Lil Boosie Release Date: Cousin Writes Letter About Brother’s Alleged Thievery, Report Says

Lil Boosie, who has been in prison for the past four years and will likely be released in March, apparently has had some family trouble.

Porche Breaux, a cousin of the Louisiana-based rapper, wrote that his brother, Taquari “TQ” Hatch, has been essentially stealing funds.

“His crooked [expletive] didn’t even really have a relationship with his brother! He thought his brother was ignorant and he could out smart him. His dirty [expletive] spent 50k to take his frat brothers on a trip, actually they’ve been on plenty trips….He has been to numerous Saints games, he has 7 nieces and nephews how many trips with them?” reads a letter from Breaux, which was published on

The letter reads: “What about trips with Connie…. why didn’t he take them out of town? Those girls are struggling!! If he cared anything about his family for real he would have been giving the kid’s mom a child support check at the beginning of the month instead avoiding their kids.”

Breaux alleges that Hatch has been “booking shows in Boosie’s name and collecting cash when he knows good and well his brother is incarcerated. Then the promoters and fans get upset thinking that Boosie is a no-show! Isn’t he hurting the Boosie brand more than anything?”

And meanwhile, he’s driving a “new BMW,” while his mother is driving a Kia.

“While everybody’s so worried about District Attorney Hillar Moore ruining Boosie’s life, he needs to be arresting his thieving [brother],” the letter basically concludes.

There were hoaxes more than a week ago saying that Boosie was released from prison only to be sent back to jail over $80,000 in child support. However, that was published on a “satire” news site called Cream Bmp Daily, which only publishes fake news stories.

Regarding Boosie’s release date, LA Weekly reporter Jeff Weiss said earlier this month that the rapper–born Torrence Hatch–won’t get out until March.

“Just received confirmation that Boosie will not be getting out of jail next week. However, his release is imminent — most likely in March,” he wrote on Twitter. Weiss did a few interviews with Boosie while he was in prison.

“A parole board hearing was scheduled for Boosie next week but was canceled, because it didn’t make sense considering his release is so soon,” Weiss said. “Boosie still has to finish up some classes & then his release date will be officially re-calculated — tentatively, he’ll be home in March.”

In early February, Boosie told BET: “I can’t wait to get out and squash all this [expletive],” referring to rumors about performing and possibly about his brother booking dates for him to perform. “I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game,” he continued.

Boosie said that while in prison, he wrote dozens–or possibly hundreds–of songs. The music, he said, will show his growth as “a son, a father, a man.”

Fans have been eagerly awaiting his release, with #FreeBoosie trending on Twitter a number of times in recent months.

Boosie pleaded guilty on drug charges and got more than four years in prison. He was, however, exonerated of the more serious charge of murder in 2012.

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