Russia Ukraine War? Russian Troops, Helicopters, Planes ‘Capture’ Crimea Airport

UNITED NATIONS—Ukraine’s U.N. ambassador says he has told the U.N. Security Council that Russian military helicopters and transport planes are entering his country and Russian armed forces seized Crimea’s main airport.

Ukraine’s Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev told reporters Friday outside the council that neither major airport in Crimea is under national control and that the main airport was “captured by Russian armed forces.”

He said 11 Russian attack helicopters had been brought in along with Mi-24 military transport planes.

Sergeyev said Russian “groupies” in Crimea are challenging Ukraine’s national authority.

He said a Russian naval captain had been maneuvering his ship under command of Russian nationals in Crimea.

The Russian maneuvers involved forces at the Russian naval bases in Crimea, and the inflights by attack helicopters and Russian transport planes

“We have two problems, inside and outside,” Sergeyev said.

The private Security Council meeting came hours after Ukraine said Russian troops have taken up positions around a coast guard base and two airports in its Crimean peninsula, and sought help from the council to help protect it from its powerful neighbor.

  • Sarah Sahasbeen

    Vladimir won’t be happy until he re-establishes the old Soviet Union under his personal power. And he’ll do anything to accomplish that, even fomenting war. How else can he cover himself in glory?

    • Richard M

      It’s like 1930s deja vu! The dictator takes and the “Allies” appease.

      This is military aggression, as surely as Adolf taking Sudetenland, and the rest of Czechoslovakia was….Sign pacts, appease and appeal to League of Nations all you want. War is coming.