – great show – make sure to RENEW it FOX!!!” said one.

“How did we get to a finale so soon, better get renewed, one of the few series worth watching..way too many reality tv garbage,” said another.

  • Bosco

    Please let this renew! it’s one show I don’t let sit on the DVR for very long. In other words, I can’t wait to watch it each week!

  • Janet Andrews

    This show needs to be renewed. There aren’t a whole lot of shows that are unique but not gory. We need Almost Human.

  • Loki007Loki

    Almost Human is a GREAT show I really hope it is renewed as I can see it’s only getting better and better! Hopefully just like Dorian AKA the “DRN” got renewed in the finale this show does in real life! :)

    BTW, to the author of this article(“Zachary Stieber”) I think, and I could be wrong, but if we are thinking of the same “blog” then you are incorrect as “the numbers crunching television blog” upgraded it’s prediction for this show on Feb. 25th to “On the Bubble”.

  • cypherEX

    Renew. The quality of the show should allow it a season 2.

  • Steve Croft

    Both THE FOLLOWING and ALMOST HUMAN have been great this season. The Following has picked itself up majorly and Almost Human has come out swinging as a really strong show. Please renew both!

  • nottoocrazy67

    This show has caught and maintained my interest from the beginning. That is a rare occurrence with TV shows these days. It had better get renewed! It’s the only good thing Fox has to offer, in my opinion.

  • SoccerJoe

    If the show is cancelled, we all need to start a major social media campaign for all producers and viewers to completely boycott future scifi on Fox. They continue to piss away solid shows and at some point it simply isn’t worth the time or effort to even care about potential new shows anymore.

  • neon

    Cancellation would be sad due to the lack of scifi shows these days. But tbh the show is reminding me of the Star Trek concept that did not end well for these shows: Technobabble about a crime. Technobabble leading to find the bad guy and add some more technobabble in between, before and after.

    I say get rid of the current writers for some more talented writers and start a damn story arc. The episodes alone aren’t enough.

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