Stanford Scientist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness
Stanford Scientist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

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Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has been researching a level of physical reality hitherto undetectable with conventional measurement instruments.

He says two kinds of substances exist:

1. The electric atom/molecule level: Substances on this level can be measured with traditional instruments. We can measure them because they are electric-charge based. 

2. The magnetic information waves level: Tiller explains in an introduction to his research on his website: “This new level of substance, because it appears to function in the physical vacuum (the empty space between the fundamental electric particles that make up our normal electric atoms and molecules), is currently invisible to us and to our traditional measurement instruments.”

This second type of substance has great power, and it is affected by human thought.


Power of the Magnetic Information Waves

Tiller put the energy of the magnetic information waves level into perspective in an interview for the documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know?” (See the interviews below) He compared the latent energy of the entire known universe to the latent energy in the vacuum inside a single hydrogen atom.

The latent energy in one atom is a trillion times that estimated to exist in the space of the known universe.

“Just that little bit of vacuum outweighs all the mass and all the planets and all the stars,” he said. This comparison assumes the universe is fairly flat, which astronomers say it is. Tiller said the calculations are not 100 percent accurate, but they are accurate enough to give us an idea of the amount of energy in this second type of substance he talks about in the vacuum.


How Human Intention Takes Effect

Tiller says he has been able to detect this hitherto invisible substance, but only when it interacts with the electric molecule/atom type substance we can conventionally measure.

Human consciousness spurs this interaction.

An intention projected from a person’s mind seems to increase the conductivity between the atom/molecule level and the vacuum level. 

“Consciousness lifts the higher thermodynamic free energy state [of the vacuum level], then we can access the physics of the vacuum,” Tiller says. “Accessing that new physics allows intention to bring forth effects you wouldn’t imagine.”

The consciousness can, in a way, affect or interact with a power greater than anything conventional instruments have been able to measure thus far.


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  • ExpatEUTherapist

    Great work.

  • The Devil

    Being Yoda requires more than just intention, meditation, and listening to other old men. The hilarious part is the number of gurus that are spawned by this kind of thinking, and which ignore the fundamental fact that a bacteria or virus doesn’t care what the brain knows. A pathogen only fights other cells, but can destroy entire species.

    I doubt asteroids care what I think even though my brain can tweak reality the size of an atom.

    The Devil is a comedian playing to an audience too ready for a lynching.

    • Wade Hoffman

      In your own words you have stated “I doubt …….” In fact your entire response casts doubt on the subject of this article. Therefore, this is the manner in which you affect the magnectic information waves. So yes, you will continue to be the victim of pathogens and asteroids until such time as you no longer doubt.

      Many of us on the other hand now choose to embace such magnificent and empowering discoveries, even if we chose to laugh at them when Jesus told us of them 2000 years ago.

      Good luck with your doubt. It belongs to you only, and has no effect upon those of us who choose not to doubt now that science is coming into synchronicity with the divine revelations of the Christ.

      • The Devil

        Tell that magnet on your fridge you don’t believe in magnetism and laugh at your own futility.

    • PJ London

      Your problem is that you see and believe only that which you are conditioned tp believe. ” ignore the fundamental fact that a bacteria or virus doesn’t care what the brain knows.” How do you know this to be true? You do not. It can be shown that at every level Cells (including pathogens) can and do co-operate. The “fight” is due to intention.

      Quite honestly, until you open your mind to new things, I very much doubt that your “brain can tweak reality the size of an atom.”

      • The Devil

        My problem is that the spice of life is entertaining enough with new cults based on pseudo-science, and quacks. Wanna play the “open your mind” game? Wanna be the big Guru on the block? Wanna keep acting enlightened?

        You might want to do more than tell me about Bruce Lipton’s microbiology work, and learn that your “view” about “MY” mind has nothing to do with my opinion.

        Maybe you are being conditioned to believe garbage about life, but your innate bigotry is getting the better of you?

        OOPs I just committed my cardinal sin. I just told you what you know without knowing anything about you.

        • PJ London

          How did a Stanford Physicist get to be a cult?

          “Maybe you are being conditioned to believe garbage about life”

          this is possible, but who is doing the conditioning?
          Can you tell me how my appeal to “having and open mind” displays “bigotry”?
          Not only do you know very little about me, as I know little about you, but I can deduce from your comments that you also know very little about logic and English comprehension.

          • The Devil

            “OOPs I just committed my cardinal sin. I just told you what you know without knowing anything about you.” — The Devil

  • Brad Eckert

    Bill Tiller understands a lot. I hope his biofeedback technology works, but there are other groups bridging the spirit/material domain who are way ahead of him in technology and ability to execute. RF/microwave measurement of signals in specialized high gain avalanche devices seems like the most promising approach to date. This stuff is coming. Once the technology to peer into souls goes viral, bad people will have nowhere to hide because being bad stains their soul. No more evil, no more disease. The sick puppies ruining our planet can’t wrap their materialistic heads around this, so they’ll be totally blindsided.

    • Adam Evenson

      Brad Eckert, you understand a lot, too.

    • Tara MacIsaac

      Hi Brad, If you have any suggestions as to other groups you’ve found do especially effective/interesting work in this field, I’d be happy to look into them. Thanks!

  • Lygeia

    First, we humans said the Earth was flat. Now, we are saying the Universe if flat. Hmmmm.

  • David Turco

    Dr. Tiller, this is not a ‘new’ level of substance, it has been there all along. Physicists today could learn a lot from true spiritual masters from around the world.

    • imusintheevening

      Yes, generally I agree, just to be clear, spiritual as opposed to religious, but without measurements and the required instrumentation it will remain an incomprehensible fog that is difficult to harness.

  • Adam Evenson

    That’s a mighty big idea. However, I discovered, way back during the Sixties, that a single proton is a mass of scaled-down suns and galaxies. It’s all made possible within the relative size arrangements that make up The Universe. Imagine a single proton being that powerful! Yet, the thing is even beyond that. It’s so far out that only I know about it. Humankind is too puny of concept to go all the way. It’s how/why I am not the same as humankind. Try to think of a proton as tiny and basically All Powerful as I just described above. Yet it is small compared to larger things in God’s Universe. This is a universe before me (or “us”? Ha, ha, I think not) in which comparisons provide the contrast that is necessary for any kind of vision, be it physical or psychic. Thus, the greater one’s contrast ‘twixt the large and the small, the greater is one’s concourse with THE “ALL” IN THE ALL OF ALL. Would one like to play ball? Ha, ha, ha.

  • Pablito Genaro

    Reminds me of the Noosephere

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Good news!

    Dear universally disperses atoms, I intend to be wealthy beyond my wildest expectations. Also I intend peace on earth and good will towards all men…….and pretty ladies too.

    There now, that’s done.

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