‘Woman Falls Into Polar Bear Pit’ at Zoo Shocking Video a Facebook Scam

A viral Facebook post claims a woman fell into a polar bear pit, and there’s a video, but it’s just a scam that can get users to download a rogue app on Facebook.

“[SHOCKING VIDEO] Woman Falls into Polar Bear Pit,” it reads. “The entire ordeal is caught on film – WARNING – very graphic content.”

The incident–where a woman falls into a polar bear pit at a zoo–was actually a real event, and it took place in Berlin, Germany, in 2009. The video can be viewed here.

However, the Facebook scam that’s being spread this week doesn’t have a video or any content. It just asks users to share it.

When one clicks on it, the post prompts the user to install a rogue Facebook app that collects users’ personal information.

It is not recommended to share the post or download the rogue Facebook app. Apparently, there’s reports that the app will post photos and updates without the user knowing.

If you have shared the post, please delete it and report it to Facebook.

And if you’ve downloaded a rogue Facebook app, access your Facebook application settings to remove the app. Find the “app” section and click the “X” on the right of the app’s name. If you’re unsure, you can access Facebook‘s help feature to get rid of it.

Some of the rogue apps have names like “CNN,” “Fox,” and “YouTube” to trick users.

In 2009, a woman jumped over a fence and scaled down a wall to come into contact with four polar bears. The woman swam more than 30 feet across the bears’ pool at the zoo in Berlin.

“One minute we were all watching the bears because it was feeding time and the next we realized this woman was swimming over to them,” a witness said at the time, according to The Mirror. 

“The keepers were running around trying to distract the bears but one of them had noticed her and it was too late. She must have thought it was Knut and that he would be friendly – instead he pounced on her in the water and seemed to grab her neck in his jaws.”

Reports said that it took six zoo workers to push the bear away from her. The woman got bitten on her arms.